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June 2014 - Carnival Breeze to Caribbean - Western

Assaulted on the Breeze

My family (4 people, 2 cabins) set sail on the Carnival Breeze on 6/1/14. My wife & I were in one cabin & my sister and my 13 yr. old son in the connecting cabin next door. For the most part the cruise was wonderful until the morning of our return to our home port of Miami. About 4 am I woke and needed to use the restroom in our cabin. After that i decided to go out onto our balcony to get some air. I was out there for maybe 5-6 minutes and went back inside to go back to bed.... As I was passing the connecting door to my sisters cabin I heard her ask "who's there?".connecting door and saw my sister sitting on the edge of her bed facing her cabing door. I told her not to worry that it was only me coming back in form the balcony. She then turned and said to me "someone is knocking on my cabin door". I told her that I would check it out. I went back into my cabin and looked out through the peep hole in the door. I could see both ares of our 2 doors. I saw no one. I opened the door and at that moment a young man, maybe between the ages of 16-19, jumped in front of me and shoved a slice of hot pizza into my face. He and his accomplice (who I could not see as he was hiding around the corner holding the elevator for his friend) then laughed and took off. My initial reaction was to get the hot pizza sauce off my face before it burned me. After that I ran after them but they were already on the elevator and gone. I went back to my cabin and immediately called Guest Services to report this incident. No one answered. So my son and I went down to the Guest Services desk to make the report in person. The person at the desk immediately called for Security and he arrived within about 2 minutes. He took my statement and then said he was going to go look for the two perpetraitors. I was vedry dissaponted that neither the Security person or the person at the Guest Services desk did not even ask if I was ok? Did i get burned? Do I need medical attention? Nothing of the sort. I do not feel that Carnival Cruise Lines provided a safe environment for my family and I. I am concerned that what would have happened had my sister opened the door? Or my son? Neither of them would have been able to stop these people from entering their cabin. They could have been robbed, beaten or even worse. It was just lucky that I, a larger man, opened the door. I have spoken with Carnival regarding this incident and they have decided to do nothing. So i am going to every social media I can find to alert peopel about this and to be wary of sailing with Carnival.

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