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Legend of the Seas

April 2015 - 15 Night Panama Canal Eastbound (San Diego To Ft. Lauderdale) Cruise on Legend of the Seas

My Cruise Experience

I was very dissatisfied with the embarkation process. The cruise terminal was very hot and with so many bodies in the terminal, it was miserable. There seemed not to be enough staff to get us through the sign in process to embark in a reasonable amount of time. Since there had been an incident of gastrointestinal illnesses on the previous cruse the ship had to be thoroughly cleaned. So we had to sit in the hot cruise terminal for a while until we were directed to a hot tent where we had to sit for approximately five hours. We had been told that we would have to wait to embark, but the facilities were miserable. I was later told by cruisers who were 'diamonds' with this line that they did not have to sit in the hot tent so long and were allowed to embark right away as soon as the ship could be boarded. It made me feel like an outsider. We had been given a pack of crackers, a pack of cookies and a bottle of room temperature water. I asked for two bottles, but when I got to the tent, another traveler was asking if he could go inside to get another bottle of water. He was told that he could not go back for water, so I gave him one of the bottles that I had.

We were given a number and had to sit until our number was called. We sat in the hot tent so long that my traveling companion who is diabetic got sick. I told the person who was coordinating the embarkation process, that we needed food because my companion was sick and was starting to sweat and shake. He called to someone on the ship and told them about the problem and then told me that we had to wait longer. He offered more water and cookies and crackers, but I told him that this was unacceptable; we needed food. He called again and we were finally allowed to embark.

We went to the dining area that was open at the time to only be met with food being put up. I explained to the workers that we need food because my companion was diabetic and needed to eat. They would not give him anything. Only after I asked for a manager and he came were we allowed to get food. We were allowed to embark so late that we were being called to go to the muster stations to go to learn about the life vests and the location of our muster station.

Our stateroom was very nice, but uncomfortably hot. We had the thermostat turned down so that it would get cool, but it did not get very cool. We finally told our stateroom stewardess about the temperature on the fourteenth day of our cruise, She told us that we should have told her sooner. She called maintenance from our stateroom and told us that the person that she talked to told us that they could not do anything because we were at sea. We decided to call maintenance ourselves later that night. Someone came and checked and saw that it was so hot in the room. He in turn sent a maintenance technician who removed the vent covers and had the problem fixed in less than ten minutes.

All of the workers on the ship were very friendly. There was more than enough to keep one entertained. There was a rock climbing wall, mini golf, table tennis, and a track to name a few.

The food was alright, but there were so many starches and meats being offered and not enough vegetables. There was salad that one could chose which helped make up for the lack of many vegetables. I did not go to the dining room to eat because I wanted to relax and not have to dress up to eat dinner. There was an area that offered lighter selections that was open for breakfast and closed at 6 pm. It offered salads and sandwiches and yogurt, cookies, a few pastries.

The ports of call were quite interesting, especially the Panama Canal transport. Going through the Panama Canal was like seeing history jump right off the pages of a history book. Going through the locks and seeing the ship rise to the different levels was so special. That was the best part of the cruise for me.


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Norwegian Dawn

February 2015 - 7 Night Western Caribbean (New Orleans Roundtrip) Cruise on Norwegian Dawn

My Cruise Experience on the Norwegian Dawn

I enjoyed my cruise on the Norwegian Dawn. I came home with good memories. I saw two things that I did not like though. One was the way that the young ladies at the Garden Café handled the hand sanitizer that they were supposed to be washing all of the passengers hands with. MANY TIMES  they were either talking with their peers or just not paying attention and allowing persons to pass them without washing their hands. Once I saw one of the young ladies playing with a toddler who was eating with his parents when I came in. I had to use one of the sanitizer machines to clean my hands. Another thing that I saw was passengers filling USED water bottles from the fountain drink machine by putting the nozzles down into the used water bottles. I saw this several times. I think that this is something that needs to be addressed on their safety channel. I did tell someone about it and she promised to tell her manager. I was on the Norwegian Jewel in January and the hand washers made sure that every one who entered washed their hands.

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Cruise Tips

Miami, Florida

We did not have enouth time. We only had time to make our flights.

Bridgetown, Barbados

I loved this port. We went on a private tour of the island. Prices were very expensive.

St. John's, Antigua

I loved this port also and I was able to find a souvenir shop here that was reasonable, but they only sold souvenirs from St. Kitts. Other shops were expensive also, but not as expensive as the Martinique, Barbedos, or St Lucia. If one took time to look, other reasonable items could be found such as jewelry and other things.

Basseterre, St. Kitts

I loved this port. We walked around the town. The prices in this port were very reasonable for souvenirs.

Castries, St. Lucia

I loved this port. We went on a private tour of the island, but prices were very expensive for souvenirs.

Norwegian Sun

Norwegian Sun

It is better to eat at either the Seven Seas or the Four Seasons Restaurants for meals. The food and the choices are much better.

Colon, Panama

went to a flea market and a mall in a taxi. My companion wanted a Panama hat so the Taxi driver took us to a small flea market that had prices that were a fraction of the mall prices. We shared the taxi with another couple.

Puntarenas, Costa Rica

cruising down the Tarcoles river and seeing birds, iguanas and having the tourguide feed vultures and aligators pieces of fish.

Panama Canal Transit

have to get up early and get to the front of the ship on level 9 and 10 to be able to see the ship rising in the locks well.

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

I went to a Wal-Mart in this port which was in walking distance if there was anything that was forgotten. We got several things that we had forgotten to pack.

Legend of the Seas

Legend of the Seas

We had a small fridge in the room, so I took a salad and a yogurt for a late night snack from the restaurant that offered the lighter fare. That way I did not have to be confined to only what room service offered and did not have to pay a late night room service fee.

Costa Maya (Mahahual), Mexico

Shopping was expensive in most places if you pay the first price that was asked. You have to bargain with the shops here. We purchased three hats for $38.00 by bargaining. The first asking price was $40.00.

Belize City, Belize

The only thing that we did there was shopping. Dont buy the first thing that you see, there is always a cheaper price, especially on T shirts and caps.

Cozumel, Mexico

Shopping. Don't purchase T-Shirts at the first shop that you see. You can get good quality T's for $4-$5 if you look around. Also on silver jewelry, if it does not have a paper tag on the merchandise, it is probably not real. We bought a ring that looked silver and the coating peeled off after two weeks of wear. Fortunately we went back in a month and was able to return it for a refund. Another silver jeweler gave us the tip about the paper tag.

Norwegian Dawn

Norwegian Dawn

The buffet did not have a large enough selection. There were not very many vegetables.

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