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Norwegian Breakaway

April 2016 - Norwegian Breakaway to Caribbean - Bahamas

Rats, terrible private island and even worse excursion crew

FIrst off, we love NCL. Their bermuda trip is amazing.


The ship arrived late to port, so 12 of us, along with more than 4000 other people, sat in the cruise terminal in mind numbingly long lines and watched as all of the staff there took a break because there were too many people checked in. So we not only had to wait in line for nearly two hours, but most of that time was spent in line because there was nobody processing passengers. they just stood around at the desk waiting to be told to start again. Seriously? So much for setting a time beforehand, which we were there perfectly on time for. 


The breakaway is a great ship, albeit a little big and with one major flaw - apparently it has rats! Our group of 12 had luggage chewed into and clothes ruined by rats on the last night of the cruise. Seriously. Rats got into luggage and took a dump all over the clothes and everything else in there. 


The excursions were awful because NCL botched the tender process to get us from the boat to their private island, amongst other things. 


We didn't get to choose a tender time for the private island because their system for reserving slots didn't work on our television. Typically you can reserve everything with a tv controller. On this cruise, none of that worked even though that was how we were instructed to make reservations.


The private island is small, too rocky and just genuinely terrible. The cost to use a simple inflatable is off the charts, not that there were any available. 


After arriving on the island 1.5 hours later than our tender time, we found a little spot to put all of our bags and blankets and headed off to get lunch, because for some reason we didn't get onto the island til 1, even though things began 4 or more hours before. 


What happened next though... We returned to our gear to find that the excursion staff had organized a tug of war. First with kids, and then with beef cake men with bad tattoos. Only problem, they did it directly over all of our stuff. When we returned, everything had been spilled, covered in inches of sand or completely buried. We are still missing things. Our bags had inches of sand in them. Ask yourself, what sort of person does this without regard for the items of 12 passengers? 


Rewind to cape canaveral, a completely pointless destination. You can pay exorbitant sums of money to go to disney and spend 2 hours there if you like, but I definitely do not recommend it. We did the air boat tour which was nearly double what it would cost (we knew this going in) to get directly. It was alright, except we were late to arrive because the excursion staff is horrible. Then, our ride was cut in half because we had gotten there so late and there were so many tours trying to do the same thing. Part of that blame goes to the airboat place, most of it to NCL. 


When we arrived in Nassau, we were sent out for our excursions at around 9:45. There was literally thousands of people out there on the pier and I could count the number of excursion staff on one hand. once I managed to find a staff member, I was given instructions to go to the wrong spot and wait. That staff member basically ruined the day. When we got to The Blue Lagoon, we noticed that everyone else on the boat had wrist bands. Not us. We never got checked into the excursion because the crew member screwed up. I then spent the better part of two hours trying to fix that while my family swam. Luckily Blue Lagoon is great and handled everything perfectly. 


Otherwise the cruise was great until disembarking. Our friends had small kids and too much stuff. They were a group of 8. When an NCL staff member asked them f they wanted to go ahead in the line, because of the kids, they were quickly sent back into line because all 8 of them, traveling together, in one vehicle, expected to go. Once the security guy saw them, he sent them all to the back of the line. ??? So we disembarked in a matter of minutes, our friends took hours. Again, with actual disembarking times and everything. Whats the point of setting times? This was the case for the entire trip. 


We did have great fun, believe it or not. But we wont go to Nassau nor on the breakaway ever again. 

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