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Liberty of the Seas

February 2016 - Liberty of the Seas to Caribbean - Western

Liberty of the Seas - 7nt Western Caribbean

We are back from our cruise on Royal Caribbean's the Liberty of the Seas. There were 9 of us onboard. We had such a great time bonding and including new friendships, some new to the cruising experience. You can not say enough good things about times like this! We had a wonderful time. There are alot of pictures that I was not able to share from onboard due to the internet connection but in time, I will share some of them with all of you.

This was my 17th cruise and my first as a Diamond Member of Royal Caribbean. I was able to find my diamond Crown and Anchor Necklace that I had been wanting for years. And I wore it proudly all week long. It was just meant to be as Royal Caribbean just brought them back after discontinuing them years ago.

Our experience on the Liberty of the Seas was not a smooth as our previous cruises. New crew? Not sure but every single department and system seemed to fail across the board. We were patient with all of them as they were all very sweet and pleasant. It was the Management or possibly just returning from drydock. My Time dining was a fiasco night after night until we took control of the situation and with their help, we managed to smooth things out the last 3 nights. This was our first time to try it and fairly sure we won't do that again. No one was unpleasant, it was just disorganized.

Regarding formal night, it was a complete waste of time.  People showed up in ball caps, sweatsuits, bathing suit cover ups, flip flops, etc.  Why bother having a formal night if people are allowed to come dressed for a outdoor BBQ?  The cruise lines need to decide if their going to have formal night then force people to dress appropriately or ditch the idea all together. They can go to the Windjammer dressed anyway they want.  

Liberty of the Seas refurbishment included alot of kid amenities and lot of kids followed. They were all well behaved and adorable but for us moving forward, we're not doing the kid cruises again and probably not out of Galveston.

There were alot of handicapped on the motorized carts which are wonderful for those that want to cruise. But the cruise lines need to accommodate those carts in a better fashion. One lady had one and allowed her 3 yr old grandson to drive it crashing into the pillars in the Windjammer and running over people with plates of food. No one did anything and she just laughed it off. They certainly own the highway and that can be dangerous. Others were very considerate but it's difficult for them as some of the passengers are not accommodating. Need a new system with these motorized carts and the elevators. These motorized carts are growing in number on each passing cruise. They certainly need to be looked at and a better plan needs to be discussed.

We are all loyal Royal Caribbean cruises and we shared our comments with the cruise line. We will continue to be loyal Royal Caribbean cruises. Just an observation of a ship fresh out of drydock and ill prepared to be at sea. Some of the passengers were outright horrible in their behavior but the staff stayed firm and pleasant. What a job! They did a great job at remaining composed and pleasant. Hats off to the crew for their efforts. Maybe after a few sailings, all the bugs will be worked out. We appreciated all of their efforts and tipped them accordingly. This is not a easy career.

We booked our next cruise on Celebrity Cruise Lines for 11 days in 2017 while onboard. Aruna in NextCruise was wonderful! Hats off to that girl! We had so much fun with her booking this trip. If your onboard the Liberty of the Seas, drop by and book your next cruise with Aruna! You'll get a great price and onboard credit that you will never get once you disembark.

To all my friends who have joined me in my cruise journey, thank you for your friendship and companionship. New friendships have been formed and we're all enjoying seeing the world from our cruise ship balcony with cocktails in hand! Until our next cruise! Rest up ... we're not done yet!

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Navigator of the Seas

January 2015 - Navigator of the Seas to Caribbean - Western

Navigator of the Seas

Our cruise onboard NOS out of Galveston was spectacular.  We live in San Antonio, there were 9 of us in 5 cabins, same deck, side by side.  The best part of the cruise was the ability to open up alllll the balconies and connect with one another first thing in the morning and at the end of the evening.  It was private and now that you can bring on 2 bottles of wine per stateroom, we popped the corks and enjoyed one another's company.  The ship was delightful, the crew was friendly and the drive was a piece of cake from home.  I highly recommend sailing out of the Port of Galveston.  We stayed pre-cruise at the LaQuinta that was very affordable but the best part was we got the 2 bedroom parlor with a wet bar, microwave, refridgerator and dining table and chair with a window facing Seawall Blvd.  Sleeps 6 people and we couldn't have enjoyed our stay there more.  We were 1.3 miles from the ship.  It was a great trip so I give it 5 stars!   We'll be back! 


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Jewel of the Seas

February 2014 - Jewel of the Seas to Caribbean - Southern

Jewel of the Seas is a real jewel!

Our experience onboard the Jewel of the Seas was sweet!  JOS is a smaller ship, more intimate, less crowded and allows for a very laid back experience versus the mega ships.  Depending on your appetite for things to do, if your looking to less activities and more relaxation, this ship is right up your alley.  There is still plenty of things to do but mere size reduces those activities up against the mega ships.  We sailed from San Juan, Puerto Rico to the Southern Caribbean.  The airport experience at San Juan was not a good experience on this trip.  They lost our luggage as we had planned to stay 2 nights pre cruise at the Hotel Plaza De Armas in Old San Juan.  We had to be without our luggage for 24 hours and pick it up ourselves at the airport.  But once onboard the Jewel of the Seas, all was forgotten.  The cruise experience was outstanding.  Again, we had 7 people and 4 cabins onboard this ship.  Three of the balconies opened up to one another as we were side by side.  The other cabin was not close to us.  The Jewel is a sweet cruise and I would return in a heartbeat. 


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Norwegian Epic

October 2011 - Norwegian Epic to Europe - Western Mediterranean

NCL Epic - Barcelona

Our cruise out of Barcelona to Italy was our bucket list cruise.  We flew from Texas to Barcelona and stayed in Barcelona for 2 nights pre-cruise. Our first time on NCL Epic and found it to be dramatically different from Royal Caribbean or Celebrity.  If I had one thing to say about the Epic it would be the lack of windows and visibilty to the water.  RCCL and Celebrity ships both have windows everywhere so you can enjoy the sailing experience.  The Epic was not like that at all and I so missed the visual aspect of cruising.  It was a beautiful ship but for this one element.  I stayed in the new Singles Cabins and found them to be very comfortable and well done.  No windows as they are inside cabins but the cost was very affordable for such a expensive trip.  My friends stayed in a balcony across the hall so I could walk across the hall and enjoy their balcony.  The cruise ports of call were priceless a we visited Pompeii, Vatican, Collisium, Pisa and more.  Everyone should visit these places as they are historical and must be seen. The ship was very nice but I missed the windows and that for me will keep me off Epic in the future.  Overall, it was a great trip inside of the lack of visual of the water. 


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Grandeur of the Seas

May 2010 - Grandeur of the Seas to Caribbean - Western

Adventure of the Seas

December 2008 - Adventure of the Seas to Caribbean - Southern

Adventure of the Seas

September 2008 - Adventure of the Seas to Caribbean - Southern

Rhapsody of the Seas

May 2007 - Rhapsody of the Seas to Caribbean - Western

Celebrity Century

December 2004 - Celebrity Century to Caribbean - Western

Adventure of the Seas

October 2004 - Adventure of the Seas to Caribbean - Southern

Sovereign of the Seas (RETIRED)

June 2002 - Sovereign of the Seas (RETIRED) to Caribbean - Bahamas

Celebrity Infinity

February 2002 - Celebrity Infinity to Caribbean - Southern

Celebrity Millennium

April 2001 - Celebrity Millennium to Caribbean - Western

Celebrity Galaxy (RETIRED)

October 1999 - Celebrity Galaxy (RETIRED) to Caribbean - Southern

Celebrity Century

June 1998 - Celebrity Century to Caribbean - Southern

Norway (RETIRED)

May 1996 - Norway (RETIRED) to Caribbean - Eastern

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