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Norwegian Getaway

September 2015 - 7 Night Eastern Caribbean (Miami Roundtrip) Cruise on Norwegian Getaway

3 Stars only because of the food

I was very disappointed in the ship's design, specifically: They crammed almost 4,000 people on a ship that should probably have had only 3,500 people. The ship was, and felt, crowded. The pool area was tiny compared to other ships, and I mean tiny. The children's pool area was small as well, and the typical "adults only" area in the back of the ship didn't even have a pool! It had like an adult wading pool! Wow. All of the seating in the bar/lounge areas were uncomfortable, and crowded. We had a balcony cabin and the balcony was TINY. Barely could fit two regular chairs, small table, and two adults. When sitting in the chair facing the ocean my knees almost touched the rail. I have never been on a cruise ship with balcony's this tiny. Needless to say we didn't spend a lot of time on our balcony; what a shame.

I don't like the reservation process to see the free shows. We didn't get into any of the adult comedy shows because they were "sold out" and they scan your cards and close the doors so you can't sneak in. We didn't get to see Burn the Floor, or the Grammy show. We went to see Legally Blonde, the Broadway play (horrible, we left) and there were many, many empty seats although the venue was "sold out". The illuminarium was a complete disappointment. The show was geared for a much younger crowd as it was borderline childish, and the tricks were very old-school. Plus they pack you in the tables like sardines to where we could barely move your arms to cut and eat the food, and getting up was a challenge to say the least.

I know that I must seem like I'm an old, overweight, fuddy-dud, but I can assure you that I'm not. I'm an average, middle age, professional women who loves cruising.

With all this said, the food was, by far, the best food I've ever had on a cruise ship. Every meal was a work of art. How they can have that level of quality with so many passengers is an amazing feat to me.

I doubt that we will ever sail on this ship again although NCL is our very favorite cruise line. I'll stick to the Epic.

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Norwegian Getaway Norwegian Getaway - Eat in one of the free restaurants to get the best quality food. The Tropicana was our favorite since we got to see a little of the dancers from Burn the Floor, another show we couldn't get into.

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