Cruise Countdown Stickers for Shipmate Cruise App (iOS)

Count down to your Cruise with Stickers!

You can easily send stickers with your “days until sailing” countdown to friends and family.

“Anticipation” is half of the fun and “knowing how to have fun” is half of the battle. Shipmate is here to solve that equation. Now that we’re crystal clear, let’s find out how to use the new Shipmate Cruise Countdown Stickers.

Cruise Countdown Stickers – Video Demo

The video above will show you our new cruise countdown stickers in action and also how to use those from your Apple iPhone or iPad.

Simply open your text messaging view and select any recipient. Then, next to your text input area you’ll see the iMessage App Store icon. It looks kind of like an “A” and also like a protractor (remember those things). After clicking on that icon, you can swipe over until you get to Shipmate. There, you’ll find all of your options for “days until” stickers. Choose the appropriate count down and fire it off to your shipmates.


Our stickers are bound to put a smile on the recipients face, provided they’re also cruising. Here are some recommended times when cruise countdown stickers are most appreciated.

  • Mondays… ugh
  • when temperatures drop below 60
  • when trying to convince a friend to cruise with you
  • as a “surprise” to your shipmate after booking
  • any other time you want to see someone smile

Please note: cruise countdown stickers should be used responsibly. Sending these to friends and family who do NOT have a cruise booked can result in family crisis. Bragging, boasting, gloating via sticker pack may likely result in a hostile Thanksgiving.

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