Is it worth it to buy a cruise line drink package?

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Do you need a drink package? The answer depends on how many martinis (or sodas, or beers) you drink in a day. - Photo by ThinkStock

You may have noticed that cruise lines offer drink packages and wondered whether they’re a good deal. The answer is simple but requires some math on your part: It depends on how many drinks you typically consume in a day. Here is a breakdown of what each cruise line offers, from water to soda, beer, wine, and liquor. Check it out, and then divide the package price by the cost of individual drinks to see how many you have to order a day before the savings kick in:


Azamara Club Cruises

Non-Alcoholic: Premium bottled water package: $8.95 per person/day


  • Wine valued at $50 per bottle or less: 5 bottles for $180, 7 bottles for $235, 10 bottles for $315, and 12 bottles for $350.  
  • Wine valued at $51 to $75 per bottle: 5 bottles for $315, 7 bottles for $415, 10 bottles for $560, and 12 bottles for $630.
  • Beer: Unlimited for $14.95/person/day, plus 25% off wine by the glass.
  • Liquor: Select standard spirits, international beers and wines, bottled water, soft drinks, specialty coffees and teas are included. Premium package unlimited select cocktails and beer for $15.95/person/day. Ultimate package is unlimited cocktails and beer plus top-shelf brands for $21.95/person/day.


Carnival Cruise Line

Non-Alcoholic: Bottomless Bubbles Package: Unlimited soda and juice for $6.50/person/day; age 17 and under for $4.95/person/day

Alcoholic: Cheers! Package: All wine, beer, champagne, spirits, soda, juices, specialty coffee, tea, energy drinks, bottled water, and milkshakes for $49.95/person/day if purchased before the cruise, or $54.95 if purchased once onboard. Bottles of wine and champagne receive 25% off.


Celebrity Cruises


  • Water: Unlimited premium bottles for $18.88/person/day, including gratuities
  • Soda: Unlimited for $10.62/person/day, including gratuities
  • Classic: Soda, juice, coffee, tea, and non-premium bottled water for $21.24/person/day including gratuities
  • Premium: everything in Classic plus smoothies, frozen and energy drinks, as well as premium bottled water for $25.96/person/day, including gratuities


  • Classic: Premium coffee, bottled water, soda, juices, non-premium wine, beer, cocktails, spirits, and liquor, plus 15% off bottles of wine for $64.90/person/day including gratuities.
  • Premium: Everything in Classic plus premium spirits, cocktails, wines, craft beers, and energy drinks plus 20% off bottles of wine for $76.70/person/day including gratuities.


Costa Cruises

Non-Alcoholic: Prices vary by ship and itinerary.

  • Giovani Package: Unlimited for ages 4-17 and includes soda, coffee, smoothies, juice, and hot chocolate.
  • Pranzo & Cena Giovani Package: Unlimited for ages 4-17 and includes soda and mineral water. Both packages must be purchased with the packages for parents; they’re not sold individually.

Alcoholic: Prices vary by ship and itinerary.

  • Pranzo & Cena: unlimited wine, beer, and soda during lunch and dinner
  • Brindiamo: unlimited coffee, soda, beers, wines, liquors, and popular cocktails
  • Piu Gusto: everything in Brindiamo plus frozen drinks, mixed drinks, and a wider selection of cocktails
  • Intenditore: everything in Piu Gusto, plus drinks from the stateroom mini bar, champagne, and premium liquor


Crystal Cruises

Most beverages are already included in the price of the cruise.


Cunard Line


  • Soda: Unlimited soda and select juice for $6.50/person/day. This package can be purchased once onboard.
  • Coffee: A coffee card costs $40 and will include 10 regular coffees (no specialty)


  • Captain’s Collection: 4 bottles of wine for $175, 6 bottles for $260, 9 bottles for $380, and 12 bottles for $495
  • Commodore’s Collection: 4 bottles of wine for $250, 6 bottles for $360, 9 bottles for $525, and 12 bottles for $660


Disney Cruise Line

Non-Alcoholic: Water: 6 bottles for $9.75 or 24 for $39


  • Classic Wine: 3 bottles for $95, 4 for $124, 5 for $149, and 7 for $199. Premium: 3 bottles for $145, 4 for $192, 5 for $234, and 7 for $309
  • Beer: 6-pack of domestic for $30 or imported for $30. Beer mug package costs $14.95 with discounted refills.


Holland America Line

All packages vary in price based on the length of the cruise - we have based all of these package prices on a 7-day voyage. As is usually the case, if one guest in a room buys a package, everyone in the same room must purchase one as well.


  • Coca-Cola soda products for $64.40/person
  • Quench Package: Drinks such as smoothies, coffee, soda, and juices for $144.48/person


  • Signature Package: A variety of wines, beers, cocktails, spirits, coffee, soda, and other beverages worth up to $8 per glass for $261.83/person (limit of 15 drinks per day)
  • Elite Beverage Package: Any premium spirits, cocktails, beers, wines, coffees, nonalcoholic beverages, bottled water, and sodas up to a value of $15 each.  Aboard Koningsdam, it also includes the Coca-Cola Freestyle soda machine for $384.65/person ($54.95 per day).
  • Cellar Masters Package: 5 bottles of wine, a wine-tasting, one dinner at Pinnacle Grill, a wine accessory set, and a Holland America commemorative bottle of wine. Prices begin at $252.


MSC Cruises

Some packages can vary in price depending on ship and itinerary. In addition to these packages are vouchers for various amounts of drinks that can be purchased one time, instead of paying a per-day amount. Visit MSC's website for more details on those.


  • Water: 14 bottles of mineral water for $33-$37
  • Coffee Cuddle on Mediterranean cruises: 15 coffee-based drinks for $26-$31
  • Classic Child Package: Caribbean cruises are $23/person/day and Mediterranean cruises are $14.50/person/day for unlimited nonalcoholic drinks as well as take-away ice cream, except mini-bar items and water in the cabin
  • Premium Child Package: $31/person/day for Caribbean cruises and $25/person/day for Mediterranean cruises for unlimited nonalcoholic drinks, take-away ice cream, and items from the Pastry Shop and Gelateria menu.
  • Cheers Child Mealtime Drinks: Unlimited soda and mineral water during meals for $11-$12.50/person/day on Caribbean and Mediterranean cruises


  • Classic Adult Package: $45/person/day for Caribbean cruises and $31/person/day for Mediterranean cruises which features unlimited drinks including select wines by the glass, beer, energy drinks and coolers, canned sodas, fruit juices, mineral water, coffee-based drinks, teas, hot chocolate, select spirits, cocktails from the bar list, and take-away ice cream.
  • Premium Adult Package: $61/person/day for Caribbean cruises and $53/person/day for Mediterranean cruises which features everything in Classic and an extensive wine and beer list, top-shelf spirits, premium cocktails, drinks from stateroom mini-bar, mineral water, and items from the Pastry Shop and Gelateria (on Mediterranean cruises this also includes items from the room service menu).
  • Cheers Adult Mealtime Drinks: Unlimited select wines, draft beer, sodas, mineral water, and fruit juices during meals for $20-$22.50/person/day on Caribbean and Mediterranean cruises.


Norwegian Cruise Line

Non-Alcoholic: Soda: Unlimited for $5.50/person/day for guests 12 and under, and $7.50/person/day for guests 13+.  This package also includes a souvenir thermal mug.


  • Wine & Beer Package: A variety of sodas, wines, and beers by the glass for $59/person/day
  • The Ultimate Beverage Package: A variety of sodas, wines, beers, spirits, and cocktails worth up to $15 a glass for $79/person/day.


Oceania Cruises

Non-Alcoholic: Soda, water, juice, coffee, and tea are included in the cruise fare.


  • House Select: Unlimited champagne, wine, and beer with lunch and dinner for $40/person/day
  • Prestige Select: Unlimited premium spirits, champagne, wine, and beer at any time for $60/person/day. Guests who purchase either package will also receive a 20 percent discount on any of the wine pairing dinners aboard Marina and Riviera.


Princess Cruises


  • Cafe Select: Coffee card for 15 espresso-based specialty coffees for $35.65
  • Soda & Juice: Unlimited fountain soft drinks, mocktails, juices, and hot chocolate for $8.05/person/day

Alcoholic: Unlimited wine, beer, cocktails, sodas, lattes, cappuccinos, bottled water, and more worth up to $10 each for $57.45/person/day. The prices and terms for this package vary on Australia voyages.


Regent Seven Seas Cruises

Unlimited beverages are included in the price of the cruise.


Royal Caribbean International

Royal Caribbean generally offers a discount on the beverage packages if you buy ahead of time online via the Cruise Planner, so keep that in mind when viewing the prices below; you may end up being able to pay less. Also, prices vary for each ship; these are the base cost.


  • Coffee Card: $31 for 15 espresso-based coffee drinks
  • Classic Soda Package: Unlimited fountain soda in any venue plus a Coca-Cola souvenir cup starting at $8.50/person/day
  • Refreshment Package: Unlimited soda, mocktails, orange juice, bottled water, coffee, and tea, plus a Coca-Cola souvenir cup starting at $26/person/day

Alcoholic: The deluxe beverage package includes cocktails, beers, wines, liquors, bottled water, mocktails, fresh juices, fountain soda, coffee, and tea in a value up to $12 per glass starting at $55/person/day. Plus, receive a 40 percent discount on bottles of wine up to $100 in value, or 20 percent off bottles worth over $100.



Unlimited beverages are included in the price of the cruise.



Unlimited beverages are included in the price of the cruise.


Windstar Cruises

Non-Alcoholic: All nonalcoholic beverages are included in the cost of the cruise.

Alcoholic: There is one premium beverage package and it costs $108 per stateroom per day based on double occupancy ($54 per person).  It includes unlimited glasses of wine, cocktails, cabin mini-bar selections, and drinks provided through room service that are worth $12 and under.  If one person in the room buys the package, every other guest 21 years and older in the same room must purchase it as well.


Updated on April 3, 2017.

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Do you buy all-inclusive drink packages?


Posted by SimonCommunity

Hi LIZSULLIVAN10, the cruise lines require that the drink packages be purchased for each and every day of the cruise.


Can you purchase the drinks package daily or do you have to purchase it for the whole stay

Posted by glomarrone

No, I do not. For me it doesn't pay but everyone has to do the math for them. For some passengers, it is a good deal.

Posted by chrismor

It seems to be hard to do the math when it gives you no idea what the drinks cost without the package. $7? $10? $20? I don't think it will be worth to me, but having a clue how much I might want to budget for drinks would be nice.

Posted by Engee

I agree with chrismor. This only tells you how much you would be paying per drink if you purchased the package. What is really important is how much you would pay without the card as opposed to without it.

Posted by PetraJo2

I wanted to get the Cheer package on my Carnival cruise but it's required that a members in your suite buy it, we have 2 non drinkers with us. We were even willing to down grade our room so we have 2 separate rooms. They wont let us do that either. I'm on a very set budget when I called and asked the price of drinks was told that alcoholic beverages cost anywhere from $10 or above each drink and when asking about the nonalcoholic drink package it doesn't included water (I don't drink soda) So I'm completely screwed both ways . I don't thinks that is right at all not sure what I'm gonna be able to drink.

Posted by Gmajo

Are you able to use your drink packages the day you board ship and the days in port? On a 7 day cruise how many days will you be able to use this?

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