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April 2015 - Carnival Splendor to Caribbean - Western


My wife and I booked our cruise with Carnival on Splendor for our 10 year anniversary, sadly this trip ended with us disembarking on the last port destination of the ports scheduled to stop at. From the time we got on the ship we were met with poor service from the crew members. We asked questions regarding their Cheers program and the crew member was rude and short with with us, getting a drink took a very long time and often end up having to ask for service from the bartender who then gave us an attitude. We were woken up multiple time in the early early morning hours with announcements over the loud speaker which also is right above the bed. One morning we were woken by announcement at 4am that they were searching for someone for approximately 2 hours, finally they announced that they had found him and he was okay however if he had gone overboard he would have been gone since the ship continued clipping along! We booked an amazing excursion in Roatan that was not through Carnival that we were never able to experience because we did not stop there, we went but they claimed that due to wind we were not able to port there. We were out on deck at the time of this announcement and there was no wind and it was the smoothest morning at sea we had experience during the trip. All Carnival did was refund $12.95 because of skipping this port! The cruise cost alone was $1,092.92 not including our flight and they only refund $12.95?!?!?! After speaking to a crew member Teo at guest services on the ship and voicing our disappointment and asking the reasoning and if there was a plan for a different port or an extra day at the next port and that we felt that it was a way to just spend another day at sea to benefit Carnival since days at sea you more than likely with spend money on drinks, shopping and/or at the casino. He was immediately defensive, rude and would not let us say a word without being cut off. 

Rewinding a to day one, we went to the casino to play the slot machines which all the money put in and paid out goes through your online account aka room card, aka sign & sail card. We each started play, I lost all of mine but my wife was ahead so we decided to stop and come back the following day. She cashed out and the machine put the credits back on the room card and the machine showed that the transaction was completed and there were no credits left on the machine. Fast forward to the following day, she went to play the money and there was no money on her card. We walked up to the counter and the lady was very helpful and she said that she saw where we charged money to play but nothing after that, so as she could see my wife should have at least had the $50 that was charged. The helpful crew member then went to someone else to have them look as well. The guy then took her card away to the back room and came back after about 15 minutes and said that there was nothing they could do and offered nothing and if that wasn't a good enough answer I could watch for the casino manager, not that he could go get him but we could "watch" for him! How are we suppose to know what he looks like, this crew member wouldn't even give us a name!

As for laying by the pool in a lounge chair, make sure you get up at at least 5-6am if you want a spot. They allowed people to set their belongings on chair to "save" them for the day! We've been on many cruises before but this was the first on carnival, this was a first time were we weren't able to get lounge chairs and ended up sitting at a table in the dinning area by the pool, in the shade.

Needless to say we ended up disembarking early from the ship and flew home from Georgetown, Grand Cayman. 

I do want to share that our nightly waiter and head room service guy were AMAZING and we greatly appreciate them being so friendly and helpful!


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George Town, Grand Cayman - We did not board again once we got off so we did get to experience 2 day here! The Turtle Farm was fantastic as well as Rum Point was a blast! We drove around the island and there are so many hidden beaches!

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