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July 2014 - Norwegian Sky to Caribbean - Bahamas

WAY TOO LITTLE DELIVERED just to get balcony room and fresh paint.....

We will be contacting Norwegian Cruises regarding a a completely unsatisfactory Cruising experience. From horribly worn and uncomfortable mattresses to dirty room carpets and beach towels, no hair conditioner in room, to impolite service and complete abandonment of wait staff on final night when dining room was less than 50% full.  Like magic pixie dust a strange server reappeared 20 minutes after ordering with the wrong order-just in time for madame and sir in charge of Hotel services and Dining as they were visiting tables.

The points and negative experiences and services are far too numerous to mention.  I WILL NOT recommend NCL to anyone.  We declined going Carnival this time and gave up the water-slide and what is known to be better entertainment than NCL to have a balcony room and have what we thought would be equal or better service for 3 night trip since there are more service people per passenger on NCL-NOT SO AT ALL-Melted drippy ice cream cones left behind by unattended children on pool wall for half an hour til flys gathered and we left.  Dirty buffet tables left for hours with no clean silverware and none available at buffets.  Empty cups and small trash almost always present in elevators. Vomit on buffet booth and floor covered with napkins that we had to walk by to get to pool.

Never asked by anyone what our names were and where we were from-unlike Carnival that pride themselves on offering seconds, having escargot and shrimp cocktail in regular restaurant while throwing seconds and thirds at you, and becoming acquainted with your name and where you are from. Norwegian-Not once an offer of a second appetizer or dessert-or anyone who asked our name or where we were from! Food in Pay Per person French was decent including the steak and Escargot-but cold, and again-never an offer of seconds with exception of beverage.  Our neighboring diners in the French Bistro waited 30 minutes for a $40 bottle of wine, got frustrated and left-later receiving their dinner in their room without a refund, but instead a complimentary bottle of booze. Regular dining areas had appetizers like spring roll, and what tasted like instant french onion soup from an envelope, and entrees that looked like solution treated department store quality beef rib steak that was gray when ordered rare-No wonder all three pay per restaurants were sold out the final night of the cruise!!! NO shrimp cocktail, NO lobster on ANY night, NO CAPTAIN'S DINNER AT ALL (my 15 yr old was heartbroken to not be able to wear a dress she spent her entire allowance for the month on).  No Rhyme nor reason as to when The Zone teen room was closed, various buffets were closed, various elevators not working, no free or reserved parking for physically impaired at end of trip-just another goodbye $60 smack in the face after we parked for free last year with Carnival and there were ample handicap spots.


I'm sure they would say "It was a sold out Holiday Cruise" and have some excuse for it being so poor, but they can''t use that excuse rightfully, as they did absolutely nothing extra for the holiday....another disappointment, and I'm sure they sell out many cruises.


The list is endless-I a would be better served mentioning what was good-or equal to Carnival.... 1-Private Island Experience. 2-Ease of use with Tender ships. 3-Attempt of our room keeper Edy to make something right. 4-French pay restaurant was decent. 5-No cell phones or computers-really unrelated to NCL but a benefit of any Cruise.


We looked at the freshly painted Sky and saw Pie in the SKY-its available balconies and fresh paint were no indication of what was to come or in this case didn't deliver-never judge a ship by it's color!!

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Norwegian Sky Norwegian Sky - Many disappointments-stick with Carnival or any other you have been satisfied with.

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