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Love to cruise, and travel.....all by cruise ships.... I have been on RCCL, Princess, Carnival, Celebrity, Holland America, Regal Cruiseline, Premier Cruise Line, MSC Cruise Lines......I use to work for RCCL, as a pier agent, so i had the opportunity to sail, many of their ships, including Celebrity.... I just got off of the MSC Divina, and if i was to compare ships, i would say that MSC Divina is compared to Celebrity Cruise Lines..... Loved the Divina, and i will be sailing alot of her in the near future.



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Norwegian Gem

November 2015 - Norwegian Gem to Caribbean - Eastern

Norwegian Gem

November 2015 - Norwegian Gem to Caribbean - Eastern

Costa Luminosa

January 2015 - Costa Luminosa to Caribbean

MSC Divina

December 2013 - MSC Divina to Caribbean - Bahamas

Sailed MSC Divina December 7, 2013

I sailed the MSC Divina on December 7, 2013 on the 3 night Bahama Sailing... The ship sparkles, very, very clean, stunning magnifient ship.

I arrived at the Port of Miami at Terminal F, about 11:30 am in the morning...checked my lugguage in with a porter, went through security, and check in was a breeze...I was given a number and was told to have a seat, as the ship was not cleared for boarding...I would say within a half hour, the ship was cleared, and being as i was number 1, i was able to board the ship then.


When I boarded i was greeted by the crew, who were all lined up at the gangway...It was a real nice touch...when i boarded the ship i was in awe...It is the beautfiul ship that i was ever on, and i do cruise alot.... The staircase was of swfaroski cyrstals....all marble, and a beautfiul waterfall in the guest relations area..


I went up to the buffet for lunch, as my room was not ready as yet... The buffet lunch was absolutely amazing....It had a carving station, pasta station, salad station...all types of different cheeses, breads, rolls, and pastries, and desserts, a special station for the children to choose from with chicken nuggets, cheeseburgers, hot dogs, french fries etc...The food was absolutely delicious....I couldn't help it, but i had to go up for seconds and third, that is how delicous the food was, especially the Italian Food....All of their breads, rolls, danishes, pastries, pastas, are homemade on board the ship....


After lunch they made an announcement the all the cabins were ready, so i went to my cabin, which was on deck 11, cabin number 11208... My room was an inside cabin, which suited me fine, as i was sailing solo....Cabin was decorated in dark woods, with two big closets, with lots of hangers...the third closed when you opened it had a set of 8 drawers where you can put clothing, and also there are two night stands with drawers in them also....The bedding was of a design of marroon and black accents, with two matching pillows...The bathroom was a real nice more shower curtains....the shower was of plexi glass, and you opened the door to enter the shower... in the shower they had a dispenser for shampoo and body wash....My suggestion is to bring a bar of soap with you, as they dont put soap in the room...lots of space in the bathroom to store things, even cabinets underneath the sink....nice big fluffy bath towels size of a bath sheet, along with hand towels, and wash cloths.... room also had a nice vanity, plenty of storage space, outlets, a mini bar....the bed was the most comfortable bed i ever slept on, when taking a cruise.....Have to say that my room was very cozy.....


The muenster drill was a little had to bring your life jacket with you, and go to your assigned station which was in one of the lounges....but i am pretty this will be under control shortly....what happened was the drill was at 4:00 in the afternoon, and people were still boarding the the ship did not sail until 7:00 in the evening....


Entertainment was the best at sea....All professional production shows...we saw Abbracadobra, Witches of Paris, Starwalker (which was a tribute to Michael Jackson), Wonderland.....All of these shows got standing ovations, that is how good their shows were...Also had acrobats, which were amazing.


I had early sitting for dinner in the Villa Rossa Dining Room... food was to die for....everything that was on the menu, was delicious....I had shrimp cocktail, black angus steak, which was cooked to perfection so, so tender, prime rib with vegetable and baked potato, Lasagna Bolgnese, and shrimp, hazelnut cheesecake, gelato, and tirasumu.....our waiter and his helper, could not do enough for us.....our food came out nice and hot, and they were always there if we wanted something else.....They were very professional at there job.....Did not have a problem communicating with them whatsoever...


Activities and Pool Area were beautiful...I believe that they have five pools and i belieive eight jacuzzis.... the main pool area was beautfiul the way the pool area was designed....Lots of lounge chairs, did not have a problem in finding one at all.... There was shaded areas, as well as the sunbathers areas....Children's pool area had a nice waterside....also they have an inifinity pool on deck 15 aft.... At certain times of the day, they do acquacycling in this pool, which is alot of fun.  Activities were great, and so were the bands....they had music playing all over the ship in the evening.....Bar Service was great....What i liked is you don't get hounded by bar servers, trying to sell you the drink of the day....They just walk around, and if you want a drink, you call them over, or you can go up to the bar and get one....That is what i like.....It made the pool area nice and relaxing....Also you don't hear announcements being made all of the time, which is a nice touch.....


All i can say, is that MSC sold me, and they will be getting a lot of my business...A matter of fact, i will be sailing on the Divina again, in October 2014 going to the Eastern Carribbean on a 7 night cruise.... I had an amazing time on her, weather was great, sun all three days, might some wonderful people on board...


I have to say that the crew, customer relations, activities director, cruise director, food and beverage managers, were really professional and helpful, and friendly...Cabin Steward was amazing.... I just hope that someone from MSC reads my review, because their were alot of people on my cruise complaining.....I went with an open mind, i did read mixed reviews......but i did not find anything to complain about when i was onboard...These people did a wonderful job....and you have to remember this ship came from Europe, where they do some things differently then the US....but it is like a new are slow at what you do at first, yes you do make some errors, but as time goes get the hang of things...and the job becomes second nature to you.... All i can say to Mr. Sasso is, that MSC won me over, you have a beautfiul ship, that i know will be successful in the American Market.......You sold me, and i just loved sailing your ship, and the Italian Experience....


Also i forgot to mention the Coffee Bar and Pastry Shop aboard the Divina.....The different coffees, and pastries to die for....Absolutely delicious...also they have a sports bar that serves wings, liquior, and shows differents sports, along with a two lane bowling alley....


Will i sail MSC Divina again?  Yes, Yes, Yes.....I am sold on this line....This is what i have been waiting for.....A good Italian Liner..... 


Please take all these negative reviews with a grain of salt.... I come on a cruise to enjoy myself, not to nit pick the ship apart along with the crew and food.  These type of people should then stick to the lines that they are use to, and not waste their money, if they is all they are going to do is complain....To me, being on a cruise, not having to cook and do housework, being served my meals, is an enjoyable vacation....I come on a cruise to enjoy myself, relax, and have a good time.....NOT COMPLAIN!!!!!!!!!

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Enchantment of the Seas

September 2013 - Enchantment of the Seas to Caribbean - Bahamas

Enchantment of the Seas September 9, 2013 sailing

Embarked the Enchantment of the Seas on September 9, 2013 around 12 noon. Check in was a breeze. Finished that in about 10 minutes. Boarded Ship, and went to the Windjammer for lunch, as the rooms were not going to be ready until 1:30. After lunch, i walked around to see what all the different lounges, and pool areas look like, and familarized myself with the ship. When they announced the rooms were ready, i preceded down to my cabin. I was upgraded to a large exterior cabin on deck 2. Was very pleased with my accomodations. Everything was brand new inside my cabin. Cabin was very clean, alot of closet space and drawer space. The only thing that was missing was a mini refrigerator. Mini refrigerators do not come with the room anymore, only suite guests. Make sure that you ask for ice in your room, because if you dont, it will not be delivered. I had my time dining. and it worked out very well for me. I was celebrating my birthday on the cruise, and ordered me a birthday cake, but it was never presented to me in the dining room the day of my birthday. That was a little disappointment. Activities and Entertainment on board were awesome. Production Shows also were excellent. Disembarking the ship went very smootly. I was off the ship by 8:15 in the morning, got my luggage, went through customs, in a matter of 15 minutes. Called my shuttle service to pick me up, and i was back at Orlando International Airport in one hour. Overall, cruise was great, and i definitely with do this again, and would recommend to my friends also.

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Nassau, Bahamas - have been to Nassau numerous amounts of complaints
MSC Divina MSC Divina - Magnificent , clean sparkling ship.... i was in awe when i came onboard .... the most beautiful, decorated ship i have been on, and i have been on alot of different ships... The ship is clean, clean, clean......
Nassau, Bahamas - I booked a private excursion. Booked a day pass at the Hilton for the entire day.
Enchantment of the Seas Enchantment of the Seas - I personally like going to the dining room for breakfast and lunch. I like to be waited on. But to save some time in the morning if you dont like waiting in lines at the Windjammer, you can go the park cafe which is located in the solarium area on deck 9. They serve breakfast and lunch there..

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received a helpful vote on their Enchantment of the Seas cruise review - Enchantment of the Seas September 9, 2013 sailing

received a helpful vote on their Enchantment of the Seas cruise review - Enchantment of the Seas September 9, 2013 sailing

received a helpful vote on their MSC Divina cruise review - Sailed MSC Divina December 7, 2013

received a helpful vote on their Enchantment of the Seas cruise review - Enchantment of the Seas September 9, 2013 sailing

received a helpful vote on their Enchantment of the Seas cruise review - Enchantment of the Seas September 9, 2013 sailing

received a helpful vote on their MSC Divina cruise review - Sailed MSC Divina December 7, 2013

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