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December 2013 - Liberty of the Seas to Caribbean - Western

My 5 day experience on the Liberty of the Seas

I have to call out a few names who offered "excellent" service, time and time again:

1.  Our cabin steward - Kumar (cabin 1277)

2.  Franceso (wait person) at dinner for My TIme Dining

3. Celine (she was always so faithful and good in her cleaning)

Other mentionables - Lizette, who help with our dining experience and Winford who is also an up and coming mentionable.  All of the people were exceptional.

Please tell the chef that the lamb (chops and shank) were spectacular!!!!

I was always so surprised how clean and neat the buffet area (on 11th floor) was kept.  Also, the food was exceptionally good for a buffet.

The ship is beautiful!!!! and I think I want to model my bathroom(s) in my next home after these.  Also, they were always clean and smelled nicely...and that's very, very important.  Kudos to whoever was part of this.


Few things that were not as pleasant that I would like to mention:

1.  You've missed a whole age group of kids, as far as entertainment is concerned.  What about the 18,19, 20 year olds who are too old for the teen club, but certainly too young to drink, and I didn't see a lot of entertainment list for them, especially the young girls.

2.  Your ice show was superb!  THe 'In the Air' show started off on that same level...we were so excited.  Unfortunately, it went down hill about 5 minutes into the show and kept going down.  Such a shame, you had such talented people and you failed to showcase them.  There was so much dancing, when the expectation was more broadway play/music (I think).  lI've seen many shows on Royal Caribbean and I must say that we were quite disappointed.  Additionally, you could tell from all of the families that this was the time of year for family vacations.  I don't have a small child, but if I did, I certainly would have expected more Disney-like shows/music.  I'm not sure how you will achieve a good balance for the whole family, but there are some good plays (Lion King is always a favortie, Aida, Sound of Music, on and on) which would reach a broader audience.  Enough said about this, but I just want to say that I've seen RC do a much better job.

3.  Last of all, both a friend and I became quite ill from some of the food at Johnny Rocket's.  We did inform the waiter that the bacon tasted badly and the smell was not good at all.  Unfortunately, my friend consumed a bit more than I did and ended up at medical twice.  It could have ruined a good vacation.  I wish that was all that I had to say about the Johnny Rocket's group.  However, the staff (barring our waiter) was just mean and rude.  We saw one family stand beside a table  while a waiter came by and removed only 2 glass from the table and never came back.  They must have stood there for 5 minutes before the hostess came over.  When we asked about 2 other tables that had been cleared, she was quite curt and not hospitable at all.  Perhaps there was something going on at Johnny Rocket's that day because some of the rest of our group complained about how angry some of the other staff (cooks, waiters) looked.

Ok, all and all, it's still RC and certainly worth the experience.  THis was not so much to complain but to make the experience delightful.  If I am going to tell my friends (and I always do) about RC, then I want them to say how truly great their experience was.  You see, it doesn't make any difference what the other cruise lines are're RC.  The bar is high!

See you in a few months perhaps.




-Lilah Pressley

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