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When some one uses the words with me, “in your spare time” or “how can you have stress, you have a VACATION JOB,” I figure, WOW, they truly must not know me nor the cruise business ! Spare time for me, is in the middle of the night, which is when I plan my own vacations. I’m a work-aholic and school-aholic. HEAVY into details and pre-planning EVERYTHING ! My calendar reaches out 2+ years, and my days/nights are crazily pre-booked 7-30 days in advance. I eat, drink, and sleep the cruise business (with 3 separate specified telephone lines, keep me rocking). I seldom agree to leave the office, to meet family or friends, before 6pm at night; all weekend long, I’m handling paper work and helping my personal customers, get the ship d/t bad weather or mechanical plane issues. Many LYH folks think I’m in this business alone, because they do not see some large building in LYH, that might also house staff; or maybe “think” that I'm a franchise. I’m neither ! SEE BELOW … EYE OPENER ! 1st KNOW …. It’s an illusion that I’m alone or we’re small. The Cruises Inc LYH office is part of a BIG PICTURE, and we’re NOT a franchise. We’re part of the Cruises Inc National company … You won’t see us in the local advertisement … You have to look BIGGER … We’re seen in the large city advertisements, like New York, Chicago, and in name brand magazines like Conde Naste’ and Travel Magazines, like Travel Weekly, or follow Nation Travel Writers, like Gene Sloan of USA Today ! WHAT DOES THIS MEAN FOR YOU ? See more below. 2nd KNOW … We are Nations Largest Distribution House for the cruise lines. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN FORO YOU ? We receive the BEST PRICE GUARANTEE from the cruise lines, cause we’re the largest. KNOW … The cruise lines CAN NOT EVER (legally they can’t), give you the lowest rates available ! These rates, on select dates, are given the “large distributors” (folks selling 100,000+ cruises a year – You won’t see that from local agencies)), to give to their personal customers, who call to buy from them directly ! So in reality, there is NO REASON to buy directly at the cruise line, because they won’t give you the lowest rates available ! 3rd KNOW … Familiar with those name brand Internet Co’s you see on TV (Orbitz, Hotwire, Priceline, the Airlines, and more) ? They DO NOT buy from the cruise lines ! They too can not receive the lowest rates. They buy directly from OUR DISTRIBUTION HOUSE ! See why and how we’re the largest ? WHAT DOES THIS MEAN FOR YOU ? See more below. 4TH KNOW … Though we are the distribution house for the name brand internet co’s, “folks who know we are here”, can buy directly from us directly too ! WHAT DOES THIS MEAN FOR YOU ? You can by-pass the cruise line and by-pass the Internet Co’s, and receive better rates than local agencies offer … Cause YOU TOO, along with your referrals, can buy directly from us too ! WHAT DOES THIS MEAN FOR YOU ? If you are locally in LYH area, this means, you can buy local and receive the BEST PRICE GUARANTEE ! Our office was placed in LYH specifically for LYH folks, to provide this opportunity. Yet, unless our customers are letting you know we’re here, you are MISSING THE BOAT. 5th KNOW … We have a license in EVERY STATE to provide cruises (local agencies do not; however, are most often selling cruises anyway). WHAT DOES THIS MEAN FOR LYH AREA FOLKS ? You can refer us to all your friends and family around the US. KNOW, 51% of the LYH office business is outside of VA. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN FOR LYH AREA FOLKS ? Our office is bringing in revenue to LYH, just like the colleges, such as Liberty, who bring folks to LYH, or our manufacturers, like Frito-Lay ! HOW CAN YOU HELP LYH WITH MORE REVENUE ? Refer us to your family & friends outside of LYH ! 6TH KNOW … When cruisers call us for help, AFTER buying from the Internet or the cruise lines, or even other agencies, we have charge a fee, to be covered by insurance. Cost begins at $100+. HOW MANY CALLS DO I GET A WEEK ? At least two; which is two too many ! HOW CAN YOU HELP YOUR FAMILY & FRIENDS ? Don’t let family & friends buy elsewhere ! Feel free to send them this insight. Cruises Inc has 2 major motto’s: (1) You never have to leave the comfort of your home or office to receive our personal serving and need-to-know tips, and (2) Because WE continue to win awards, in the travel industry, for our “servicing by phone”, we want to talk to you by phone (with no emailing; If folks DON’T THINK they need personable attention … They’re MISSING THE 1ST BOAT already) ! I have a designated “customer vacation phone line“, with VOIP machine (434/800) 237-3832; VOIP machine, cause I must ward off solicitations, to make sure folks are not from other agencies (we do not provide cruises to local agencies), and to route customers immediately to me, in time of an emergency; if not an emergency, the machine will take a message for me to call after my current caller. I use to take 6 cruises a year (now up to 115+), but last few years, I’ve been simply a little too busy and have lucky to fit in 2 a year ! However, my father just died; so my whole life could possibly change ! Though I may not get away from work often, I do try to find time to go out to eat (I don’t cook) with friends, go to the Moose and Elks; I have dinner, monthly, with High School classmates, and now formed a new group of Expanding Sister Circle, which meets monthly, ESC2ACT. I also keep up my teaching certification, as of 33+ years now; I’m a Certified Professional Life Coach (CPLC) - specializing in Divorce, Separation, Dating, Child/Parent, and Victimization, such as Domestic Abuse; also a Certified Hypnotists (C.Ht) and have finished coerces as a Stage Hypnotherapist (I want to do this on stage at the cruise lines some day); also a Certified Medical Coder ; and as of late, FBO of my dad, took a class as a Certified Nursing Assistant (need to take my certification test; I’m behind, because my father got sick and then died April 1, 2013). In the last 6 years, my health insurance, continues to climb $200-$300 A YEAR. I have a pre-existing medical condition. I was run over 13+ years ago; had operations; blood clots; and now I am on Coumadin for the rest of my life. When retiring at my banking job, at age 34, I never thought I would have to work again, due to insurance ! Though my life is currently fairly busy … I continue to ask myself … What do I want to be when I grow up ! Heheh, there’s always room for humor. How about you ? More importantly … Aren’t you ready for me to get YOU AWAY ! Call me, (434/800) 237-3832.


TheCruzLady's Past Cruises

Regal Princess

November 2014 - Regal Princess to Caribbean - Eastern

The new Regal Princess experience while onboard <img class='agent-replacement' src='/images/hideagent.png'> conference

Loved my new Princess Cruise.  Not limited to, but I enjoyed mostly, the décor of the ship, the many complimentary food venues, the music, and the many areas to socialize with friends !


Like on other Princess ships, the Regal had a large Piazza area.  Full of glass and brass and marble. The lowest deck was deck 5 and expanded to decks 6 & 7.  This is great place to meet and socialize, whether it was in the day or at night.  You were able to enjoy, on the higher decks, the music from deck 5.  Several days, there were 4 ladies playing string instruments, causing you not to want to leave.


There were complimentary dining venues, outside of the dining room and cafeteria.

There was the deli (street-café) on deck 5 at the atrium.This is open 24 hours.In the morning there were fresh Danish.But by noon, there was chicken salad, shrimp salad, quiche, shepherd pie and more. Also desserts, such as cheese cake, tiramisu, and others.Some of the options were there every day and others were not.Either way, it was great.My roommate and I ate there at least 2-3 times.

Wheel House Lounge on deck 7 aft.At lunch, fish-n-chips was served.Never found time to see if it was there every day, but did pass by at least 3 days, and saw this option.My roommate and I never found time to try this out, but others said it was very good !At night, there was a restaurant, further back, at additional cost.

Alfreda’s pizza/pasta restaurant, deck 6, at the atrium.Not only could you get pizza on the deck, you could have a sit down option here.There were salads, pasta, pizza, and calzones.My roommate and I ate here one day for lunch.Truly had wanted to return !


There were so many areas with music and shows !  My roommate & I only had time to visit a few.

Club 6 on deck 6, forward.This was near the Casino and Churchill’s (cigar bar).

Princess Live.As we passed by, we could listen to the karaoke.Other times, this venue offered lectures or game shows.

Main pool area.One night there was “Latin night”.There was a band on the deck above the pool (17), for folks to view from both deck 16 & 17.

On the same night as Latin night, there was a a mini show with the dancers.The stage was mid-deck 16, which could be viewed from deck 16 & 17.This included the light and water show, where water comes up 33 feet.

Also on same night, after Latin Night and the light/water show, there was disco under the starsat the Serenity pool.Here there are the cabanas.And for this night, they had put out many size “plastic” balls, in the water and on the deck, that would change colors.This was awesome !



Each night, our group social was near the SeaView Bar area.  This is where you can look thru the glass (SeaWalk), at 128 feet down, and see the water and lower decks.  I personally chose to view what was down below, without standing on the glass !


There were several features/benefits that I personally liked about pool deck 16.

There weren’t endless lounge chairs everywhere.So this was spacious.

There were other sitting options besides “lounge chairs”, which totally added to the décor for me !

Because the stage was in middle of pool deck, it could be viewed, almost equally around deck 17 pool area.

When it was time to watch a “movie under the starts”, hamburgers, pizza, and ice cream were nearby for snacking !


Loved the Horizon Court area.  Beautiful !  Colors great !  Seemed so fresh !  My roommate and I only had time for lunch here, 2 days and breakfast once.  However, we walked through here several days, just to view.  There is several areas with food on display, so you need to make full rounds.  It’s a great social area too. 

Best feature … You sit down and your drinks are brought to you.No getting up to get them.

Cloth napkins on the tables

At night, the tables are already set up with wine & water glasses, before you even sit down

2nd best feature … Many of the food area lines go from left to right of the ship, instead of parallel.You’re not trying to squeeze by folks who are in the food line.

There’s a whole area for just desserts.I’m not talking about a small section, but a walk through area !Several desserts on display to include bread pudding or a cobbler.And as you walk out of the area, you also find cookies !Nicely displayed.

The last sea day, there was sushi, which my roommate loved !


Now that there is no more smoking on the balconies, the smoking areas are important for cigar and cigarette users ! 

Deck 6, forward, was Churchill’s.Somewhat small, yet never crowded.Restrooms, Club 6, the casino, and the Princess lounge were right there.

Deck 17, aft (just above Horizon Court).Wicker chairs to enjoy.However, best part, was the coffee and there was an attendant there.You could order drinks too.This was all fabulous !There is also a pool and lounge chairs in this area.Definitely met hear for socializing !


There is so much to do on this ship.  Not everything is covered here.  As mentioned, my roommate and I did not have time to try it all.  The disadvantage of having our conference onboard and going to “class” almost every day.  Guess we’ll have to go back !  Oh, poor us !


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Philipsburg, St. Maarten - So much has changed. When you take the ferry to the middle of town, it is gorgeous as you approach. Love the new boardwalk. You can now rent chair with the new beach area right before entering town.
Regal Princess Regal Princess - This ship is one you will want to venture on ! For me, Princess has always been the love boat, whether you are married or single ! It continues to feel this way !

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received a helpful vote on their Regal Princess cruise review - The new Regal Princess experience while onboard conference

received a helpful vote on their Regal Princess cruise review - The new Regal Princess experience while onboard conference

received a helpful vote on their Regal Princess cruise review - The new Regal Princess experience while onboard conference

received a helpful vote on their Regal Princess cruise review - The new Regal Princess experience while onboard conference

received a helpful vote on their Regal Princess cruise review - The new Regal Princess experience while onboard conference

received a helpful vote on their Regal Princess cruise review - The new Regal Princess experience while onboard conference

received a helpful vote on their Regal Princess cruise review - The new Regal Princess experience while onboard conference

received a helpful vote on their Regal Princess cruise review - The new Regal Princess experience while onboard conference

received a helpful vote on their Regal Princess cruise review - The new Regal Princess experience while onboard conference

received a helpful vote on their Regal Princess cruise review - The new Regal Princess experience while onboard conference