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Married to a wonderful man since May 1980. We have no children but we do have 3 Chihuahuas (2 boys - Yoda & Scrapper & 1 girl - Rosebud Marie) that are our 4-legged children. We follow the Hershey Bears in American Hockey League since the 1980's and been a season ticket holder with them since the early 1990's. Our first cruise was in 2002 on a Disney cruise with my family. It was nice but wouldn't do it again. Our next cruise was in 2005 for our 25th Anniversary on the Princess Dawn to the Southern Caribbean and we have been cruising at least once a year since then. We have been to so many different ports in the Caribbean, Bermuda, Hawaii and Alaska. This is what we like to do for our vacations. We love to travel and to see different places.



Cruiseline: Carnival Cruise Lines

Cruiseline: Princess Cruises

Ship: Carnival Pride

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Carnival Pride

January 2018 - 7 Night Bahamas (Baltimore Roundtrip) Cruise on Carnival Pride

Carnival Pride

May 2017 - 7 Night Eastern Caribbean (Baltimore Roundtrip) Cruise on Carnival Pride

Carnival Vista

April 2017 - 8 Night Eastern Caribbean (Miami Roundtrip) Cruise on Carnival Vista

Not Impressed

The only things that I can say that we were impressed with was our cabin staff, our wait staff and the bartender, Gabriel, at the Alchemy Bar on the ship.  The ship was way understaff for the size of the ship - there was not enough staff to go around to clean up on the open decks to pick up the bar glasses to keep the teenagers from stealing them.  Security had to be beefed up to try to keep the teenagers under control the whole week - the were raising havoc through out the decks banging on doors waking people up, stealing signs, running up and down stairs while knocking people over and running through the ship through the night (I can vouch for the fact that a group of 12 was up at 4 AM running around) - where is the curfew that use to be in place years ago.  The show lounge was small and didn't have that great of view in lots of areas.  My husband and I will stick with the small ships from now on and will try to plan our cruises better around when the schools in Florida is not on break at the same time. 

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Carnival Pride

September 2016 - 7 Night Bermuda (Baltimore Roundtrip) Cruise on Carnival Pride

Carnival Pride

March 2016 - 14 Night Southern Caribbean Carnival Journeys (Baltimore Roundttip) Cruise on Carnival Pride

Carnival Ecstasy

October 2015 - 4 Night Western Caribbean (Miami Roundtrip) Cruise on Carnival Ecstasy

Carnival Breeze

May 2015 - 8 Night Southern Caribbean (Miami Roundtrip) Cruise on Carnival Breeze

Carnival Liberty

April 2014 - 7 Night Exotic Eastern Caribbean (Miami Roundtrip) Cruise on Carnival Liberty

Enjoyed my Liberty

Grand Turk The photographers waiting for the next Water Taxi to arrive The formal dining room Looking up at Paradise Point in St. Thomas Our Favorite Photographer

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My hubby and I go on a cruise every year for our Anniversary since 2005 - usually a month before.  We meet up with some people from Facebook on this cruise.  We really enjoyed the Liberty - this is not the first time we sailed with Carnival.  The only thing we didn't not like is the formal dining room at all.  The wait staff that we had was lousy - they only wanted to wait on the one table of 7 only and not the table of the of 6 that we were at (which all 13 of us were together to begin with).  Our table had to beg for water to drink with our food on the first night and was never offered desert.  We ended up going to the buffet for the rest of the cruise with 2 of the others from our table.  Plus the head waiter didn't care that when I asked about certain things with the food because of my food allergies - he still brought it with everything that I was allergic to and got mad when I asked for something else.  The staff up at the buffet had no problems what so ever when I asked them about what was in the dishes.

The band at the Casino Lounge was absolutely wonderful along with the bar staff.  The first night there was hardly anyone there but as each night went by, more and more people showed up to listen to the band and to have the bar staff make their drinks.  The bar staff here got to know you and you didn't have to tell them what you liked to drink, they would make it for you when you were ready ( or in my case, I just had them make me something different each time & they knew what I couldn't have in my drinks due to allergies) and to me that is a terrific bar staff.

A major drawback is - my friend had been dealing with Carnival for 2-3 months prior to sailing on having Special Needs Assistant help on with her dad on getting on and off the ship at each port due to him being in a wheelchair (she just wanted someone to help her to with getting him up and down the gangway) - she never got any.  If it wasn't for me and my husband, she wouldn't never have been able to do it expect the one time when she was able to get help from a military veteran (who was disabled himself) to get him back onto the ship.

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Explorer of the Seas

September 2013 - 7 Night Bermuda (Cape Liberty roundtrip) Cruise on Explorer of the Seas

1st time in Bermuda

Explorer of the Sea docked in Bermuda The world's smallest bridge - 18" wide Hubby inside the Moongate Coming into Bermuda.  Taken from my balcony Horseshoe Bay Beach

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This was a cruise on our bucket list.  We went with a group from our area.  We had a great time.  There was plenty to do on the ship.

The food was really good and our wait staff was terrific.  They really enjoyed having our table because we all loved to have fun and that is what your are suppose to do when on vacation.  We love to make the staff feel appreciated and they are important.  They all work hard to make your vacation relaxing.

We did several different shore excursions since we were in dock for almost 3 days so we took advantage of it. 

We would love to go back again to see other things and to do other stuff also.

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Pride of America

August 2011 - 7 Night Hawaii (Honolulu roundtrip) Cruise on Pride of America


clock tower from the ship The ship in dock in Hilo Hubby in front of the men's room Outside of Cadillac Diner Me in front of the ladies room

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We went with a group of over 80 people through AAA and a local radio station.  This was my 50th birthday present along with our 31st wedding anniversary (belated).   We flew into Honolulu a day early so we can rest before getting on the ship.

We were so surprised to be on a cruise with so many American staff members (since we were used to cruising to the Caribbean all the time).  We found our way to our cabin after grabbing a bit to eat.  We took our carry-on bags to the cabin then we took a walk around before heading back to freshen up dinner and to see if our luggage arrived yet.

Maui -We were docked in overnight in Kahului (Maui) so we were able to do a couple of things.  The first day we went to the Haleakala Crater and I don't think we have been that high up without being in a plane - 10,000 feet up.  It is awesome to see inside of a old volcano and seeing the different vegetation around in the area.  That night our group went to Lu'au.  Got to see a family of string rays feeding in the bay right outside the Lu'au and to watch the local girls making the leis.  We were also taught that if a girl wears a flower on her right side it means she is single - on the left side means she is taken - on top of your head it means you are looking for a upgrade (LOL).  The second day we just went to the beach where if you don't have water shoes to wear, then make sure you keep your sandles/flip flops on because that sand is HOT!!!!  After we got back and cleaned up from the beach, I went up to learn how to make a lei out of nuts (they do several classes on different kind of leis on the cruise).

Hilo - we went to The Land of Frozen Fire.  It is where in 1990 the volcano erupted and destroyed 2 towns.  The vegetation is starting to grow back in between the cracks of the lava.  There is also a black sand beach there.  It is something to actually see what happens when a volcano erupts.  We also stopped at a park that has what they call "Lava Trees"  It is where the lava covers the trees and it burns the tree away and all that is left is the cold lava standing up.  We then went to a Hot Springs pool and got to see some sea turtles swimming in the in the waves below the cliffs.  We then headed over to the Mauna Loa Macadamia nut factory.   This afternoon I went to the Lei class to learn how to make the fresh orchid lei.

Kona - we did the Historic Kona tour.  The first stop was a historical national park which was okay.  Then we stopped at the painted church which is a Catholic Church.  It was really nice to see.  The third stop was at the coffee museum which I really wanted to go to the only problem was that we didn't spend much time there because of all the time the was spent at the national park.  You only had time to taste maybe one small cup of coffee and maybe buy a bag of coffee.  You didn't have time to go down to the museum itself before you had to be back on the bus to head back into town for those who wanted to go shopping at Hio Hatties.  Then you headed back to the ship.   This afternoon I learned how to do a 2-colored ribbon lei - that wasn't as easy to start as it looked but I got the hang of it.  Tomorrow they are going to show us how to do a 4-colored ribbon lei.

Kauai - we are docked in overnight again.  The first day here we are doing the Discover Jungle Falls by Kayak.  It was really fun kayaking down the river and our guides pointing out different areas where different films were filmed.  We then hiked through a wildlife preserved and got to see a natural wooden rose before getting into the vans to head over to the waterfall and lunch.  We had to hike down to the falls and back up but it was really worth it - BEAUTIFUL.  It is a private area and only this tour group is allowed there which makes it really nice..  We had bought a beautiful picture with a waterfall in the background with a native hut in the foreground before our excursion that we had to pick up.  We were so lucky to have been able to meet the artist and he signed the back of it personally to us.  I went to the last class for the leis today to learn how to do the 4-colored ribbon lei and boy this is a tough one to do.  The second day we just walked around the port area to take some pictures and pick up some other gifts.   

This was a really great cruise with so many different things to do and see on each Island.  We got a tour around Honolulu before heading over to Pearl Harbor since we didn't fly out till the evening.


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Celebrity Mercury

November 2010 - 12 Night Eastern Caribbean (Baltimore roundtrip) Cruise on Celebrity Mercury

Carnival Spirit

August 2009 - 7 Night Southbound Alaska (Whittier to Vancouver) Cruise on Carnival Spirit

Rain won't stop us

Lumberjack Show in Ketchikan Lumberjack Show in Ketchikan Hubby at Glacier Garden in Juneau Salmon in the run at Mendenhall Glacier in Juneau St. Michael's Cathedral in Sitka

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There was 120+ people in our group with AAA and Oldies 96.1 Radio Station.  We had about 40+ that left about 4 days before the rest of us to do the train ride while the rest of us would catch up with them on the ship.

We arrived in Anchorage by plane.  We had to board several buses to take us down to Whittier to get to the ship.  This was a wonderful bus ride that I was ever on.  Right off the bat, a moose ran across a highway right in front of the bus and no one had a camera out to take a picture - who would have thought.  We were able to do a couple of photo stops on the way and the driver was great with telling us information about the area.  We had to wait at a one-way tunnel until it was our side's turn to go through to the ship.  We finally got onto the ship sometime around 6:00 pm.  We freshened up for dinner then basically bummed around for a little while because we were just way to tired to do anything - trying to adjust to the time change.

The first day woke up around 5:15 AM to see the glaciers in the Fjorg.  Man was it cold as can be.  So basically is was just a day at sea to do what ever we wanted to do.  That evening some of us in our group got together wearing our bathrobes over our clothes for a hot tub party (only the brave ones went into the hot tub)  then we went down to the adult comedy club in the bathrobes just for fun (and to stay warm).  The comedian couldn't stop laughing at all of us - he thought we were just so funny and kept making jokes with us.  We loved it.  By the way - we did find out not to listen to a hockey player from our local AHL team that is from Alaska on type of jacket to take for this time of the year, we had to buy new coats that were warmer than the ones were brought with us.

Sitka - The first port of call and the first day of rain.  Well the rain wasn't going to stop us from enjoying the sites of Alaska.  We did the Sitka Cultural - Colonial Russian Tour.  We first stopped at the St. Matthews Catholic Church which was absolutely beautiful.  We then went to a museum that has all the historical items and info about the area which was very informative.  Then we went to see a Colonial Russian Dance Show.  It was really wonderful to watch and to see all of the different dances.  Afterwards we walked around town and did some shopping.  We took the water taxi back to the ship since it was tendered in.

Juneau - At least it is not raining today.  Today we are doing the Mendenhall Glacier and Garden Tour.  We started off by going downtown before getting on our bus for the tour.  We started the tour with going to the Garden first.  It was really beautiful to see how they do up different plants in different ways.  Then we headed over to the Mendenhall Glacier.  We were able to see some salmon in the salmon run and would have been able to seen a couple of bears BUT some kids started yelling at them and also their parents while people around them was asking quietly to shut up and not to scare the animals.  We got to see some bald eagles also.  The glacier was really beautiful.  It was cool to see some people kayaking up to the glacier.  If you are capable, you can walk all the way to the bottom of the glacier.

Skagway - Today we are doing the Dog Sled Discovery & Mushing Camp.  This is a really cool shore excursion to do no matter what age you are.  This mushing camp is run by Mike King, who is a well know musher that was in the National Geographic Magazine for when he did his 1st race and did not have the proper gear to wear.  You actually get to ride in a sled type cart (that holds about 4-6 people) and is taken around on a track pulled by a dog team.  Then you go down to the camp and get a lesson about mushing.  You also get to meet some of his dogs and you might get lucky & get to see some puppies.  We then was dropped off in town to do some shopping and boy was it ever "Windy".  Skagway means "The Town Where The Wind Blows". 

Ketchikan - It is really raining today.  Today we are doing the Saxman Native Village and Lumberjack Show today.  We did a little walking around before getting on the bus for the tour.  The first stop was the Saxman Native Village where you learned about their old ways and their heritage.  The did a show on dances that were handed down over the generations and they had some people in the audience join in.  It was really nice.  We then went outside to walk around to look at the different totem poles and to see how they are made.  Then we went on to the Lumberjack show.  They divided the audience up into 2 groups - one side is USA and the other is Canada.  One nice thing is that they had heaters at the seats so we could warm up and try to dry off some what.  It is really awesome to watch these guys do this show.  Most of these guys do this show when they are off for the summer break from college.  They really make it entertaining.

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Carnival Miracle

November 2008 - 8 Night Exotic Southern Caribbean (Ft. Lauderdale roundtrip) Cruise on Carnival Miracle

Freedom of the Seas

November 2007 - 7 Night Western Caribbean (Miami roundtrip) Cruise on Freedom of the Seas

Carnival Miracle

October 2006 - 7 Night Exotic Western Caribbean (Tampa roundtrip) Cruise on Carnival Miracle

Carnival Triumph

May 2006 - 7 Night Eastern Caribbean (Miami roundtrip) Cruise on Carnival Triumph

Dawn Princess

April 2005 - 10 Night Southern Caribbean Medley (Ft. Lauderdale roundtrip) Cruise on Dawn Princess

Disney Wonder

June 2002 - 4 Night Bahamas with Freeport (Port Canaveral roundtrip) Cruise on Disney Wonder

Teddebr's Tips

Carnival Vista Carnival Vista - If you have Your Time Dining - don't be in a hurry to head down to the dining room because you have to go down to the Blue Java Café 15 minutes (with your whole group) before you want to eat in order to check in to get your table and be prepared for a line that will go along the Photo Studio area.
Explorer of the Seas Explorer of the Seas - Just don't expect to get a quick snack or cup of coffee right after the shows because the only place is the coffee shop and it is packed after each show. Just wish that they would have other places open to grab a late night snack or cup of coffee / hot tea before heading back up to the cabin.
Carnival Liberty Carnival Liberty - The pizza up near the Tide's Pool area is really great if you want a late night snack or the sandwich window makes some great sandwich's also.

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