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Norwegian Sky

May 2013 - Norwegian Sky to Caribbean - Bahamas

Loved the Cruise...but very traumatic

We recently had a girl's weekend away cruise....and our cabin was great...and very clean...the staff on embarking were lively and friendly. Our Cruise was on a great start...however, that came to a quick end when a gentleman in his 50's decided to jump from another level into the pool. Why no one stopped him or no one saw him climb to this level via safety netting is beyond could have been that it all happened too quickly. Upon jumping or even falling this gentleman landed head first into the concrete tiled ledge of the pool. There was blood everywhere and it was coming out of his ears and nose, which makes me believe that he did not live due to the amount of blood that was everywhere. I found this very traumatic as I was 8-10 feet away. My girlfriend was in tears and the both of us to this day and moment cannot get the sound of him hitting the tile or the image of him laying in the large puddle of blood. We were all in shock and shaking...and subsequently everyone around us in the bar started drinking more heavily because of this incident. I was amazed that at no time did the Norwegian Crew escort us away from the scene, nor did they speak to us about the incident...nor did the bar stop serving throughout this nightmare. I do know that the Cruise Ship turned around after sailing for approximately two hours and returned to Miami which makes me believe since they did not helicopter or speed boat him/coastal guard him back that he died there on the ship. I do not know as we were never told anything. I am a first time Cruiser and although I thought the ship was clean and service was good and thought that our waitress for the cruise Anna was amazing...and even loved the fun had by the pool with the contests etc - I do however now associate cruising with the image of this man laying in a puddle of blood and how things were dealt with.

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