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April 2016 - 4 Night Western Caribbean (Miami Roundtrip) Cruise on Carnival Fantasy

Terrible experience

The cruise offered sit down dining, we chose the later dinner because we didn't want to have to rush back from the day to make our dinner time. We were sat at the back of the dining hall for a table for 4. I felt as if we were the forgotten way back there. The first night it took us 20 minutes get get a refill on our water and that's because we flagged down another tables waiter. They never took our drink orders and again we had to ask someone else after getting their attention. The service was terrible!!! The food being served was the exact same food they had in the buffet dining hall...we shouldn't have wasted our time in sit down dinner of we knew this was the case, but we figured it out the second night when we went into the buffet area and the exact same,menu was at sit down dinner that evening! The dress code for the elegant captains dinner was not enforced and people were being let in wearing ripped jeans, flip flops and tanks!! 

The shows were only offered once a night so because we took the late dining we missed the main show in the evening. I have never been on a cruise where they only did it once. It was always one early one late.

I was told they would only bill my credit card once on Friday, the last day of the cruise. However they tried to put two fees through for the exact same amount on Wednesday 4 minutes from each other so my bank denied the transitions. The ship thought they shut off our card, so without making us aware of the situation we had a cash balance. My card was my bank card so therefore if it truely was shut off I had no way to pay my balance because I couldn't take money out until I could get a hold of my bank next business day (Friday)!! Needless to say it cause a lot of unnessary stress to tell us we can't be let off the ship without our balance paid and there was nothing we could do at 8oclock on Thursday night. My card was not frozen... it was denied because of the transitions sent through after I was assured they didn't do that! 

The excursion we booked through carnival was late to the ship because we were waiting for 1 person to come back. They held the ship for the 100+ people that were all together. However the crew was extremely rude and hostile with us when we finally got on back on board. We didn't need to be treated like that when we were all afraid the ship would leave without us even though it was carnival sponsored excersions!

We took this cruise as our honeymoon and 4 year wedding anniversary. We finally had enough saved to go on our much deserved and awaited honeymoon and it was very disapointing! The whole time onboard it felt like all they wanted to do was sell us something if you book with us today we will throw in ........... I felt like I was at a time share for almost every event they hosted! It was uncomfortable and I have never experienced anything like this ever on a cruise ship! 

We wanted to set up a group cruise after this for next year and I can honestly say I don't think we will be looking into carnival for that cruise with about 15 people. 

The greatest thing about the trip was our storeroom staff.Mertha was his name and he made us feel welcome and everything was always perfect!! I hope that this letter goes to someone who can make sure his hard work and dedication to the room, and guests gets acknowledged.

If you have any questions or wish to contact me for any further information please feel free to call my at 17168188909, or email me at swie2230@yahoo.com

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