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Carnival Sunshine

October 2017 - Carnival Sunshine to Caribbean - Bahamas

Carnival Liberty

December 2016 - Carnival Liberty to Caribbean - Bahamas

Definitely a FUN ship! :)

Recently, I've gotten off this ship and I must say out of the other two I've been on, this one tops them! Last year, I went on the Victory which was more of a relaxing ship as to where this one, there was always something to keep you active! Thanks to Cruise Director Sydney, she was absolutely amazing from the beginning to the end! 


After arriving in Port Canaveral, we had quite a bit of time to wait. Since most of us were supposed to be on the Carnival Valor, there was a lot of stressing about the time. Getting us all on there at 6PM and then leaving at 10PM, I'm sure most could feel the frustration. We'd literally be missing out on half a day, cutting our time down to two days but it's not their fault. At least we're all still cruising, having a good time getting to know people beforehand. Our zone # was 10 so not too long of a wait and getting on there was seeing such a beautiful sight! They have damask looking silhouettes in the center and on the opposite side of the glass elevatora that have lights changing colours–awesome to look at during the night! Decorations since it's Christmas time, got to deck the ship out and did a wonderful job! I was in awe of how large yet cozy Liberty is. Went straight for the rooms and for an ocean view, not too small and not too large. Enough to feel like home, a bonus! However, for the layout of the ship, not hard to learn it but sometimes, you'll have to travel through staterooms to get to the front or back. Hey, more walking to get ya steps in!


After getting on, right on straight towards Deck 9: Lido and what a view! To see more selections I've seen and even have a BBQ area too (which people, utilize that floor as my friends and I did for majority of our trip! Hardly anyone goes up there and if you want space instead of outside or downstairs in the Lido deck, upstairs near the BBQ! REMEMBER!!! :)] I was in love with the BlueIguana Cantina! ❤ Their burritos, yo quiero! Also a must to try is the milkshakes at the Jardin Cafe (5th floor near the Aft.) Wish I could remember the lady's name but she made them my way each time, so well! When you find good service each time on a ship, you stick to it so I had a go to and it was worth the money + tip!  As for our dining room experience since I'm on food, I was in the Silver Olympian Dining Room near the front, wasn't too impressed with their service and the food is kind of the same from the other two ships I've been on. Yet it was like my first day where I enjoyed every bite from the start. Can't complain when you have good food + can choose till your hearta desires, right? 


The activities on the ship, Trivia had to be my absolute favourite! From Harry Potter to different kinds of music, having to really think about what you know (or what you thought you did but give yourself an A for effort!) Karaoke was the next and wish I was more confident to try but I'll keep my daytime job. I'll leave it to those who step out and can sing. The comedy show is always good laughs when you need one for the night. The movies shown, goodness, how I enjoyed the Drive In feeling (minus the cold!) And to end it on that Deck Party, party/workout! :D Now that's how you end a cruise on a good note! 


Nassau, Bahamas was our port of call and sadly, it rained most of the day. Our time as well got shortened here but can't help that. We actually got refunded for the time missed and I appreciate Carnival for staying on top of that. Their service desk was full but they handled all situations that I noticed as efficiently as they could and respectful each time. Back to the port, didn't do too much exploring. Only wanted to relax on the beach (had to cut down due to rain) and bring back a few souvenirs. Can't say much about the port as in downtown, not really much to do unless you take a Round-trip around the place. The cost to do so is reasonable but with our time so short, being downtown was enough. Back on the ship to enjoy the night away! 


The debarkation, once again, have to applaud Sydney for handling the situation the way she did. Once again, we were all scheduled to be off the ship at 8:15AM but they didn't have the gang way set up yet. Announcements about it were made so things could go smoothly from that point on. Another gangway was supposed to be set up but they had an issue getting it attached to the ship which is why it took a long time for those to get off. Plus the timing was off but good for them doing it that. They didn't want an accident to happen and safety for passengers to get off and home safely. Kudos to Carnival staff, crew and director for being awesome! Thank you for an amazing!!! I may decide to go back to Nassau and you betcha I will sail again on Carnival Liberty!   

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Carnival Victory

October 2015 - Carnival Victory to Caribbean - Western


After reading reviews about the Victory cruise ship, I wish I would have never been so worried in the first place! As this is my 3rd time sailing, it was beautiful to see when I first stepped in. Huge and it was awesome! My friend with me was just taking aback with it as I was. The decor may not be everyone's taste but at least there's some color to make it stand out. 

The first day was pretty standard. Went through the mustard drill as swift as they could and then it's time to enjoy! We both settled in and our room was very spacious. We had ours updated *at least the bathroom was* and met the Housekeeping guy. Huge kudos to Ron for every night he would be in the best of moods, singing to himself and if we ever needed him, he was right on time! I even requested a certain animal to be made and as I thought I'd get a simple creation – he went to make it beautifully elegant. Such a sweet man! Dinner was spectacular each night! The waiters we had were so attentive, kind and made sure we were satisfied. They suggested foods if we wanted smother plate since we almost seemed to finish our plates rather quickly *each meal so delicious* making our nights run smoothly. Bartender Natasha was quite rude as she seemed to change her attitude after night 2. She sure didn't hide her disappointment because we didn't want drinks. I guess that set her off as she never returned after that night. Didn't let that ever ruin dinner because the food was the highlight! From beginning to end we left with huge smiles on our faces. Entertainment could have been better but being an older ship, it's not going to be overboard with bells and whistles. I loved bingo nights (that really got the crowd going!) As well, karaoke was a blast! The room always filled so good times indeed. 

Both Jamaica, Ochos Rios and Grand Caymen were beautiful in their own way. I really adored Grand Caymen better as I sat down with a nice local who gave a bit more history of the place and also enjoyed Margaritaville! The DJ there had the place going and the food was amazing! Sure kept the drinks going, crowd roaring but not overboard so that was great. People in different shops sure were kind and I even got another souvenir here too.

Oh, one more shoutout to the DJ on the Victory! He sure knows his music! Every day, I was so intrigued because its this suave relaxing music from bopping music that makes you bop to the beat. I'm not one to bop in front of people but the rhythm had me going that I couldn't stop! He had us going on the dance floor and I give props to him each day to play such awesome beats! That should cover it all I believe. 

Overall with the reviews of the ship being older, it didn't bother me. You make your cruise as fun as you can make it. The people around us sure did that and I didn't hear complaints as I thought I would. Even if you do your research, you won't know until you have your time on any ship. So far, my experience has been a blast with Carnival! It was so relaxing this time. I'm planning for another cruise to keep my experience open for a different ship but I sure will be sailing on the Victory again too! 


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Carnival Paradise

December 2013 - Carnival Paradise to Caribbean - Western

Cruisin' time!

Carnival Paradise was my 2nd time going and I enjoyed it just as much as the first. When we arrived, we relaxed with drinks *which they try to push on you time after time* but sure pulled me in and all were wonderful! The food was amazing, a lot to choose from. My favorite will always be the Mogolian Wok. Didn't really care too much for the deli or grill (although at the grill, they had tasty chicken fingers! Kudos!) The music and having all the adults to older people dance with music pumping was a blast. It definitely was a day through the night to remember!:The only thing was our suitcases took awhile to come to our room. I didn't get mine until late afternoon but it sure didn't stop me from enjoying my night. We were served in the Elation Dining area close to 8 at night. Dinner was delicious, served in a timely manner every night. My party of four people danced the night away (each night to be exact) with the waiters who are super friendly, very attentive, made sure we enjoyed our meals or wanted more and they sure kept me smiling and laughing. I forget the lady's name who served us drinks before dinner but she was sweet and always wished us a great time on the ship. Food for dinnwr btw, great stuff served each time. Had quite a bit to choose from and it's not going to be everyone's taste but sure was all mine. The crew members always spoke to us to make sure we were enjoying and having a great time. The 2nd day was on the sea but venturing around the ship and relaxing, you can't get any better. Our stop the third day was in Cozumel and you get off the ship, take pictures with people who are all dressed up to welcome you and such. Cozumel really is such a beautiful place. Yes, people try to sell you things right there but if talk a good game and walk away, you should have no issues. The weather was perfect temp and with a nice breeze with drink in hand and relaxing on the beach–quite relaxing and enjoyable. Didn't do any excursions but maybe next time. The deck party they held they have was bumping and us four danced and danced. The DJ may have overplayed oldies but shake ya groove thing, enjoy the night! The comedians that we saw were hilarious *except for this one guy who was tall and had glasses, he was kind of funny but got dull at the end* but the events on the ship had a lot of variety and good times for all. The entire cruise was a blast for all of us until we got our got our bill and had to resolve it at the front desk. We had a rude man named Aleksandr who was very unhelpful! He did not want to help us at all, said he couldn't deal and even left us to go help someone else. His attitude was uppity, very unprofessional and he acted as if he didn't know what to tell us. We didn't come at him in a rude way (you try to stay calm and have to be because they sure do have a lot of people come to them at all odd hours) We had a lovely lady help us and cleared our bill before we had docked. Thank you so much for her because she ended our cruise on a great note! Overall, great people's, great food and a incredible experience! Already booked for another, OH YEAH!

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Carnival Liberty Carnival Liberty - On Deck 9: Lido, go upstairs where the BBQ is located if you want more room to sit about. Instead of being so crowded, you get a view and room to stretch out!
Ocho Rios, Jamaica - As I've seen where people sell you things, don't let it get to you! Say no thank you, have a good day and keep going. Even though I got something (and the guy helped me to get something for a cheap price), don't let it scare you to think they'll hound you down.
Carnival Victory Carnival Victory - Get an early start and make sure have a plan ahead of time. I had my fun times with me at all times because I missed all the fun my last cruise and late to all activities. I made sure to be ahead of time and esp to getting breakfast early, don't have to worry about long lines!
Cozumel, Mexico - Relaxing on the beach. Catching the breeze and being in your own zone with a cool drink, now that's what I call a vacation!

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