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Grand Princess

April 2016 - 7 Night Classic California Coast (San Francisco Roundtrip) Cruise on Grand Princess

Worse cruise ever

I had prearranged certain requirements, and was promised that I could get a pitcher of water for the medications I take in the morning and evening.  They told me that it wouldn't be a problem, however once on the ship no one was able to assist me, not the cabin steward, or room service, or even the manager at the front desk.  I could not believe the lack of customer service for a cheap picture of water so I could take my medications.   Our cabin was lovely but the furnishing were outdated, the sofa bed looked like it was 20 years old.  The cabin steward was nice, but I never found any towel arrangement's and I was in a mini-suite.

Lastly, and worst of all the cruise ship appears to put my luggage out where people can walk away with it, and I've been on 10 cruises in the past and never experienced a problem, but this time someone apparently walked off with my main suitcase.  The ship had 2 formal nights on a week-long cruise, I actually hate dressing up when on vacation, but I did nevertheless.  I had my formal accessories, dress shoes, ties, belts cover-buns plus specialty items that I like to wear like nautical themed pieces, all lost with my luggage, some items can't be replaced, but the cruise ship will only pay out a maximum of $250 for lost luggage.  That barely pays for the suitcase, my dress shoes alone are worth that amount.  This was my worse cruise experience ever, and may have me rethinking if I will ever go on another one.   I used to rave and promote cruising to my friends, however I don't think I'll be doing any promoting of my last cruise experience, even-though it was based out of San Francisco and it required no plane ride for me.

They have a few more days to find my lost luggage, but I kind of doubt that it will ever be found, UGH!   Crying  

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