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August 2015 - 7 Night Western Caribbean (Galveston Roundtrip) Cruise on Carnival Magic

5 Days at Sea is Not What I Signed Up For

I want to start off by saying the cruise was relaxing in itself. The staff was fabulous, our room was great, though at times during the night the air felt stifled. House Keeping, Room Service, the Wait Staff all did a great and excellent job.

The only hang up we had was that we didn't get to port in Isla Roatan. If you have ever seen it at all, you would know how big this disappointment was. Of course when you pick your cruise it's listed in the fine details that the captain can over ride or choose to abort any docking for any reason. So in our case, the winds where up and the water was choppy. He decided he couldn't fit the boat into the port. I kid you not, I could have swam to land, that's how close we got. 

So instead of 3 ports we only did 2. So I did some investigating and it seems that since the port there is so small, shallow and narrow, chances of porting there are slim. They don't tell you that before you go. So I am. 

Cozumel we have seen a dozen times and we love swimming with the Sting Rays. That made up for Belize. I had high expectation for Belize. Snorkeling was fun only the reef looks like it has taken on a lot of damage over the years. They have some small islands they have turned into little paradise getaway's. But when we went to port it was small and well, have you ever shopped at Sam Moon? Well if you have then you know that they offer knock off items at much dirt cheaper prices. All the little stores in Belize carried the same items only they tried to pass the items off as real and charge you 3x as much as Sam Moon. They really think you are a large piggy bank when you walk into Belize and they try to sell you hard on useless crap. Yes I said Crap. Cause a fake MK luggage bag should not sell for $90. But they were asking that. So my conclusion is they think we are stupid in Belize. 

So after not going to port in Roatan, our last port, the captain's gala was cancelled as he had a lot of upset patrons on board. The crew was upset as well and said a more experienced captain would have docked it but this captain was new. So do some research, because Roatan looked absolutely beautiful and we missed out. 

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Carnival Magic Carnival Magic - My only tip is if you want to get off the boat faster, get a porter to haul your bags through customs. That looked like the fastest line.

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