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January 2015 - 5 Night Bahamas (Charleston Roundtrip) Cruise on Carnival Fantasy

cold with nice people

 Cold! The slide water was 70F that's 3-5mm wetsuit cold, the pool was 75F 3mm wetsuit level. It was winter the only room temperature control was how much AC you wanted to allow in and how little fresh ventilation you could live with, no real temperature control. The room was 65F. We wore coats, sweaters, and shawls to every meal. It was warmer outside. On a ship that uses massive amounts of seawater pumped through heat exchangers to cool the engines. It would be easy to heat the water, and probably the air. This ship was recently updated, they had one electrical outlet in the room and a shaver outlet if the bathroom light was on. When in the last 25 years has one outlet been enough for a modern couple?  No one, literally no one could figure out where anything was and how to get to it. 20 year olds had to lean down to read the names and numbers in the elevators, too dark and too little contrast. I am not a fan of naming ship decks instead of numbering them. With letters above the elevator door, numbers and names on the controls, names on the map with numbers off to the side. I understand ship architecture requires elevator variation, but this was bizarre. Elevators across from each other or in the adjacent atrium went to radically different floors. On a previous Cruise we got a week soft drink pass, $6/day on this cruise. We would be fine with that. On this cruise Water is not included, WHAT???! It's $1.25 per bottle and like $2 for a soda. We bought 8 sodas and maybe 8 water bottles. That's $26 we paid, the passes were $60 and we would have paid it if water was included. Carnival is shooting itself in the pocketbook here. A stupid inconvenience. The Bahamas is not a great location to visit unless a totally captive Atlantis is your idea of optimal. Crime is a real fear, so interacting with locals in their native setting is difficult. The people could not be nicer. We went to dive in Freeport and that was wonderful. We loved the Dive crew and transportation staff. The tourism people placed there by the government were very helpful. Freeport was unusually economic, Nassau a little pricey. The water color and clarity is beautiful, not the best I have seen, 80' visibility but very good. There are a lot of positives. The rooms are very nice. The bathrooms sparkle. The ship in general is in great condition. The staff is first class, as has always been the case on Carnival. The food was very good, not spectacular, but upscale. I was just a little sea sick most of the time, but the ships stability was incredible. We had 37 MPH cross winds and you barely knew it. Sailing very nice, plus the water is sapphire blue and the scenery pretty. Frankly if they improved the temperature problems and labeling in the elevators, this would be a great little ship. It is not rich in amenities but more that adequate. Plus you can't beat the Price.  Charleston is a fun town to visit with lots of places to see. The cruise support staff there are the best I have ever seen.

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Freeport, Grand Bahama Island - Less Crime, wonderful people, and low prices. We loved the diving. The straw market next to the ships was a fun experience, get into the corners :-)
Charleston, South Carolina - Walking around the historic district is great. Parking for Ft. Sumter and the aquarium is a joke!, The Hunley is only open on Weekends.
Nassau, Bahamas - Lots of people, construction, bars, a few expensive restaurants. the beach sand rough but full of coral. Loved the walk and the tourist department people. Snorkeling from the beach was great.
Carnival Fantasy Carnival Fantasy - Bring a coat, sweater, and shawl. don't get a room at the back over the debarkation gates. bang clang all night long.

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