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My name is Rachel, I'm 30 years old, I am married to Scott (11 years!) and we have 3 sons; Jayson is 10, Cole is 8, and Jonah is 4. Jayson has some special needs and I am active in advocating for him so that he may obtain the best education in the least restrictive atmosphere. He is in 5th grade. Cole is a spitfire! He definitely has 'middle child syndrome'. LOL He is a good boy that loves to dance and act. He whines a lot, but I just try and give extra attention to my little love bug. He is in 3rd grade! Jonah was born at home with midwives in 2009. He is my little starshine! He is sweet and caring. We have great conversations. Recently he started displaying some anger and aggression and we are trying to figure out why. We think it has to do with his inability to properly communicate his emotions. So we are working on that. I'm a proponent for natural and attachment parenting; the 'social norm' is just sociopathic, in my opinion. I am a militant lactivist and unapologetic intactivist. This is MY facbook page and breastfeeding bashing and pro-circ will NOT be tolerated. Please be respectful on MY page, or you will be removed as a friend. I'm not kidding. I work for a home health care company taking care of older people. I LOVE my job! I have a strong belief that quality of life does not have to drop when age rises. I thoroughly enjoy helping people live to their maximum potential for as long as possible. I am a thinker. I love a good debate. I am a talker! I love to chat and laugh. I never act out of malice. My friends would probably describe me as the silly and emotional one in the circle of friends. I was married at 19 in Las Vegas, and was a homeowner and mother before I was of legal age to drink alcohol! haha Life just ran away with me. I would say I am a 'go with the flow' type of girl; but through the years I have learned to go and get what I want. I have always wanted to be a RN; but I pushed it aside because my children were more important. Now that they are in school/head start I am ready to pursue my dreams and make them happen. I was accepted into the RN clinical!!!! My education means as much to me as my children do, but I am having a difficult time balancing kids and classes. 4 clinical rotations and the state boards and I will have my RN! We plan to move to Florida so I can pursue geriatrics. In my free time (after the kids are asleep! LOL) I love to watch TV (Criminal Minds! BIG BROTHER!) play FPS games on my Xbox, and read my Nook. I love books. Mostly, I do homework and crash as early as possible. LOL If I don't get proper sleep I'm a real...bear. ;) Thanks for reading a bit about me. :) Hope we can stay friends, and grow our friendship.


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