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May 2014 - Norwegian Sun to U.S. - Pacific, Northwest

Very Disappointing

I have now been on two NCL cruises: my first and my last.  The best I can sayabout thecruise is that the waters were calm and it did not rain.  I sure wish I had read these reviews before I signed up.

We have not cruised in some time, but I cannot believe that cruising in general has degenerated to this extent.

The crew was generally pleasant and helpful. I guess we got lucky, only two rude servers all week, but you should not have any.

Historically dining was a highlight of the trip. With NCL, the food was the worst aspect of the cruise.

Repetitive menu with limited choices. In some respects this was a plus.  You knew what not to order the next night.  I ordered the veal marsala one night. What a joke, It was smothered with a salty, brown gravy.  Not Marsala.  The next night I had pot roast, served with the same gravey.  I ordered a lamb shank one night.  It was anything but falling off the bone.  The doner must have been 50 years old and had led a hard life.  Of course NCL offers upgraded dining rooms at additional cost which one is almost force to use  if you want a decent meal.

The line will nickel and dime you once you are aboard.  I think that charging for a soft drink at a meal is really poor.  We were encouraged to purchase an unlimited soft drink card for $44.00 per person.   I don't believe a soda out of a fountain costs the line more than $.15.  Certainly NCL could include soft drinks in the price of the cruise.

Lastly, we were frequently bombarded by announcements announcing a new Bingo game ($40 to play) by a guy that should be selling slice and dice machines, telling us we could have "a life changing experience if we were to win the $3000 jackpot".  Everyone around me laughed. I would love to win $3000, but I suspect it would not be life changing for anyone on the ship.

There is much more to tell, but  I am not enjoying re-living this cruise and you should have sufficient info to make a decision.












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