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Vision of the Seas

March 2016 - 7 Night Western Caribbean (Tampa Roundtrip) Cruise on Vision of the Seas

Great to be back on Royal Caribbean!

Solarium Costa Maya Belize window view pool area

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Loved this cruise!  Everyone was so friendly.  Love that you can buy the soda package online and that the Set & Sail pass had the Coke logo on it, the cups were waiting in our rooms upon arrival and we could start using it immediately.  Our cabin, 7082, was bigger then usual with a huge window we could all sit in and look out of (3 of us). When eating in the Windjammer, we had staff come around and ask if we needed anything.   They saw the Coke logo on our Set & Sail passes and offered to get us sodas.  Staff came around with cookies, cups of ice cream and cups of fruit to hand out - I've never had that happen and I've been on 5 different cruise lines!  Even though they weren't our servers at night, the wait staff in the Windjammer got to know us & always took the time to stop by our table to say "hi" and see if we needed anything.

The entertainment was great, although we didn't go see the comedy act because my 9-yr-old grandson doesn't "get it".  Loved the show with the people in the cages that came down from the ceiling in the solarium.  You could see it from the Solarium or from several different decks - totally different!

Even officers made an effort to talk to my grandson when he would ask questions.  He was sure he was speaking to the captain several times and was concerned that he wasn't up "driving the ship".  The officers all took the time to explain what their job was and that the captain was busy making sure we arrived at our next destination safely. 

I would have given this a 5-star rating except our cabin steward was a bit lazy.  I told him on day 1 that I'm diabetic and constantly have a dry mouth so I suck on ice all day long and that was the only thing I really needed to make sure I had every day.  We didn't need our beds made up or changed every day and could re-use our towels to "save the waves", but I needed my ice.  4 of the 7 days I had to track him down for ice, we had 3 towel animals (the people who ate with us in the dining room had a new one every night) we were told we would have our Platinum pins on day one.  My daughter asked about it on day 6 and he finally brought them to us, he just wasn't attentive.

I would highly recommend this cruise! Oh, and don't forget to pack rain poncho's and/or umbrella's - it rained or sprinkled in Honduras and Belize.


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Carnival Splendor

March 2015 - 7 Night Exotic Western Caribbean (Miami Roundtrip) Cruise on Carnival Splendor

Wonderful Ship!

Cat in the Hat Gold Pearl Dining Room theater Deck El Modero

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We had "faster to the fun", so were one of the first to be on the ship.  We had a wonderful lunch on the Lido Deck & headed down to our state room, which was ready & our suitcases were waiting  because of buying the "faster to the fun" pass.  We requested the beds to be put together ahead of time but they weren't so we pushed them together.  The room was very large with a huge counter to lay out all our stuff. I was concerned because we booked at the last minute & had a cabin on Deck 1 but I think it's one of the biggest cabins we have had & it was very quiet.  There were only cabins on that deck.

Loved the shows - I was getting sick of the comedy shows taking over other ships but this had some awesome singers & dancers on several nights. 

I'm 62 but participated in the Dr. Seuss Parade along with my daughter & grandson.  It was fun to march around the ship holding Dr. Seuss characters & my daughter ended up participating in story time.  The Dr. Seuss breakfast is awesome.  It cost's an extra $5/person but well worth it.  The decorations were great & they had green eggs & ham, colored pancakes that were stacked up to look like the cats red & white hat, the kids had their pictures taken with characters - just a fun time for the last day before departing.

My only complaint was the cruise director. They have to have a bit of an ego to do their job but he was so arrogant.   At the end of story time he was having his pictures taken with several groups of girls so I told my grandson to go next to him when the last two girls were done so I could get a picture of them with Flat Stanley (a school project). The cruise director took one look at him & said "get off the stage". I started to tell him we wanted a picture of him with Flat Stanley for school & he totally ignored me & walked off.  He was standing In the customs area when we were leaving & asked how the cruise was.  I made the comment I couldn't believe he was talking to us now that we were leaving when he was rude to us before.  He started getting a little "uppy" & said he wasn't rude to anyone. I told him what happened & he said he told all the kids to get off the stage.  I told him he was up there having his picture taken at least 5 times in a row with little girls.  He said he didn't have pictures taken with anyone.  I just stared at him and asked why he was lying and walked off.  I didn't get to be 62-years-old by being bullied by an arrogant cruise director.

They also had pretty good food on this ship.  The dining staff was awesome (we ate in the Gold Pearl).  We did have a problem on the first night.  We were seated with a family of 8 & they kept cussing, making racial comments & one child ate the butter with a spoon out of the butter dish then had a temper tantrum kicking & screaming under the table.  We were moved the next night without any problems!

Everyone of the staff was great - bars, dining rooms, spa, service desk, stewards.

I would love to cruise on this ship again but it will be leaving in May to be home-ported out of New York.

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Norwegian Sky

January 2015 - 3 Night Bahamas (Miami Roundtrip) Cruise on Norwegian Sky

Not Enough Entertainment

Sitting in the window.

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I've been on 20 plus cruises and this was a nice, short cruise.  Everyone was very friendly but this was my 3rd NCL cruise and I was suppose to receive a "Welcome Back"  letter with discounts.  I requested it twice and never received it.  The last night, I was told by someone in the gift shop that I was suppose to be getting discounts and should have demanded the letter that shows it.  Also, I love the evening entertainment but it lacked.  Two nights they did comedy.  My 8-yr-old grandson doesn't understand comedy and I'm so sick of it, I stopped going to them on any cruise line.  They seem to pass the same jokes around to each cruise line.  The last night, they had one variety show.  It was good, but there were people standing in the aisles and in the back of the theater because there wasn't enough room for everyone to sit.  We got there 30 mins. before it was suppose to start and had to sit in the back row because it was already packed.  It was not enjoyable, there were just too many distractions from people walking up the aisle looking for seats, people talking, and heads bopping all over the place trying to see the stage during the entire show. 

We had reservations for an excursion and thank goodness we checked them the night before because they had totally different times and reviews than what the website said.  They did give us a refund but it still hasn't shown up on my credit card.

Good experience checking in and leaving the ship.  We carried off our luggage so were able to stay on until the last minute.

Not much going on after the show in the evenings.  My grandson did have fun in the children's program.  They were awesome.

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Carnival Sensation

September 2014 - 3 Night Bahamas (Port Canaveral Roundtrip) Cruise on Carnival Sensation

Too Short

Dining Room Picture

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This was just a quick get-a-way before school started.  This is a beautiful ship.  Very nice and clean and the staff was very friendly.  They had lots of shore excursions to choose from. The food was just so-so but we were offered something else to eat to replace it.

Too many comedy shows and just one variety show.  I can't take any more cruise comedy shows but the variety show was awesome.  Too bad the dancers/singers aren't utilized more by adding another show for them.

The food choices were ok but not great.  You could make another selection  if you didn't like your first choice.  They use to offer pasta as a back-up if you couldn't find something you liked, would like to see that again.

The safety drill was RIDICULOUS!  We were led out to the deck next to the swimming pool for ours.  After the drill, an announcement was made that no one was to leave the area and called specific numbers out.  If you were one of those numbers, you came out from inside the ship and were led out to the outer deck by the lifeboats. We were expected to stand through their orientation after already standing around for 45 minutes.  I have a herniated disc and my daughter has nerve damage in one leg and after awhile, we were in so much pain, we had to go find someone and tell them we had to sit down.  We still had to sit through their entire drill so the entire process ended up lasting a little over an hour.  I have never seen/experienced anything like this before and would hesitate going on this ship again unless I found out this was a not a normal occurrence.  Thank goodness I brought muscle relaxants with me because it really messed up my back and I was in pain the entire cruise.

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PattyAF's Tips

Vision of the Seas Vision of the Seas - This ship provides a bar of soap in the bathroom but no shampoo, conditioner or lotion, so be sure to bring some - it's about $14 to buy it in the gift shop! Taking your luggage off with you upon debarkation is so much easier than letting them take it. No hassles trying to find it!
George Town, Grand Cayman - Not one of my favorite places. My daughter had surgery on her foot and it was a long way for her to walk to shop or got to museums so we just looked around the few shops by the ship.
Cozumel, Mexico - I think this has the cheapest prices and the best variety.
Carnival Splendor Carnival Splendor - Enjoyed the wok bar but didn't have a good selection of sauces. Loved the brunch in the dining room. Relaxing to help you start the day.
Carnival Sensation Carnival Sensation - Be careful what you buy. My grandson bought a wooden ship and it was considered a weapon and was kept until the morning of the last day.
Nassau, Bahamas - Still under construction but still have plenty of things to do.
Norwegian Sky Norwegian Sky - Oceanview is awesome. One of the best safety drills between Carnival, Royal Caribbean and Norwegian. Didn't have to wait around forever - they got it started on time, took down cabin numbers, demonstrated the process, dismissed us!
Carnival Conquest Carnival Conquest - Try the brunch in the dining room - even my grandson loved it. They have a good selection of cereals, rolls, eggs dishes, side dishes and even some meat (pork chops and steak).

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