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December 2013 - Carnival Glory to Caribbean - Eastern

Awful Service

1. Ordered a bottle of wine & strawberries to toast our departure with my wife. They dropped off the bottle...sans ice...and sans any way to open it. Phone didn't have a card for the speed dial, and no directory anywhere else in the room of where to call. It took so long to get ice and a cork screw the moment was ruined and replaced by frustration! 2. The phone list for the phone the steward promised to bring right back on day 1 I didn't get until day 3 when I chased him down and asked for it again....and installed it myself. 3. Cut my finger on a door latch on the upper spa deck and asked a crew member for a bandaid, to find that they don't have first aid kits anywhere but guest services (deck 3) and the medical center (deck 0). And they didn't even offer to get it for me. Not a big deal, but not very good customer service...and raises questions if it had been a more serious accident. 4. My wife wasn't feeling well one evening (actually curled up in bed), & wanted a warm can of ginger ale. so I went to ask for one. They said I couldn't get one since I had bought their drink package and I was getting drinks for "free" I'd have to get one in a glass. While I did explain that paying over $800 for drinks does NOT equate to "free," I did understand their basic concern that folks might request larger quantities of things and share them with other guests. So I offered to BUY one, but was told that wasn't possible...even after I asked to speak to a manager...and wasn't allowed to (the bartender called the manager and relayed their message, since I guess managers there are too good to speak to customers). I finally went to guest services and after literally yelling and causing a scene, I got the person there to call some mysterious person in the management chain, & only after a long argument between THEM, was I "blessed" with a one-time exception and allowed a warm can of ginger ale.....which I still find INSANE. 5. We came back from a visit ashore to find our stateroom door open with nobody in sight. I called housekeeping but was informed they would tell our steward and he'd get back to us at some point, but he was off duty. So I reported it to guest services. The next day when I ran into the steward he asked me about it and I confirmed that I had reported it to guest services since I was upset that anyone could have been in our room and taken our belongings. To this he replied adamantly that he had personally checked every door on the deck before he got off duty and they were all locked.....but didn't have a good answer when I asked him if that meant he was saying that either 1. I was lying about what we found, or 2. someone other than the cleaning crew, me, and my wife had the mans to unlock the door. He eventually apologized, but geez...... There were a few others, but this is long enough. Point is, I've had better customer service at a Motel 6. This was our first cruise, and probably last....CERTAINLY our last with Carnival!

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