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Retired Department of Defense Computer Equipment Specialist. 1st was January, 2007. Have traveled on Celebrity, Norwegian, and Carnival ships. Departure Ports include Honolulu Hi, Charleston SC , Jacksonville Fl, Port Canaveral Fl.



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Carnival Sunshine

May 2014 - Carnival Sunshine to Caribbean - Southern

Sunshine -Fun Ship 2.0 Upgrade Misses Target

Cabin - Midship, Deck 2, Interior.    Destination - Southern Carribean (Aruba,  Curacao, Grand Turk)


Pros - Large Food Selection and Good Quality(with exceptions) in Main Dinning Room (Sunrise) and Buffet (Market Place) Dining, Draft Beer Self Pour Stations, Fastest Slides I've ever been on (Water Works), Liquid Lounge - Large LED Display Background on Stage added great visual effects for shows, A larger variety of cruise length and iteneraries.


Cons - Cabin to Hot, No Refrig (had to get a bucket of ice to chill water bottles),  Bathroom so tight one has to put one foot in the shower in order to use the toilet. Bathroom doors swing in on an already tight bathroom. Door must be closed to even use teh sink without the door hitting you in the back. Liquid Lounge (Theater- To Loud, Bright moving Flood Lights, stobes, and laser lights blind the audiance which made watching performers almost impossible, Cold Spots - A/C was not ducted over theather.  It simply dumped from the ceiling in large colums of very cold air and made several very cold seating areas in the theater.  Limited Seating (Long Wait to get in or miss out), Limelight (Comedy Show- Very Limited Seating, Seating Located Behind and out of view of performer, Had to watch show on a TV).  Pool Tables outside upper deck (Pool and a ship ??  Really?),  Water Slides stayed Closed more than open. (4 Sea days very limited slide time),  Sunrise Dining Room - Kitchen was slow and food was often cold with melted desert. Upper dining level was so hot  that waiters were sweating in the food. Tables in the upper level were packed so close that waiters had to reach over other passengers  to server,  Ship Stability was very Poor (Though Seas and winds were generally calm, there was always a lot of left and right motion. Not sure if ship even has stablizers.)  Several Electrical failures resulting in ship zones/elevator temporary power failures added a slight feeling of insecurity during the 8 days.


IMO, Carnival Fun Ship 2.0 upgrade for the Sunshine was a huge MISS.  The increase in cabin numbers, addition of several more "Premium Extra Cost" dining areas, and the addition of walls and corridars,  only adds to the cost of the cruise, reduces usable passenger space, makes getting around on the ship more difficult,  and increases crew workload to a point of passenger neglect .  Many passengers voiced similar complaints during the cruise.  The addition of the highly soficated background display in the Liquid Lounge introduced a great oppurtunity to add beautiful background visual effects for performers. Unfortunately, poor use and management of moving bright floods, stobes, and laser lighting which should highlight the performers, only serves to blind the audiance.  The unnecessarily high volume in the sound system doesn't enhance the performance and further adds to the discomfort of the audiance.  Should I ever cruise the Carnival Sunshine again, I will NOT attend any event in the Liquid lounge.  Especially since it's necessary to stand in line 45 mins to and hour before show time in order to have a seat.  For passengers who want to attend the Comedy Show, in the Limelight Lounge,  they must suffer through the same long wait and the lines block other passengers access to some of the speciality dining.  Changes to muster station breifings (changes that may not be Carnival Directed) now has several hundred passengers being herded out on the life boat decks (where it's very hot and no air movement) and packed in lines against the wall while someone barks out proceedures that cannot be understood through echos and the poor quality outside speakers.  Last but not least, (I know I'm old but) IMO, there is Far to much focus on trying to teach line dancing with a large number of complicated dance steps in order to have passengers intertain passengers.  I now see a couple hundred or less passengers at the deck parties for line dancing where I used to see thousands in attendance when ship entainers performed.  For me, this Funship 2.0 is less for more with a longer name.

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Carnival Dream

November 2013 - Carnival Dream to Caribbean - Western

Carnival Dream

November 2012 - Carnival Dream to Caribbean - Bahamas

Carnival Dream

March 2012 - Carnival Dream to Caribbean - Eastern

Carnival Fascination

April 2011 - Carnival Fascination to Caribbean - Bahamas

Celebrity Mercury

April 2010 - Celebrity Mercury to Caribbean - Eastern

Carnival Fascination

November 2009 - Carnival Fascination to Caribbean - Bahamas

Pride of Hawaii

January 2007 - Pride of Hawaii to Hawaii

Nickhog's Tips

Oranjestad, Aruba - Port side of island is run down and main tourist area is now the high rise hotels/beach side of the island.
Grand Turk Island - Very small. Lots of water sports and activities. Nice day for Sun Bathing and beach. Small port shopping. Large Margaritaville.
Port Canaveral, Florida - Great Staff, easy checkin and boarding, good parking garage (Little high on pricing $130 for this cruise.)
Carnival Sunshine Carnival Sunshine - Bring a fold up 6 pack cooler for ice since there are no refrigs in the cabin.

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received a helpful vote on their Carnival Sunshine cruise review - Sunshine -Fun Ship 2.0 Upgrade Misses Target

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