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Catalina Island, California

Take the paid tour around Catalina it is only 40-50 minutes, it is so worth it and plenty of time afterwards for shopping and going for a dip on the beach. Don't take the bottom glass boat, they do not accomodate you for sea sickness and if you have to throw up, you end up doing it where everyone can smell it for the whole 40-50 mins. We know!!! The boats aren't equipped with baggies or water or AC, so you would have to jump into the water to throw up!!!

Ensenada, Mexico

Must see the Buffadora, but on your own time, not when your on the cruise. The people that give you the tour, take the long road to get there then they rush you to walk and shop with the vendors. The prices are too high and the vendors do not make good deals. Carefull with the Bars/ Restaurants they were advertising Tacos for $1 and when we ordered they sent us upstairs and said the order came in three only, so when our order arrived it was a full plate with side orders and when the bill came we were shocked!!! When we exited we complained downstairs that the Tacos were expensive and the guy answered that upstairs was a different price. Overall you get cheated of your money if you don't watch out, majority of items you can get in US for the same or cheaper price!

San Diego, California

In San Diego, YOU must definatley go to the U.S.S. Midway Magic Ship Carrier. Its such an awesome historical museum. We loved it!

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