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Majesty of the Seas

March 2013 - Majesty of the Seas to Caribbean - Bahamas

Quality not what it use to be

I was on the disappointed side of this cruise. This was my 5th cruise but the 1st for my daughter as it was her 16th birthday present. She enjoyed it and that was the most important aspect of it. However my perception of the cruise and that of Royal Caribbean, pay more for less. For a snorkeling adventure, not only you pay to snorkel but you have to rent the fins, the vest, the snorkeling gear and the wet suit (scuba diving). All additional charges. I prepaid gratuities, part of the overall purchasing price when I booked the cruise. Got disgruntled looks from staff when I didn't add "additional" gratuities to the tab. I prepaid $14.95 for a birthday cake to be brought to our dinner table for my daughter. They brought a "slice" of a cake, not a cake, a slice of one....a thin one. Never was I told it would be a slice of a cake. $15 for a slice?? Really?? Paid an average of $9 for Drinks of the Day or other mixed drinks. Drinks would come in 8 or 9 oz plastic glasses tops. My daughter and I played basketball on the ship, played with others, just shot around. 2 basketballs were provided and both were in horrible shape, 1 more than the other. On one, the leather was peeling back in multiple places from the strings of the ball. The other was starting too. At CocoCay, Ocean water temp was very chilly (I know no one can control the weather) but it deterred guests from doing water activities. At the Aqua park where they had inflatable rides, slides, rock climbing, etc. Half the inflatable devices were covered end to end with Sea gulls. A RC employee paddled out and scared them away but I didn't see anyone clean those areas and I never saw a soul on any of them the entire day. A good majority of us played beach volleyball. 2 out of 3 nets were sagging very low and 2 of the volley balls were soft, pliable, not very useful to play. Food was good and plentiful, no complaint there. Nassau was ok, we made the best of it, did a tour, did some shopping and enjoyed the rest of the day on the ship. The staff was pushing Jewelry, jewelry sales and on board sales a great deal, offering deals and sales. One in particular was 50-75% off watches. Well lowest price watch was $600. Avg price was around $1300....Perception that these sales were catered to the Wealthy. I'm not wealthy, I saved and put money aside so I could give my daughter a memorable 16th birthday present and in her eyes, it was. However my experience as a consumer and guest was that Royal Caribbean wanted me to spend, spend, spend and not enjoy, enjoy, enjoy.

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Majesty of the Seas Majesty of the Seas - Johnny Rockets was awesome, Windjammer Cafe was good. The windows from the Windjammer needed cleaning bad and obscured anyone's view from the ship. The comedian/Juggler was very good, very entertaining and funny. Enjoyed his show.

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