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Carnival Pride

October 2015 - 7 Night Bahamas & Florida (Baltimore Roundtrip) Cruise on Carnival Pride

Never Again!!

We were so excited about our cruise, I have wanted to go for 35 years and took almost a year to plan. It was nothing like I thought it would be. First our room was right under a bar that played music and we constantly heard moving of chairs and laughing until 2  a.m. every night. Second, we didn't not know there would be so  many little children, it sounded like we had some little children on each side of our room because there was a pounding on the walls on and off all through the cruise.  Third, every little thing was money, money money.  When we asked to have our mini bar open, every thing in it cost money to drink!!!  Then we did not know at first that every little thing you do with those little nice cards they give you to pay for everything, that's attached to our credit card that there is concierge charge attached, so we were living tips everywhere and they were automatically getting one on the charges! This was also happening in the casino as well, if you used your card to pay, there's a fee attached!!!  Fourth, when we finally make it to Nassau to have an encounter with the dolphins, our little boat that take about 100 people over to the Island breaks down in the water for 45 minutes in the sun!!!  Fifth, after we have our dolphin encounter (which was the only great thing) we are already to go spend time in the beautiful water and on the beautiful white sand, no it's time to head back because of the shortage of time!!  Sixth, nothing but lines, lines, lines and it's time to head back to the ship!!!!  Seventh, there was suppose to be a Birthday cake for me there was never nothing!!  I feel if you are not an alcoholic when you get on the ship, by the time you get back, you will be!!!  It was nothing that I thought it would be. Thousands of dollars down the drain.  I am keeping my feet on dry land for now on.

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