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I am one unique individual. People don't get me right away and usually write me off as a nut case. Those who know me will tell ya that I tend to grow on ya. I love everybody and feel the need to make others happy at my own expense no matter what it takes. Life in oklahoma has gotten routine so I need to meet new people to make some sorta change. Hit me up!!


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Disney Dream

May 2011 - Disney Dream to Caribbean - Bahamas

p Nothing short than Magical....

p Nothing short than Magical. Although I ran into a few problems, they were all handled promptly. The whole process was very smooth. Disney really handles everything allowing those crusing to enjoy their vacation. The Aquaduct was really fun and a great idea. It#39;s very popular and usually a long wait. I waited 20 minutes when the slide had to shut down only to find out we would have to wait another 30 minutes but that would take us past closing time. The cast member gave us bracelets so that the next day, I was allowed to skip the line completely without waiting at all. The dining experience was phenomenal. The food was exquisite and served with the aire of a world class resort. The rotational dining was amazing. Our server#39;s remembered our drink orders and had them ready before we arrived to our tables even though it was a different restaurant. On Pirate day, I said it would be great if I had an eye patch and my server produced one 5 minutes later. They also remembered how I liked my meat cooked. The show#39;s were well produced and memorable. The cruise staff were informative and entertaining. There were plenty of times to see the characters. The personal navigator helped me plan each day. The wave phones were great but my mom and I didn#39;t use them. Housekeeping was superb. They turned down the extra bed at night and put it away every morning. They left candy, cleaned up messes I made, and had things ready for each day (ie. pirate party favors, personal navigators, cruise check-in, palo reservation reminders, shore excursion tickets, customs declaration forms, etc.) The free ice cream and soda were a nice perk too. p p The dolphin trainer for a day and waterski excursions were extraordinary. This is however where I ran into my first problem. You have 2 days prior to the cruise setting sail to change, add, or cancel excursions. I had a castaway Cay getaway package I reserved for my mom and I that included snorkle, bike, and tube rental. I didn#39;t know that the dolphin encounter experience would provide me with a free pair of great snorkal equipment. I asked the excursion desk if they can remove the excursions from my bill since I didn#39;t need to rent their cheap snorkal equipment and didn#39;t care to use a tube or bike. The cast member said he was unable to. When I said, So I just wasted my money on this package? He said, Just give them to someone else. I was pissed and went to guest services who said just to bring my tickets down and they would cancel them. Before I even did that, an excusion manager called my stateroom and apologized for what I was told and said no further action was needed on my part and that the excursion was already removed. He said I could even still use the tickets without being charged. p p The 2nd problem I ran into was billing. Prior to embarking on the cruise, I added my cc number to my onboard account. While in Nassau, Disney removed $900 for excursions and items we had already purchased. What I didn#39;t know was that my bank had shut off my card after this. I could not withdrawl money at an ATM in Nassau for more purchases even though my balance said I had plenty of money in my account, nor could I call my bank to find out what happend. I eventually got a notice that they could not charge my card for the next amount accrued and they turned off my card. Now I was getting scared. Every night, I kept going down to get them to try my card again. Wouldn#39;t work. However, as soon as we pulled into port, the Disney offices in Celebration ran the charges as credit and I was pleasantly surprised to get a call in the morning saying I had a $0 balance. That made my last breakfast so much better and the checkout easier. p p Speaking of checkout, the magical ground transportation is awesome. Because we took this option, we had guaranteed transportation between the airport to canveral and back, we could leave our bags outside the stateroom with the bag tags they give us on the last night and won#39;t see them again until we reach our final destination (ofcourse, only one of my bags showed up but the other was delivered to my home the very next day), out boarding passes were printed out and placed in our staterooms so we could skip checking in at the airport and go right to security, and thanks to Disney figuring out my bill issue, I didn#39;t have to wait in line at Guest Relations on the last day to check out. Since I couldn#39;t but anything in Nassau, the Customs experience was quick and easy once our turn in line came up. My mom however bought a can of soup and they inspected that. p p After all that, the only problem I was left with was my mom. It was her Mother#39;s Day gift from me but after this vacation I can offer this piece of advise. LEAVE MOM AT HOME IF YOU JUST WANT TO RELAX. If I knew the dates and who I would bring next time, I would have booked another cruise while on this one so I could take advantage of the 50% off deposit and $200 on-board credit deal. I am now a part of the castaway silver club and I can#39;t wait to book my next cruise (without family). Since I took part in the 1st year of the Dream, I think I will do the same for the Fantasy. Or maybe....the MAIDEN VOYAGE!!

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Disney Dream Disney Dream - If you don't want to go to a restaurant, order room service. Other than alcoholic beverages and tips, it is included in the cost of the cruise.

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Nothing short than Magical....

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Nothing short than Magical....

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