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Norwegian Dawn

July 2016 - 7 Night Bermuda (Boston Roundtrip) Cruise on Norwegian Dawn

Just didn't meet expectations - especially the food

I have cruised with a few different cruise lines including Disney and Celebrity.  I had expectations that this cruise would be in semi competition with Celebrity in customer service and quality.  I just can't say that they came close to those expectations.  It seemed like overall the staff's customer service was just bland.  I have to believe that this has something to do with tipping the staff up front and not tipping as the cruise went on.  Normally I tip an okay amount on cruises but when I'm spending $13.50 per person per day up front I guess I had a certain expectation that certain needs would be met and met well.  For example, we were missing washcloths from our room the first night.  Little things like that kept happening and they added up.  The food was just not good at all.  PHO that smelled like wet dog with egg spiral noodles in it?  Duck soup that had hot dogs cut up in it?  Really?  Just a huge disappointment with the food as I would consider myself a novice foodie.  As for the Garden Grill/buffet area.  There was a constant battle of trying to figure out whether or not we could get food or not based on the all important blue rope/line that is set up to defer customers.  At 5:30am they had listed to have an Early Riser breakfast.  So we got up early so we could get off the boat in Bermuda early and take in a full day on the island.  We find out that the Early Riser breakfast consists of your choice of two different pastries.  That's it.  Nothing else to eat...  no fruit, no protein, nothing...  it couldn't even be considered continental.  And then they didn't even have access open beyond the horrible blue line to get coffee!  I had to complain and say at least they could give us coffee.  It was horrible.  The food was just not good.  Not even some other reviewers saying that Bamboo was good... no, it was not good.  The fried rice was fried perhaps a week ago and it seemed to just be heated in a microwave.  The noodles in the dishes were not sauteed but instead boiled and brought out in broth in dishes when that should not be done.  I'm sorry - but call me a food snob but I think perhaps Disney and Celebrity have outright spoiled me.  I had better food in my mess hall in the military for basic training.  Period.  Also they were CONSTANTLY painting or shutting down areas on the main decks so it limited our ability to enjoy being outside on a cruise ship (isn't that part of the reason you go on a cruise?).  And the SMOKING!!  everyone was smoking wherever the heck they wanted to without anyone saying anything to them.  They were just to smoke on the port side of the boat.   By the end of the cruise we couldn't turn a corner without having cigarette smoke being blown into our faces.  Ugh...  just so incredibly disappointed.  Sad

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Norwegian Dawn

Norwegian Dawn

Don't do it. Sail with someone else if you have the same destination options unless you are 1) okay with paying for tipping up front (without confirming service first - $13.50/person/day), 2) okay with eating cafeteria quality food even in the sit down restaurants of the Venetian, Bambo and Aqua.

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