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Quantum of the Seas

Quantum of the Seas

Sail date: November 23, 2014

Ship was not ready to sail

This was my first Royal Caribbean cruise and the ship is spectacular, unfortunately once aboard it starts to fall apart.  RC should have paid more attention to how their new Dynamic Dining would actually work than on robotic bartenders, elevators, and the NorthStar that didn't work.  I could live without technology working and since this was an inaugural cruise I expected some problems.  What was shocking was the lack of service both in the restaurants and on the upper pool decks, Solarium, and Schooner bar.  I've never been on a ship where there was no wait service in the pool area!  I traveled with my handicapped mother in a wheelchair and I served her more than anyone ever served me...and it was my vacation too!!!  Service in the restaurants without upcharges was terrible.  We did not have one breakfast served to us properly without something toast, like juice, like bacon.  We finally gave up and went to the buffet for breakfast (of course that meant I would be fetching and serving my mother).  

You must make reservations for dinner and you are to have reservations for all shows (or stand in a line for an hour), I felt like I was a slave to my smartphone calendar. By Day 5 (of an 8 day cruise) I was ready to go home.  This was echoed by many loyal Royal Caribbean cruisers as well as the newbies like me.  Please lobby RC to not change all their ships to Dynamic Dining and to remove all the upcharges for basics like a Johnny Rocket hamburger and shake on the pool deck.  I was told that each restaurant and bar is managed independently of each other.  What a mistake.  Some days you could get a bloody mary in the Schooner Bar and other days you couldn't because they would have run out of tomato juice.  Some days you could get a type of wine in one restaurant but not in the other.  

I felt bad for families with teens expecting all the activities that were advertised.  Air Hockey costs $2 per game, many of the XBox stations didn't work and those that did work wouldn't play the games the kids wanted.  You could only roller skate, go on bumper cars, Skydive and Rock Climb at very limited hours. Oh, and did I mention there were no Sports Bars!!! We couldn't watch any College or NFL football during the cruise because they didn't have a license (or some nonsense) to display the games in public or in our staterooms.  

Everyone says this terrible experience was not normal for RC and that I shouldn't let this stop me from taking another cruise on another ship.  Unfortunately, I saved 2 years for this vacation and paid over $5,000 to be so utterly disappointed I am not likely to cruise again soon.

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Quantum of the Seas

Quantum of the Seas

Prepare for your exit bill to be large due to the upcharges required (drinks from Robot Bartenders are extra, as is Sushi, and Johnny Rockets). Internet is not free as they claim in their documents (costs up to $300 for the week). Solarium is wonderful and peaceful in the am and after dark.

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