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Norwegian Getaway

April 2018 - 7 Night Western Caribbean (Miami Roundtrip) Cruise on Norwegian Getaway

Norwegian Jade

January 2017 - 10 Night Eastern Caribbean (Tampa Roundtrip) Cruise on Norwegian Jade

Great Ship and itenary with a few issues

We had a great time in all the ports on this cruise and liked the size of this ship and all the different dining options.

The food was satisfactory, but the deserts were a little lacking except for Cagney's. The steaks and sides were excellent in this restaurant.

Our food was never hot either with the exception of the specialty restaurants.  We learned to ask for our food extra hot in the dining room, but that didn't solve the problem in the Garden Cafe. The pancakes and waffles were so cold the butter wouldn't melt.  We were always in the Garden Cafe when they open for breakfast too.  I was also disappointed that outdoor cafe didn't open until 7:30 AM. Why? We like to eat outside and watch the sunrise and would like to see this changed. Dining Room service was not what we expected.  I had a hard time getting my Diet Pepsi, and our water glasses sat empty a lot. One time I even got up and attempted to refill our water glasses.  That got the server's attention. The wait time for them to take our order was extremely long too.

Casino- you have to pay for coffee!  Yes, regular plain coffee that is served for free all over the ship.  Why? This policy makes no sense and needs to be changed.  You are making money off of us in the Casino, but want me to buy coffee?  I hope they will do something about how the smoke from the casino takes over the entire ship when it is in drydock too.

Pool Deck - the pool deck, was under repair the entire time we were on our cruise.  We had access to both pools on sea days, but not on port days.  The repairs being made were extensive and should have been reserved for drydock. Furthermore, the first sea day it was very windy.  My husband and I had been in our chairs from 6:30  AM until lunch time.  There were a ton of people that had put towels and other belongings on chairs and had not returned since they "reserved" them at 6:30 AM. Since the wind was so bad, we left our seats for less than 30 minutes, and our chairs and clips were taken from us while the other chairs that had been left for over 4 hours were not.  When I inquired about where my towel clips were, they found one set, but couldn't find the other.  While they were looking for my clips one of the employees said you can't reserve chairs.  I pointed out all the reserved chairs and told them they had been empty for 4+ hours and not taken away.  He said they had been stickered and would within an hour, but they never were.  I also told him I had been gone for less than 30 minutes and he said you were gone an hour and you can go to guest services to review the security footage.  I challenged him on his time keeping skills and he then said he wasn't the one who took our chairs.  I asked to speak to the person that did and he wouldn't let me.  20 minutes later we had our clips and were on our way to find other chairs.  If you are going to make us follow the rules you should make all the passengers!  This issue was frustrating and didn't leave me with a warm and fuzzy


We spent most of our time in the Casino because all the entertainment options start too late.  Why not have dancing and other entertainment earlier for the early risers that don't want to stay up late?

We loved all the ports and would like to return to them one day.  We enjoyed a walking food tour in Key West and a beach break with lunch in Saint John.  We felt like the excursion to Maho Beach in Sait Martin was too long, as it is not a beach to relax at and spend the day.  The bar is very crowded, and you can't get the wifi to work because so many people are trying to access it.  Everyone should see the jets landing at the airport but just take a cab.  Our cab ride back was $8.00 a person. There is also a beach named Blue Beach that is a 10-minute walk from the cruise port, and there are great shops in this port.  We didn't do anything in Tortorla and I regret that.  There is not much to do in port, but the island is beautiful.  You can get off the ship and take a trolly ride around the Isle for $20.00.  They pack a lot of people in that trolley, so if crowds are not your thing, book an excursion through the ship.  I did purchase a beautiful pottery bowl in this port. It was the end of Christmas in San Juan, and there was a big street festival.  It was a bonus for us to be in port during this time.  Walking around Old San Juan, seeing the forts and shopping was time well spent.

We had four specialty restaurants with our package.  We loved Cagney's and went there twice.  We enjoyed the Brizzialn Steak House but didn't care for the Japanese place.  The food isn't the same as the Japanese food at home

I will look for a literary like this again.  Ten days is the perfect length, and the ports were very crowded but well worth it.  We would cruise on this ship again if given the opportunity even though there were a couple of issues for us.  We did put a deposit down for two future cruises and are looking forward to our next adventure.


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Grandeur of the Seas

June 2016 - 9 Night Bermuda (Baltimore Roundtrip) Cruise on Grandeur of the Seas

Not the best

We chose this cruise because it was the only one that would fit with the dates that I could get away from work, and the port was close enough to home that we could use award points for our flight.  We should have spent more money and taken a different cruise.

The ship is old and showing her age. Is needs to go in dry dock now, instead of waiting until April 2017.  There is a ton of rust; the carpet is in bad shape, and the bathrooms in the cabins are just awful!  When I read other reviews I thought people were just overly critical; they weren't!  It is true that the shower curtain is about six inches too short and that you literally flood the bathroom every time you take a shower. I have to be clean and normally take two showers a day.  I dreaded taking a shower on this trip because of the mess it made.  They try hard to keep it clean, but with her age, the carpet is old and looks nasty and dirty.  My husband got a stomach bug the last day at sea, and we both came home with colds. 

The ship is very small, and there is not room for a kids pool section.  Therefore, one side of the pool on the main pool deck it a kids pool, and the other is the adult pool.  If you are looking for a kid-free zone, you will have to go to the Solarium to the indoor pool, but it is miserably hot in there. 

The dining in the main dining room was fantastic!  We had excellent service from Melroy and Alexandsar.  They made our 21st Anniversary special and tried very hard to get to know us and please us during our 9-day cruise.  The food in the Windjammer was cold, and the oatmeal was soupy.  The coffee was way too strong and never hot.  They biggest problem was they ran out of chocolate soft serve ice cream!  How in the world do you let this happen? They ran out while we were in port in Nassau and didn't bother to restock the ship. You should never run out of any food, especially the ice cream.  The food in Chops was amazingly good as usual.  It seems like this is being done on purpose to force you to spend money on the specialty restaurants.  

The entertainment was not the best we have ever seen.  We only went to one show, and it was just ok.  We spent the bulk of our time in the casino but were disappointed in the selection of games and payouts.  The slots were very tight.  We enjoy Norwegian's casinos much more.  We have to get up early for work, and it is hard for us to change our schedule on vacation.  The evening activities that I would like to participate in start way too late for us.  Why not have something earlier for the folks that eat dinner early and go to bed a before 10:00?

The service was lacking.  I am not sure what has happened to RCI, but they have gone downhill since my last cruise with them in 2014.  I purchased the drink package when I booked my cruise in February.  My cup was supposed to be in my stateroom when I arrived, but it wasn't there.  I went to guest services and inquired about my cup.  I was told that the shipment of containers had not arrived, but they were hopeful that they would be delivered before we left port.  They knew there was a chance that the cups wouldn't get there on time, but they continued to sell drink packages to passengers that had not pre-ordered them.  You would think that the folks that per-ordered their packages would receive their cups first, right? Wrong!  After we had set sail, I inquired again about my cup and was told it would be delivered within two hours.  After two hours had passed, I called Guest Services again, and they said I misunderstood and that I wouldn't be getting a cup until we reach Coco Cay (7 days into our 9-day cruise).  I told them that was completely unacceptable and after raising my voice, they just happened to find me a cup.  The rest of the passengers received little Slurpee cups.  To add insult to injury, they ran out of ice a lot and ran out of the most popular types of soda's before the cruise was over.  This issue along with running our of ice cream has made me question what sets RCI apart from Carnival and Norwegian.  I can cruise cheaper with them, get better itineraries, get my beverage package when promised and all the ice cream I want!  

On this trip, you arrive in port during the middle of the day instead of first thing in the morning.  We decided we like coming into ports in the morning instead of the afternoon.  Bermuda was beautiful!  However, we felt rushed while in port.  We arrived at 2 PM on Saturday.  All of the stores in Hamilton and Kings Warf closed at 6:00 PM and only the stores in Kings Warf were open on Sunday.  If you cruise to Bermuda make sure you dock on a weekday instead of the weekend.  We wanted to go to Horseshoe Bay, but the cabs and buses didn't start running until 9 AM, and our ship was scheduled to leave at 3 PM.  We opted for Snorkel Park.  It was $5.00 a person to get in, $10.00 for lounge chairs and $15.00 for an umbrella.  It's not the prettiest beach I have ever seen, but it was a nice relaxing day within walking distance to the ship.  Beware that drinks cost a lot at this beach park.  I paid $6.00 for a bottle of water and diet coke.  Take your drinks and food from the ship to save you some money.  Nassau was not my favorite, and I can't for the life of me figure out why the straw market is so famous.  It is nothing but a bunch of junk and the same thing over and over again.  No one sales anything different at this place.  Market Street is way overpriced shops, but we enjoyed walking around and seeing the area.  We would have gone over to Atlantis, but again we were in port from 2 PM until 12 AM.  A little late for us, and we didn't feel safe walking around Nassau after dark.  We got back on the ship and enjoyed a lovely dinner in the less crowded dining room.  Coco Kay would be a fun place, and I hope to visit one day again.  We only had a couple of hours to enjoy ourselves before the rain hit. It rained the entire day, so we ate a nice lunch and got back on the ship after trying to wait out the rain.

I can say we will not take a cruise on this ship again.  As for RCI, I'm not sure.  Never say never, but they are not the same cruise line they were two years ago, and that is a real disappointment to us.  

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Norwegian Sun

October 2015 - 11 Night Mexican Riviera (San Diego Roundtrip) Cruise on Norwegian Sun

Jewel of the Seas

July 2014 - 7 Night Southern Caribbean (San Juan Roundtrip) Cruise on Jewel of the Seas

Pride of America

March 2012 - 7 Night Hawaii (Honolulu roundtrip) Cruise on Pride of America

Keenan70's Tips

King's Wharf, Bermuda - we were very rushed. It is best not the be in this port on the Weekends. Everything closes at 6 on Saturday and nothing is open on Sunday.

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