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Carnival Valor

Carnival Valor

Sail date: April 25, 2015

Carnival is forgetting what made them number one

First of all I have to say that the ports we stopped at on this cruise were great. My biggest complaint has to do with carnival's change in the way they do things. It seems that they forgot about all the little touches for there passenger that help them become number one. Example, 2 pieces of chocolate on the bed in the evening. Not putting ice in the room for there guess. Asked the room attendant about that, was told was to save money. It also seems to me that the choices on buffet were not as good as they use to be. I believe that is do to the fact the carnival is trying to get people to use there specialty restaurants where you have to pay extra. I also feel that the Valor is outdate and does need the upgrades, but that wont be until next year. I an not alone in how I think about Carnival. Had some good friends just came back from a Alaskan cruise and said the same things about there service on board.

It is really a shame that Carnival's big announcement was the creation of a new cruise line for there fleet. Where they can get people to help third world countries. Its a great idea , they get the recognition of helping the world at the expense of paying labor. I feel my time is worth something  , so why not let the people sail for free for there time spent in helping Carnival achieve there goal in helping these counties.   

One last thing I have searched Carnivals website to find a place to send my complaint and I can not find a place to.


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Carnival Valor

Carnival Valor

needs upgrades , to out dated. will not book another cruise on the Valor

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