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May 2015 - Carnival Dream to Caribbean - Western

First Cruise....soooo SAD!

I was Sooooooooo excited to go on my first cruise:) And left disappointed and confused why this is all this rave about cruises. The food was so terrible, that I was on Pep-to Bismol night 2. For the breakfast buffet, they pulled ham out of a water bucket...UGH! The best food I had was an omelet, hot dog, and the Steakhouse (which the Steakhouse was incredibly SLOW even with a reservation)! Night three I felt like I had a rock in my stomach and couldn't eat anything for the next 2 days. Then I though I would try the deli, thinking maybe that would be ok...I couldn't eat it. The Deli gave a a slab of cheese that you could pick up and it wobbled with warm bread (I took one bight and about upchucked. The servers were rude, which shocked me...I was always told the service was great! I love stand-up comedy, so we went to a couple of shows. However, we walked out not even 10 minutes in because they were horrible. I didn't even get a good laugh out. Except for one, who was an amazing funny Hispanic guy. The ship only has 2 pools which are SMALL...and I mean SMALL!!! I went to have a beer and relax in the pool, a bunch of kids start splashing around(no problem), but I want to relax so I go to the other side of the boat "thinking that it must be the side with just adults"...NOPE! So, there is NO adult only pool area! So, I was in a pool for 20 minutes on they entire cruise. If you wanted adult only area, you had to go to a small upper deck with nothing but chairs. The Ports were NICE! Really enjoyed they Excursions, but every time on the way back in all I could think is "Oh god, I have to get back on that ship".

There are hidden fees as well, which no one tells you from the Casino to Drinks! I spent a grand in the casino (made not a DIME)...the casino sent me COOKIES! Really, Cookies? WTH!

After spending a crap ton for the cruise and getting charged a crap ton while on it...I cannot believe that was my vacation! I don't feel relaxed, I feel jipped!

All my co-workers are telling me to try Royal or Norwegian before I say NO to cruises, supposedly they are suppose to be way better...I think I am to scorned though.

The one night I just really wanted to get away, I did go up to the Serenity deck to sit in the Hot-tub and stair at the stars. There was a 17 year old kid in there drunk with a bucket of beers behind his heading blabbing about how this was his 12th cruise with mommy and daddy! I thought it was adults ONLY...and how in the hell does a 17 year old get a bucket of beers? So, needless to say after having to listen to annoying crap...I got out 10 minutes later!

Pros: Cabin was nice (and so was our cabin attendant), and the shows (in the main room) pretty good!

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received a helpful vote on their Carnival Dream cruise review - First Cruise....soooo SAD!

received a helpful vote on their Carnival Dream cruise review - First Cruise....soooo SAD!

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