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Navigator of the Seas

March 2017 - Navigator of the Seas to Caribbean - Southern

Aged ship - in needs of some repairs and RCCL coprorate issues

The cruise started out of the very inadequate Miami port - more on that later - day 1 was uneventful except our junior suite telephone did not work (took 3 days to get a replacement). Second phone also could not accept transferred calls.  Day 2 started with a request for anyone with O negative blood.  That's not good - then it quickly turned to we are turning around and heading back to Miami - the person was airlifted off - and we were back on our way.  We made all ports fine - good work by the captain.  Weather was slightly off and slightly rough all week - but again we made all ports - i heard other royal ships could not dock in all ports.  Again good job by our captain.  Further - shows were good - entertaining.  Ship band and singers very good!  Now on to more issues - we purchased a special California wine tasting dinner through Royal corporate for day 3 - we did the purchase 6 months before the cruse - when i inquired about where to be - the response was what dinner?  well it even showed on my itinerary on the tv in my cabin - i asked for a manager - that is like asking for the president - again it took several days to get credit and i was finally told that this was deleted  a few months ago - Royal had my $$ for 6 months and never felt an obligation to return my funds until i complained vigorously.  Now onto more - our toilet had to be replaced - the chefs table was cancelled at 4:30 on the day of the event.  But i will say by now management knew me and did take care of us.  they did a special chefs table on the last night and then gave us a 30% off a future cruise.  I do think when the proper people found out what was happening - things got attention.  Disembarking was a joke - the escalators - all of them were broken at Miami port - again Royal needs to evaluate Miami - its a terrible port.  Luggage also was a mess - my wife's bag came off - but no where was mine - after looking for any agent that cared to help - i filled out a lost/stolen bag form - then all of a sudden my bag comes out way after the last bags were sent - who knows what happened to my lost bag form.  After all of this - i still say we had fun - the ship needs work - but Royal did get it right.

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Quantum of the Seas

March 2015 - Quantum of the Seas to Caribbean - Southern

The Great , The Not so Great, The Bad

Starting with the embarkation - getting on board was simple and very quick.  No sitting in the lounge at all - a great start.  270 is a great place for a quick breakfast and a quick lunch.  Roast beef sandwiches as good if not better than Allure.  Balcony cabin ready before 1 and appeared larger than other ships.  Eliminating the coffee table a good choice.  The electronics worked fairly well.  More on that later.  The shows - Mama Mia - was fantastic.  In fact all entertainment was top notch.  Kudos to the cruise director.  The ship seemed more crowded than Allure.  Dynamic dining - worked well for the 4 of us.  I made reservations many months early and that helped.  American Icon - rates a 0 - food bland - service awful.  Orders were wrong and the staff was very indifferent.  Same with Chic.  Grande - is great - Rose our wait person - special shout out as she is great.  Silk - our favorite regular restaurant.  In fact the head waiter was special - he made us fried chicken on day 11 as I mentioned that it was not available (on day 3) in American Icon even though it showed as a feature even on the app. He remembered and this is the service I knew RCCL provides. Windjammer - I think does not have enough attendants - many times I had to bus my own table - and when they did clean the tables they continued to use the same dirty rag on all tables - hygiene is lacking on Quantum - really surprising for RCCL.   Jamies Italian a specialty restaurant (ie additional price) very good although they did not have their signature dish - Pork Belly the entire cruise (we went twice) the head waiter did what he could to make our dinners special.  Chef's Table - not as special as on Allure - the chef did not come out with each course - we did not have name places and did not get an autograph cook book - the venue is also not as special as on Allure.  Vintages - wine tasting fun and the wine they provided was excellent.  Wonderland was also fantastic although out of a certain item - the ,most popular - crab - I feel that if I am paying extra they should have all items - in fact our party mates made a comment - "why do I have to pay extra for good food".  Ports were fine and I recommend the 4x4 in St Kitts and Barbados especially. Tip -  buy wine by the bottle at Windjammer - its 50% off - then carry to the dining you reserve - you can save some money!   Now a few drawbacks.  Customer Service is severely lacking on Quantum.  Our cabin was left open by staff for several hours and the staff seemed quite uncaring - our cabin attendant Ronaldo was great but the management was indifferent to the situation totally.  Also trying to get credit for mini bar service that was charged to us (9516- when it was supposed to be 9546) took 8 days to correct.  It also happened to our friends that travelled with us - they continued to say its a computer problem - not my problem RCCL needs to get with it.  Another instance was when the wrist band stopped working for our friends - and one had to get a new wrist band - then the other wrist band and the cards stopped working - when customer service got involved the woman insisted that we didn't know how to use the wrist band - really?  - it was deactivated - I thought the customer was always right - not so much on Quantum.  Debarking also quick and efficient  Overall - the trip was fantastic - and I recommend RCCL - but Quantum customer service needs training on service. .

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Liberty of the Seas

March 2009 - Liberty of the Seas to Caribbean - Eastern

Heaven at Sea

The week started very stressful. Although we put it on ourselves. We will NEVER travel on cruise day again. Cruises Only recommends coming in the day before and I cannot agree more. We rose at 2 AM and the day went fine. But worrying about the flights being on time making connections and luggage arriving and racing to the boat is way to stressful. Embarking - couldn't have been faster and easier. We arrived after 2 PM - but only 2 people in front of us in line and mroe lines than I could count. We were at the buffet by 3 - awesome. We just closed our cabin door and our attendant was there. The room - very nice - the bed - outstanding - the bathroom - you could even move around - very spacious. We were in Balcony Suite 6528 - our friends were in 6530 - as reserved - and the balcony's opened up ! Activities - non stop. Or just sit on the balcony. Over 4000 people on spring break week - yes it was crowded - pool chairs hard to come by - but we had a balcony so we didnt care. Day 1 - we pre purchased the wine flight - ok its $54.50 per person additional - but after spending $3000 for the cruise its peanuts - IT WAS FABULOUS - only 16 people - and we had the entire back room at the Portifino. From the bingo to the Quest to leaving - couldnt have been better - I will say the staff was very good however the port planner warned us not to book shore excursions outside of Royal Carribean - that is unfair - we pre booked a tour on St Martin - she warned us that it might not be there and there was no guarantee that we woudl get back to the ship - NOT TRUE - she needs to be talked to - it was great. One item to look for - RC wants everything booked through them - so when using cruises only (Cruises Only was also perfect) RC does not have debark information and you are somewhat on your own. But debarking was easy also.

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San Juan, Puerto Rico - We were only there for 5 hours - skip it. The city is not ompressive in fact very dirty and no time for excursions

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received a helpful vote on their Navigator of the Seas cruise review - Aged ship - in needs of some repairs and RCCL coprorate issues

received a helpful vote on their Navigator of the Seas cruise review - Aged ship - in needs of some repairs and RCCL coprorate issues

received a helpful vote on their Navigator of the Seas cruise review - Aged ship - in needs of some repairs and RCCL coprorate issues

received a helpful vote on their Navigator of the Seas cruise review - Aged ship - in needs of some repairs and RCCL coprorate issues

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received a helpful vote on their Quantum of the Seas cruise review - The Great , The Not so Great, The Bad

received a helpful vote on their Quantum of the Seas cruise review - The Great , The Not so Great, The Bad

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