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Carnival Destiny (RETIRED) 28

February 2013 - Carnival Destiny (RETIRED) 28 to Transatlantic

When the aim of a cruise is other than satisfying your customers

We thought we were lucky to find a cruise in February which took us back to our home in Europe. Big disappointment. The purpose of the cruise was to take the Carnival Destiny back to dry-dock to make an overhaul and have it reborn as Carnival Sunshine sometime in April 2013. Frankly, the overhaul was long time overdue, as the ship failed in many respect. Half of the elevators did not work, the carpets are dirty etc. and the whole ship gave a tired impression. For most of the crew this was the last voyage of their contract and they were more preoccupied with how, when to go home and if they return for another contract or not. Therefore the service on Lido restaurant was simply below norm. The coffee machine were not functioning half of the time, coffee mugs were missing several occasions etc. The food was boring and showed signs of cost cutting, which fortunately resulted in much less long lines as one used to see on Carnival. During the 9 days of ocean crossing many food items disappeared, and were replaced by some low quality item or nothing. The majority of the breakfast pastry was inedible and looked very cheap. The shrimp was tiny and the cuts offered on Lido deck were very very small. The entertainment was like a piece of cheese, full with holes. During 18 days there were only 2 big costumes shows but the number of dancers was impressive for doing nothing (9 girls and 3 boys). The cruise director was the only person taking his job seriously, he made a huge effort to entertain, participated in practically every event and took responsibility in areas unusual from a cruise director. We recommend him (Noonan) and would happy to see him again. This cannot be said about some of his staff. The persons doing the different trivia were simply unintelligent, they have not understood most of the questions, had problem with pronouncing not everyday English words and had no idea about literature, geography, etc. One more complain: they had a large number of workers on board who started to dismantle the ship after the 2nd or 3rd day, sometimes causing huge noise in the Lido dining room. Without becoming a horror novel, I just simply were largely unsatisfied in spite of the really cheap fare. What I liked: the ports and the passengers who were very active. Finally, I recommend to everybody who plans on a Carnival cruise, to check out which ship they plan to board as quality is not even. I for myself are not going to cruise with Carnival in the foreseeable future. I'd rather pay more and have more.

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