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Progreso (Merida), Mexico

We were not sure what we had gotten into at first, as we got into an old bus that transported us to what was called the "Terminal". The terminal consisted of a huge group of venders, hounding us to buy this or that. Once we asked and found out where we were supposed to go to find our tour, we had to wander though the middle of all the venders to get to the right place. When there we were assigned a large van/transport and met with our guides. The van/transport was air conditioned and comfortable. We were treated by personable guides, ansering all our questions as we drove to the Mayan ruins. The guide was knowledgeable and knew is way all over the areas we were traveling. When we got to the ruins, we were met by the Mayan tour guide. He did an excellent job of informing us about the history and all about the ruins. The thing that impressed most, was we had only us four in our tour group. We could hear and understand all he was saying. Other tour groups in the area had 15 to 30 or more in their groups. I assume that unless the guy had a loud speaker, he could not be heard by all in their group. This made our tour especially good. Overall, this was a great excursion, with a lot of knowledge passed along for learning experience. And a plus for the excursion, we were delivered right to the ship dock so we didn't have to wait to ride the old bus back to port. We were treated very well and had some very educated and fun tour guides.

Cozumel, Mexico

Very enjoyable. Cannot ask for a better experience. We enjoyed the excursions we chose, including the fun time we had snorkeling in the beautifull water. We chose to use Pricelines excursions, which made it much moire personal. We had an nice lunch at an authentic Mexican hole in the wall type place. The food was excellent and enjoyable, and we were treated like we were part of the family. The tour of the Tequillia farm was interesting and fun. Very personable tour guide, who seemed to enjoy the small group we were with. If I remember correctly, there were only about 7 or 8 people in out tour total, thus we had access to hearing everything and enjoying all without huge crowds. Finally the trip to the lighthouse area was great. We saw animals we never thought were living in the area. Fun to look around and enjoy. The only setback I feel worthy of mentioning, the Jeep we were assigned to and drove was hard for our ladies to get in and out of. The issue was resolved quickly by one of the tour guides helpers, finding a stool to assist in getting in and out. Overall, a great tour of the area and fun things to do.

New Orleans, Louisiana

The city itself was fine. Lots to see and enjoy. The Port itself was not a great experience, as stated ion an earlier review.

Carnival Triumph

Carnival Triumph

Gte the priority upgrade. The better room was well worth the difference from what our son and daughter in law had,

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