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I am a self employed restorer, consultant and dealer in high quality antique furniture and clocks with over 45 years of experience in the trade. I am public school educated, an acknowledged expert in my field and I am told an amusing raconteur.

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Queen Elizabeth

October 2015 - 17 Night Venice & The Adriatic (Southampton Roundtrip) Cruise on Queen Elizabeth

We couldn't wait to get off.

We booked a seventeen night cruise on "Queen Elizabeth".

Cunard claim that the ship has WiFi, an essential prerequisite as I need to keep in contact with my business, much of which nowadays is done on line.

Once the 120 minutes of 'free' time have been used  you can purchase further I.T. time at the eye-watering price of $.65 per minute.

Briefly, the connection is a poor one. It may break half way through an email, or freeze on an open page.The only solution is to log of and then back in again, whereupon the whole sorry saga may well be repeated..

Cunard peddle the corporate lie that is you, perhaps your inexpertise, which is the cause of the problem.

Having run up a staggering additional bill of several hundred dollars, I appealed to the Ship's 'Hotel Service Manager", the corpulent and complacent Basil Fawlty of Cunard, expecting recompense.

Far from it.

I was barred from further use of the Internet by this individual, resulting in the loss of a a £2500 time sensitive export deal.

Thanks a lot , Cunard, never again!


Gareth Morgan

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Queen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth

Do not attempt to use the ships appalling Wi-Fi connection if you value your sanity. Also avoid buying any "extras", they do not represent value for money.

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