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Carnival Glory

December 2017 - 7 Night Western Caribbean (Miami Roundtrip) Cruise on Carnival Glory

MSC Divina

June 2016 - 7 Night Eastern Caribbean (Miami Roundtrip) Cruise on MSC Divina

Babies with diapers in the pools- EWWWW!!!

Children in the pools and hot tubs is bad enough, but when they are babies in diapers and when pool personnel are informed they say it is okay, that is way to much. I have been on several other cruise lines and never seen this in the full sized pools, kiddie wading areas yes. Babies should not ever be in a hot tub - EVER! If the parents are ignorant of this fact, pool personnel should inform them.


Buffet - Food is not rotated and goes bad and tables not thoroughly cleaned


No urinals in Mens Restrooms - Seats not lifted and was a mess consistently


Room Steward - Rarely available, did not clean well (drew a heart in steam of bathroom mirror and it was there days later), had to call for towels on 2 occasions.


No trashcans, except staterooms and restrooms. Trash was seen all over the ship just tossed down wherever.


Issues with purchased photo package - 10 (8X10) photos included, but they print all your best pictures huge and expect you to pay $30 each for them. After contacting a manager with were given an exception, but only would print in color, not B/W or Sepia. 


Gelato bar - Had 14 flavors listed, same 8 every day, and every day I asked if they would have a different flavor and was told "Tomorrow", tomorrow never came. 


Reasons for 2nd Star:


Ship was pretty, atrium staircase phenomenal and pictures do not do it justice.


Main Dining Rooms (Eat ALL your meals here) - They are open for Breakfast and Lunch - Food excellent - very small portions (order more than 1 entree if you are hungry). had to keep on servers to bring ordered items at times (i.e. milk, toast, side orders)


Desserts - Heavenly! 


Ship staff were friendly and approachable, not always easy to talk in English with.  


I would never intentionally book another cruise with MSC, unless I am assured sanitation issues have been addressed. 

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Carnival Splendor

June 2015 - 4 Night Canada & New England (New York Roundtrip) Cruise on Carnival Splendor

Carnival "Blunder"

Firstly, when purchasing my tickets through cruises only, I had selected interior spa room and apparently they were sold out as we were switched to a catagory 4J obstructed view and were not told that this did not have the spa access we were seeking. We had even called and were talking with someone on the phone describing what we wanted and they did not choose to inform us either. Upon boarding the ship and determining we did not have the spa access we called 1-800# and person on the phone was a total B**** and was not helpful in the slightest. I will NEVER book through this site ever again.    This cruise from the beginning was late. Late to depart, activities late or moved to a different venue, or cancelled without notice. Admittedly this was not an ordinary cruise, 4 days to St John, NB and it showed.    Accommodations were ok, and room steward (Alfred) was the only good thing.    Meals were edible, but portions were crazy small. I should not have to order 3 entrees to get a meals worth of meat.    Main dinning room appeared to be clean, much cleaner than the buffet tables. The buffet tables were never clean the entire trip, even tables just cleaned by staff were still sticky and had crumbs on them. Never once saw the seats cleaned in the buffet either.    Bingo, nice price to play, but not worth it considering they never played coverall, so it never lasted more than 30 minutes and pay outs for winners were very small, the cruise line made a killing based upon number of people playing and amount they paid out. Final days bingo raffle was for 3 additional bingo cards and a bottle of cheap cruise ship champagne, not a free cruise like most cruise lines.    Officers and Cruise Director completely absent. Never saw one. I have cruised several times and always saw some officers on deck and I have always seen and met Cruise Director. Guest services staff told you what you wanted to hear and were not very helpful.    Purchased bottomless bubbles package, (unlimited soda), was a total waste of money, as finding a bar to get a soda was problematic during the day, most bars were not open. Even getting soda in the dinning room or buffet was a joke, not nearly enough bar waiters in those areas if at all.     Musicians on board were second rate, nothing notable at all.    Dive In Movies, a great concept, but they were never ready to dispense popcorn or blankets "before" the movie started and lines were long. Also they closed the cover after the movie started creating a very disruptive noise detracting from movie.    Overall, I  would not recommend this cruise to anyone and if Carnival gave me a free cruise I would have second thoughts on taking it. 


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Norwegian Breakaway

January 2015 - 12 Night Southern Caribbean (New York Roundtrip) Cruise on Norwegian Breakaway

Nice! Sushi for lunch? Love Birds Boat Drinks!

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Celebrity Summit

June 2014 - 7 Night Bermuda (Cape Liberty Roundtrip) Cruise on Celebrity Summit

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly!


The Good: 


Captain Demitrius – Funny, approachable and did a great job avoiding as 

much of the storm (Arthur) as he could. 


Cruise Director Ken – Did a fine job and we were pleased.


Captain’s Club Ashley – Did everything in her power to help correct major 

grievances to be voiced later. 


Entertainer Jonny Mantra – Was excellent and we really enjoyed all his 



Bartenders Stevo and Ricky in Sunset Bar – Were AWESOME!!!


The Bad:


Guest Relations – Had many issues that were NEVER resolved.


Senior Bartender Keisha – Mast Bar, took over 20 minutes to get an order 

placed and then it was incorrectly made.


Sunset Bar – Noise filtering into cabin 9162 was at unacceptable levels.


Cabin Stewards – Pathetic, had to be asked daily for simple things like 

keeping a bottle of champagne iced, that was provided by Celebrity.


Lack of daily flowers as promised in amenities of Concierge Class, this 

could be considered a breach of contract. We were eventually given a 

complimentary bouquet by someone; it did not include any card or reason 

for our receiving it. 


The Ugly:


I purchased 2 special occasions for this cruise, which I managed to keep 

a secret (for me this is very hard to do).

The first was a birthday package to be done on July 1st and a Romance Package

that was to be done upon departure, as this cruise was our honeymoon.

When rooms were cleared for occupancy @ 1PM, our room was not even done being vacuumed,

and there was no sign of the set up for my “surprise” romance package. When I queried our Cabin 

Steward (Marissa), she blurted out that this was scheduled for July 1st

with the Birthday Package – Guess what – Now both surprises were 

blown. Needless to say this was disconcerting, to say the least. I 

proceeded to go to Guest Relations to attempt to sort it all out. I was 

assured it would be done ASAP. Well ASAP ended up being turn down 

that evening. The “plush” bathrobes I thought I was purchasing are NOT 

PLUSH, the cabin bathrobes were much nicer and this is what I expected to be included in the package. 

Guest relations also assured me that the included dinner would be 

scheduled for Normandie at the 6:30 requested time. This never 

happened; I ended up needing to schedule it myself on July 1st at one of the only remaining available times,

as Guest Services personnel never got around to it. These issues were 

brought up to an Officer of the ship during the Meet and 

Mingle and he assured us he would get to the bottom of it and get back 

to us. Never heard a word, nor saw him again. Ashley in the Captain’s 

Club, after hearing of our issues during the Captain’s Club meet and 

greet, provided us with a cheap bottle of Chardonnay and managed to 

provide a free dinner in Q-Sine. It was all she could do, and it was a great 

effort, but in no way made up for what had transpired. 


Additional issues included one entertainer in the Sunset Bar was 

exceptionally loud. We complained and received a phone call from someone saying that

his volume would be reduced after 10PM, an acceptable compromise. It was not reduced, in 

fact I am certain it was louder on the last 2 nights of the cruise, as I went 

up there and could not even have a conversation with the bartenders. 


Children in bar areas after 10PM, if this is an acceptable practice it should 

not be. 


Drink of the day – I had the classic beverage package that included 

alcohol and for the first few days I was sampling the drink of the day, 

Rum Swizzle, Rum Punch, Yellow Bird – Consistency did not exist, I had 1 

Yellow Bird with absolutely NO pineapple juice, I watched it being made. 

All the other drinks were by no means much better. If you are going to 

have a drink of the day, ALL your bartenders should know how to make it 

and have the proper ingredients available. I ended up ordering Gosling’s 

Rum and cokes for the remainder of my cruise and several times, I had to 

substitute Bacardi as bar was out of Gosling’s, also very unacceptable as 

Gosling’s is the rum of Bermuda. 


Prior to boarding, (and this should have sent a red flag), I attempted to 

get the dinning scheduled that came with my Premium Romance Package 

to ensure I could have it on day and time I wanted. After more than two 

hours on the phone, being transferred, cut-off, and just placed on endless 

hold, I eventually hung up after 55 minutes (the time it took to cook and consume dinner),

calling the phone number from their site. I gave up and contacted 

our Cruise Consultant that eventually told me that this could not be 

accomplished until boarding. I would think in today’s high tech world you 

would be able to schedule this in advance or at least put a disclaimer in 

the package saying that the dinner cannot be pre-scheduled and must be 

done once on board. 


I have cruised before in lessor staterooms and have had much better service.



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Norwegian Gem

September 2013 - 7 Night Eastern Canada & New England (New York roundtrip) Cruise on Norwegian Gem

Norwegian Gem

December 2011 - 7 Night Bahamas & Florida (New York Roundtrip) Cruise on Norwegian Gem

EnigmaPDX's Tips

MSC Divina MSC Divina - If you want to swim in the pools, go when they first open. less change of contamination and will not be crowded.
Celebrity Summit Celebrity Summit - Do not pay extra for "Luxury" if you can get there another way. Nothing was luxurious about Celebrity.

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received a helpful vote on their Carnival Splendor cruise review - Carnival "Blunder"

received a helpful vote on their Carnival Splendor cruise review - Carnival "Blunder"

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received a helpful vote on their Celebrity Summit cruise review - The Good, The Bad & The Ugly!

received a helpful vote on their Celebrity Summit cruise review - The Good, The Bad & The Ugly!

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