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Carnival Sensation

Carnival Sensation

Sail Date: April 29, 2017


There were more things that were wrong than right or a mere okay. Alchemy area and the fitness center were the cleanest areas throughout the entire vessel. Majority of the crew were quite pleasant, others should find another career path, where their detached demeanor is solicited. The ship needs a complete overall or should just be docked forever. The voyage was rather unpleasant and unexciting at best. The overwhelming consensus onboard was extreme dissatisfaction.  The stench of vomit, death, sewer, and porta-potty trails were suffocating. The bathing water and drinking water has to be unsafe, certainly for human consumption. The drinking water was clearly than the shower water however the taste was toxic. The bathing water started out rust brown. The linen was overused, stained and should be burned. The sauna was inoperable, the flusher in the stateroom stopped working, the closet door where the life vests are stored as well as our luggage, got jammed and would not open. The food was hit or miss. The exterior was gross and significantly corroded. The liner missed a port forcing the ship to navigate the water aimlessly for additional days. The acknowledgement and reimbursement was a disingenuous sorry but suck it up folks, it happens.


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Carnival Sensation

Carnival Sensation


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