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July 2014 - MSC Divina to South America

Never again

We were on a cruise with MSC for 20 days. 

The food in the buffet restaurant were the same for 20 days. The first 3-4 days it was OK, but when you eat the same food for 20 days you get pretty bored of it eventually. The staff could have been more friendly. Especially the staff in the reception. I've never been so badly treated before! Ignorant and very unpleasant! When you had a question about something there were always one certain lady that dismissed you and was rude to you!

It felt like the cruise wasnt suited for english talking guest, only for italian and portuguese people. Almost everything was either in italian or in portuguese. 

According to the rules of the ship no one could leave their sunbeds unattended with their clothes/towels on them for more than 30 minutes, in that case the staff would take the towels away. This never happened. So if you ever wanted to have a sunbed or sit on the chairs on deck just to relax, you could either go up really early, before everyone else or wait until the evening when everyone else was off to the gala dinners etc to even get a chance. 


Some of the excursions were a disappointment, while others were pretty okay!  Our excursion was cancelled in Salvador, due to late arrival. So we booked a new one, but later found out that even this one were cancelled! So we booked a new one again, the history of Salvador, and this was both a waste of time and money! Our "english" talking guide couldnt speak english. And all we did for 4-5 hours were visiting a church and then go around for shopping the rest of the time.  Since this excursion was cheaper than the one we had booked in the first place and since the excursion in Miami also got cancelled, they said at the excursion office that we would get the money back the last day of the cruise. This suddenly changed the same day we were going to disembark the ship. They then told us that we had to contact our MSC office back home to get the money back.  And we have, several times and havent got our money back yet.

Although that we are pretty dissapointed with MSC, we are still happy we had the chance to experience all the great places in Brazil and the Caribbean.

But unfortunately we won't choose MSC ever again.  Next time we choose to go on a cruise, Royal Caribbean would probably be more suitable!


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received a helpful vote on their MSC Divina cruise review - Never again

received a helpful vote on their MSC Divina cruise review - Never again

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