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June 2016 - Pride of America to Hawaii

Do not waste your money on this cruise!

I have been on a lot of cruises, royal Caribbean, princess, etc.

First off they need to rename this ship because to call it the pride of america is embarrassing to Americans. The customer service is flat out bad, the people at the customer service desk are rude and it is obvious they could care less about you. We are on this ship from Florida and are celebrating our honeymoon and my wife's birthday. I did request a honeymoon package and a birthday package we didn't get either. This is or second to last day on the ship and we went to customer service to ask about it... there answer was that they had to email "corporate" to see what they can do. Seriously, we get off the ship in less than two days.

Now all ships are a bit pricey on drinks but this ship takes it to a whole new level. They have very cheap alcohol and wine and price gouge the hell out of you. It will cost you about $15 for a glass of crappy wine (which the whole bottle in the supermarket costs less than $6). The big "deal" is a bucket of beer (6, 12oz bottles for $43 dollars... which is the cheapest beer).

The food in the buffet is fine, typical cruise food. The extra restaurants are no bargain at all. One of them cost $25 extra per person, then on top of that once you get into the restaurant, the menu is not free. Ranging anywhere from $5 to $25 for your meal! Ridiculous, really it is.

The ship it self is very small, and if you get sea sick this is not the ship for you. Even sitting in port the shipping is swaying back and forth. The waters around Hawaii are quite a bit rougher in general then other places and this ship is really terrible to be on when it is moving.

There is also very little to do on this ship, a few bars, 3 stores, a tiny library, but that's about it. No casino or anything like that on the ship fyi. There is a theater with a few terrible shows but it is right in the front of the boat so with the boat moving it is very uncomfortable to even sit in that room.

The rooms are really small, we got a balcony and pick the biggest of the balcony rooms. Compared to other ships this is the smallest room I have ever had. Considering they charge $6500 plus for this room the next step up would have $12k.

The pool area is okay, however the 6 hot tubs are not hot. They range from cold to warm at best. We asked if they could make the hot tubs hot? They said no that they were not allowed... what?... so you call them hot tubs but can only have cold water in them? Again, the customer service is really terrible on this ship.

The overall value for this cruise is terrible. Very expensive, terrible customer service, tiny rooms, very small ship, nothing to do on the ship. Save your money and go directly to Hawaii and stay in a few different hotels. You will have a much better Hawaiian experience.

This is my first Norwegian Cruise and me and my wife both agree we will never cruise with this cruise line again. There are so, so, so many other much better options out there to cruise with, especially for the premium they charge on the ship.

Also, room attendant doesn't clean much. We made coffee one day and the coffee pot sat for the rest of the trip with old coffee in the bottom of it. The glasses where not replaced, a new paper cap was just put on the top (with the old water in the bottom of the glass... it was gross) we had wine glasses on the balcony that were never removed (they were empty and ended up falling off the table and breaking... so now there was broken glass all over the floor..never cleaned), we had a empty bucket on the balcony that the beers came in, it just sat out there the whole trip empty. I will say, I do believe we got new towels for showers, so that's a plus...

I can go on and on about this ship, please catch my drift and save your money and time and don't make the same mistake we did. We did meet a lot of other people on this ship and the topic of conversation with them was always about how bad this ship was. Everybody was having the same experience we did, we talked to one couple that ordered flowers and a card for her mothers anniversary and cakes for all the rooms for her family on the trip. The flowers came with no card and the cakes never showed up. Other couple order the honeymoon package like we did that never showed up, and customer service was so rude to them when they asked about it. It was the same story with everybody. They just don't care about you on this ship, and when you ask for something you are truly an inconvenience to the staff on the ship.

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Pride of America Pride of America - Yes, do not go on this cruise thinking it is a quality cruise. It a floating, crappy hotel and everybody is sea sick.

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