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Retired Love cruising, been on most of the major cruise lines. Total cruses to date 48. Plan on taking 2 to 3 cruises each year for at least next 10 years. We love to dance so good music onboard can really help make a cruise for us. I'm an applications developer and still do some consulting work. Check out some of our dance moves at http://wwww.dirtydancing.us . Wow there are two cruise ship I've been on that aren't even listed - the SS Britanis and the SS Galileo both were out of NY too. Sign of my age I guess.



Ddancers's Past Cruises

Anthem of the Seas

September 2016 - 9 Night Canada & New England (Cape Liberty Roundtrip) Cruise on Anthem of the Seas

Overall we had a Nice Cruise Rating 3.79 rounded Up to 4

Overall we had a Nice Cruise on the Anthem of the Seas. However like most cruises there’s room for improvement. I’ll break my experience/opinions down in categories with separate rating and a 10 average rating will equal 5 Stars for that category and 1 to 2 as a 1 Star and so forth.

Cabin & Cabin Service Rating - 10

The cabin we stay in had plenty of room and storage. The Air condition control work very well making the temp very comfortable. The bathroom was a good size and the shower was larger than most with a closing glass door, very good water flow and temp control. The glass door closed allowed taking a shower without any mirror frog up, or temperature increase to the bathroom, making it comfortable for the next person to shower. (Excellent design).

The Cabin Steward (Rog) was very friendly and did an Excellent job of keeping things clean and was always very timely. Also prompt to replace any shortages towels, paper, etc.

Activity - 8

Many activity. I will not list them all, but do consider Wi-Fi as an activity which had excellent speed (Likely the Best and equal to Quantum) and reasonability priced with competition. Personally I think Wi-Fi should be free to everyone on a cruise. 

Only negative for us was bumper car line control. Even though they tried to control waiting lines, people were saving spaces, and jumping long lines. A simple solution would be the issuing rotating tickets to individuals as they enter the line, and requiring returning issued ticket to board ride. Such a system would prevent rude behavior of line jumpers. No one likes to wait 30 minutes while watching such behavior. I personally found this so upsetting I must subtract 2 points.

Shows – 6

Shows Good, but not exceptional.

After being on over 40 cruises, I felt for a ship this size shows should have been better. Theater show was good but others not nearly the level of other ships in this size range. The Allure, Oasis, and many NCL ships surpassed the shows of the Anthem. In fact we felt the shows on the sister Quantum Ship were better.     

Other entertainment (Bands, Piano Player) - 9

Rock the Boat band was excellent but feel they should have played some slow songs too. On this cruise week the average age was 64 plus, and I was one of those baby boomers.

Restaurants – Complimentary – 5

I actually resent the word complimentary in this case. Let’s face it I paid for the cruise, and I expect the food to be Excellent on board and I expect there to be a good variety of choices. I don’t expect to have to pay extra to get excellent food. Hate to say this but all cruise lines that have specialty restaurants have progressively degraded the quality of food in non-specialty restaurants. That is to say the quality of food isn’t what it used to be. On top of that all the restaurants (3) basically had the same menu and changed very little during this 9 day cruise.

Specialty Restaurants - 6

Of the 3 we tried in two the food and service was very good (Jamie’s we felt was not).  In addition even though they were very good they weren’t as good as some of our local restaurants, yet you were charged the same amount as if you went out to a local restaurants for dinner. Our opinion additional charge needs to be lower of quality of food elevated to exceptional.  


Destinations and Excursions - 9

The destination were as expected, we’ve done many New England Cruises so we did not go on many provided tours. However if these are new destination for you it should be easy to fine a tour you will like. Good be a little better assistance once your outside waiting for tour, but no major complaints.


Embarkation and Disembarkation – Very Good (8)


I feel this category is important, but because of outside factures don’t feel it should be factor in as rating, if you feel differently I would then say 4 Stars here great job boarding, and good job disembarkation. Better in this area than 90% of other cruises we’ve taken.



Totals (10 – 8 - 6 – 9 – 5 – 6 - 9) = 53 / 7 = 7.57 / 2 – Equals 3.79 Stars

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Norwegian Breakaway

April 2016 - 7 Night Bahamas & Florida (New York Roundtrip) Cruise on Norwegian Breakaway

Considerimg Weather we had an Very Good Cruise

First let me start by saying we spoiled ourselves this time by going Haven Style.

It proved to be a very good time to go Haven, due to the weather which was colder than usual, and very windy. In fact, we were unable as were previous Breakaway date cruises to tender to their private island due to high winds. The cold and wind made standard poolside lounging less then pleasant some days, and we were very fortunate to be Haven guests because the private pool, and lounge chairs were shielded from the weather with an overhead canopy.

Our Haven accommodations, and service was Exceptional in all areas Food Servers and especially the room accommodations. Certainly a cut or two above standard and the food in many cases even exceeded the Specialty Dining. We absolutely loved it. So why only 4 Stars.

Here’s some of our reasons and to be honest if not for the Haven I would have rated 3 Stars, but the Haven accommodations pushed me to 4. I’ll list the minus as to their importance to us.


-.1 Pictures of Haven areas make them look bigger than they actually are. However our room was just as big as pictures  and I loved the shower– our room 11106


-.2 Wi-Fi quality still the same borderline fair at best


-.5 Service in several Specialty Dining rooms was slow, food was not served hot. This was our second time on ship and food was a bit under par from previous experience. Servers were very pleasant, just seemed to be undermanned which could also account for why food was warm, but not hot.

-.6 Not enough music entertainment, and where there was music it was short lived and setup without space to dance. I’m referring to 10 PM or earlier, we’re an older couple and aren’t willing to have to wait until 10:30 or later to get started, but we love to dance.

-.3 Three years ago we sailed the Breakaway and everything basically now was the same or less as far as activities. Also prices of drinks increased about 20%, and room service now comes with a $8 charge. If anything the only thing that got better was the individuals who served us, all were very delightful.


So that would be - 1.7 or short of 3.5 Stars


Why did I rate 4 Stars instead of 3 Stars, simply because the Haven Service, Dining, and rooms were Fantastic!


Had we went any other way than Haven, 3 Stars would be the best I could have done and the negatives I pointed out would have been elevated.

This was our second sailing on the Breakaway, however I would not recommend sailing her twice unless your second voyage was Haven Class.

Unfortunately, it seems like every cruise line is cutting back and charging more for what was once standard quality.

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Carnival Breeze

August 2015 - 8 Night Southern Caribbean (Miami Roundtrip) Cruise on Carnival Breeze

Good Cruise But Would be Easily Made Better

Our personal rating Based on over 40 past cruises.

Every Cruise will be rated differently based on likes and dislikes, who your waiter or room steward was etc. Cruise Lines all have an object to try to insure that everyone has a Great experience. So if you see negative reviews that you disagree with take it with a grain of salt, because in the long run everyone will benefit if the cruise line makes an effort to address any reported issues. By doing so the overall rating and individuals experiences will improve.


1) Cabin/Stateroom From (1- 10) = 2

When we got to the stateroom my wife immediately was upset due the layer of dust on everything. She proceeded to start dusting with one of the towels, and it was obviously very dusty.  Later when  we were going to turn in for the night she noticed the bed sheets were not changed from the last guests use. This was obvious due to some human hairs on sheet and the lack of having a clean feel. I preferred to sleep on  the balcony that night. It's likely the cabin may not have been use the previous cruise and service was bypass for this stateroom. Stateroom was a reasonable size ,but lacking  in some areas like  no shower door, and the air conditioning  system worked poorly. Woke up nights due to room being  too warm.  

2) Room Steward From (1- 10) = 8

We asked the steward  to change the sheet the next day and he did. . We ran low on soap, but that was replenished on request. In general the steward did a Very Good job.

3) Ship Quality (1- 10) = 6

Overall the ship was clean and even though waves were higher than normal the ship handled it well. Has a good number of venues,  but not in use as often as in the past Carnival cruises.  The Wifi service was poor at all three offered  cost levels and often disconnected. Room movie prices were very reasonable.  Ship did not have the same Wow factor that other ships the same age or older have. As mentioned by others, at times there were foul odors in halls due to plumbing  issues.

4) Embarkation/Disembarkation (1- 10) = 5

Embarkation was a bit slow going from one line to another, and we heard a lot of other complains, but we've seen worst. Disembarkation was lacking in some areas. Example when purchasing a luggage to airport transfer package you were not informed that you needed to purchase  separate bus tickets for yourself. Also control of different time groups was not maintained. However again we've had some worst experiences.

5) Destinations and Excursions (1- 10) = 9

We only book two , but were very pleased with both, however we recommend you do your homework and check reviews on any you plan to take.

6) Service and Staff (1- 10) = 6

The lines for service desk were always very long. Personnel however were always pleasant and tried to be helpful, but did in many cases have a language barrier. Lower rating is mostly based on under staffed help desk and language barrier.

7) Entertainment (Show) (1- 10) = 6

The type of show offered were not high end, but in line with Carnival Offerings. Due to this we did not attend any, but in fairness to expectations gave then an inline comparison rating.

8) Venue Entertainment (Solo Bands) (1- 10) = 8

Some not as good as others, but in general Very Good. Special recognition to Run For Cover w/Sarah we would rate this group as a 10 for Quality of Group and interaction by Sarah with the audience.

9) Food and Dining  (1- 10) = 7

Food better than average taste and quality, however lack of variety and  not often served Hot.

10) Specialty Restaurants (1- 10) = 10

We dined at two Fahrengeit 555 Steakhouse  And  Cucina Del Capitano, both were Excellent in Quality and Service and we feel Fahrengeit 555 is a must do.

Totals - 2 + 8 + 6 + 5 + 9 + 6 + 6 + 8 + 7 + 10 = 67  out of  100 or 3.4 Stars = rounded down due to 5 star limits to 3 Stars


We had an enjoyable cruise, would we sail the Breeze Again?  - Only if offered at a great bargain price.

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Celebrity Summit

July 2015 - 7 Night Bermuda (Cape Liberty Roundtrip) Cruise on Celebrity Summit

Good Cruise but could be Better with little effort.

I'll start by saying this is an old ship and in some areas show it's age. 

The Good - Food was Very good even the everyday alternative was very good. The service was very good and he drink package was Excellent. Ship was very clean and the buffet had a lot of choices to choose from. The room steward did an Excellent job cleaning the room leaving treats and making those towel animals we all love to see. The shows I saw were above average for a ship this size and age.

The not so good.

Second day  a power strip was taken from our room without notice that it was in violation. We let them keep it not worth standing in line at debarking. First day dining waiting time was excessive over 20 minutes. A ship this old should totally have it's act together by now. The waiting time the after first day was long, but reasonable. (This is with a reservation I'm talking about even day 1).

The bands/music offered at night are below average in my opinion. We like to dance to just about anything, however entertainment seamed to be always playing thing with their own personal twist which was fair at best. I like to Karaoke, but they turned it into competition. Most people including myself are fair at best not professional singers. I know there are people with great voices, but Karaoke was intended for everyone to have fun not just the elite voices, and competing isn't the way to involve everyone. Maybe this is just my opinion anyway no Karaoke for me.

The summit offers several dinning experiences and areas for the AquaClass only, and in most cases that might be ok. However on a ship this old and small by today's standards it's just not acceptable. The lack of variety for a average or balcony cruisers is sub par and in my opinion the Summits biggest downfall.

I've been on over 40 cruises and cruised some ships as many as three times, however it would have to be a super great deal to repeat the Summit because I'd likely be bored the second time.

Was it a good Cruise Yes and I gave it four stars instead of 3, but would have rated it 3.5 if I could have.

Drink Eat and be merry - then relax on the Summit, but you won't be Wowed.



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Quantum of the Seas

March 2015 - 8 Night Eastern Caribbean (Cape Liberty Roundtrip) Cruise on Quantum of the Seas

Stretching it a bit to give it 4 Stars

This should be a 5 Star Ship rating, but sadly I'm stretching it a bit to give it 4 Stars.

Ship is Beautiful - room and bathroom fantastic - love the shower. The Storage great -whoever designed this layout did a remarkable job. Super high tech, Great!!! wi-fi , North Star Fantastic, Bumper Cars Super fun, bad weather on the last day when I had scheduled IFly so wasn't able to test, but look like lots of fun.

Very Good music and Show second to none. I like Karaoke but opportunity to partake seam limited.

Still lots of new things to experience and of course not everything is suited for everyone, but there's a lot that everyone can find that is suited for them

So Why 4 Stars (Actually 3.5 Stars if it was available) instead of 5 Stars

Many Exceptional Feature "EXCEPT"

I could good on and on about some great things but this one EXCEPT area has a negative effect on everything else, and this is not the only review that will point it out. So Please RCCL listen because it's a fantastic ship and it's a shame to see it drag down so much by this "EXCEPT"

I've been on 40 cruises and let's face it Dining is important ( Hey I'm Cruising) and cruising means eating and eating great food with great service is required to make a cruise Great and earn a rating of 5 Stars.

On the Quantum you're forced to book all restaurant dinners as soon as possible and if you don't you're very likely not going to be able to eat at that restaurant and even less likely to eat at that restaurant at the time you would like. We tried online booking weeks before the cruise only to be informed that most weren't available and let's face it most people won't realize they must book that early. So when we first boarded the ship we rushed to try and make reservations again. We spent an hour making reservations and were unable to reserve everything we wanted, and even less able at the time we really wanted.

Because of this dilemma we soon found when looking at the daily planner that our dining reservations overlapped every night activities that we would have loved to attend. If we cancelled our dinner reservation to attend we'd be unable to reschedule. The dining booking setup truly hampered our enjoyment.

I truly believe the ship is understaffed and even had to go to bar often to get a drink.

Waiters mixed orders in some area and forgot what you asked for at some venues. In most cases the waiters were obviously hard working just under staffed. In one restaurant after approaching the manager/host/receptionist we waited as he went off to clear several tables. The dining concept I feel is good, but I also feel lacks the necessary capacity required to make it problem free. This ship has all the makings to be five Star, but sadly until they work out the dining problems which can disrupt the entire day schedule they well never average 4.5 or 5 Star rating. In fact it's unlikely they will average 4 Stars.

Most of the dining staff is very good, but due to the lack of staff it averages fair. The Quality of food overall we found to be Good but not Great, however the Wonderland Restaurant is exceptional in taste and service. A must on everyone's to do list.

So overall we had a good cruise, but the listen here I believe is when a ship is this New and this different give them a minimum of two years to get it together.

So my advice book your restaurant early online - book Wonderland - EXCEPTIONAL!  - and be prepared to be somewhat disappointed with other dining on the sister ships. I say sister ships because the Quantum is currently getting some modifications for its near future China Cruises so it likely you won't sail her in the near future, but rather one of the twin sisters.

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Carnival Glory

July 2013 - 7 Night Canada/New England (Boston roundtrip) Cruise on Carnival Glory

Norwegian Gem

March 2012 - 7 Night Bahamas & Florida (New York roundtrip) Cruise on Norwegian Gem

Allure of the Seas

September 2011 - 7 Night Eastern Caribbean (Ft. Lauderdale roundtrip) Cruise on Allure of the Seas

Carnival Glory

June 2011 - 4 Night Canada/New England (New York roundtrip) Cruise on Carnival Glory

Norwegian Epic

July 2010 - 7 Night Eastern Caribbean (Miami roundtrip) Cruise on Norwegian Epic

Norwegian Gem

April 2008 - 7 Night Bahamas & Florida (New York Roundtrip) Cruise on Norwegian Gem

Explorer of the Seas

September 2006 - 5 Night Bermuda (Cape Liberty roundtrip) Cruise on Explorer of the Seas

Golden Princess

August 2004 - 7 Night Southern Caribbean Explorer (San Juan roundtrip) Cruise on Golden Princess

Ddancers's Tips

Harmony of the Seas Harmony of the Seas - Recommend purchasing the dining package. Yes it true exception cruise food used to be free, but that's a thing of the past. Don't miss out on some exception dining.
Boston, Massachusetts - Been there many times so we did not find anything new to do and weather was bad. However in past we found certain excursions very enjoyable.
Portland, Maine - Been there many times so we did not find anything new to do and weather was bad. However in past we found certain excursions very enjoyable.
Halifax, Nova Scotia - Been there many times so we did not find anything new to do and weather was bad. However in past we found certain excursions very enjoyable.
Saint John, New Brunswick - Been there many times so we did not find anything new to do and weather was bad. However in past we found certain excursions very enjoyable.
Carnival Sunshine Carnival Sunshine - Remember this is an older ship so relax and enjoy what it has to offer and avoid high expectations.
Norwegian Breakaway Norwegian Breakaway - Book all dining & shows early. Go later in year late April earliest if you like to soak up the sun.
Carnival Breeze Carnival Breeze - Excursions recommend you do your homework and check reviews on any you plan to take.
San Juan, Puerto Rico - I have impaired walking ability so hard to fairly rate. What I saw was Very nice - and Enjoy also Senor Frog
Quantum of the Seas Quantum of the Seas - Book restaurant early online- book Wonderland - EXCEPTIONAL! - be prepared to be somewhat disappointed with other dining on sister ships. I say sister because the Quantum currently getting some modifications for near future China Cruises so it likely you won't sail her in but one of her sisters.

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