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October 2016 - Riviera to Europe - Mediterranean

Excellent Time

We had a great time on the ship, for the time that we spent on it.  We took excursions every day so most of our time was spent sleeping, eating, and walking off the ship. 


Excursions: We enjoyed all the excursions, we had large groups and small groups.  The small groups were worth the cash paid.  The organization of the process for exiting the ship was well organized and simple to follow.  One day my partner forgot his keycard and this is needed to exit the boat, the staff told us to go to reception, right there, and get a new card, instead of running to the room.  The guides on the buses were well versed and literally kept talking during most of the entire trip to inform us of information.  And the drivers, I am quite impressed of their ability to transit the streets and mountains.  When we return


Cabin (282' sq): The cabin was clean and tidy when we arrived, ready and setup for us.  Anastasia was our caretaker.  She and the team had everything clean and kept us well informed of the next days activities, along with some headlines around the world, you could even get full printed newspapers for a price.  The closets fit our luggage perfectly, two large 28" hard sided bags and two 22" carry on bags, there was ample space to unpack and store the bags.  The bed, I thought the bed was wonderful and the pillows were actually great for me.  I do not exercise much and we ended up walking on average 7mi a day, and every morning, I woke up renewed.


Eating: We ate breakfast and dinner everyday.  The buffet, and sitting outside while the sun rose was nice, the buffet was busy with the norms, and a special or two to be made to order.  We did end up the last 3 days to just eat at the grill, omelets and eggs made to order, with a few side to choose from.  One thing I would say is, for a Grecian Delight cruise, pick up some yummy fresh Greek yogurt instead of individual containers. Dinners were also exceptional.  I misread the website, and only reserved 1 single specialty restaurant.  We were able to get 2 of the remaining restaurants reserved, but missed Jacques.  Our 1st night was with Toscana, and the meat was great, they even had like 8-9 olives oil to pick from.  Polo, this was average, I should have gotten the Prime Rib, but my filet was just average.  We shared a table, and meeting the other people was fun.  But, Red Ginger was our favorite, delicious food, again we shared a table and the 2 people at our table we kept running into in various locations and shops.  The other nights we went to the Grand dinning room and had great 5 course meals.  On average we ended up spending 1.5-2 hours eating each night, if I would have made reservations I would have probably set them to 8pm, so we would have just finished eating at 10pm, when we needed to get up at 6am for out next excursion, it ended up better to go quite early.


You know, we really did not do that much else on the ship.  I need to learn to play bridge, as my partner plays and that would have been something to do on our early days back to the ship.


One last thing, this was my 1st cruise ever, so I really cannot compare to anything.  But time and time again from people who have cruised many times in the past, they kept telling me that I am getting spoiled with this cruise.  I was happy to be spoiled. 

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