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Carnival Ecstasy

April 2016 - 5 Night Bahamas (Charleston Roundtrip) Cruise on Carnival Ecstasy

Cruise outta Charleston

We decided to cruise out of Charleston despite the additional expense, older boat and the limited offerings. I am glad we did. The cruise was wonderful. I also have a gluten allergy and I was pleasantly surprised at how it was handled with each meal pre-ordered. They had a good offering and even gluten-free pizza. Also, a huge shout out to VERA the bartender in the punch liner comedy club. She was awesome the one time we approached her. She was patient and accommodating and even made a great suggestion! Fantastic service. Also, Arvin Mitchell the comedian was crazy! He was edgy and funny. Not for everyone, but had me rolling at times. Eden is great too and has a huge following I am sure. Getting off the ship self-carry was easy. Getting on the ship took 2 hours. UGH! You'd think because of the port construction, but getting passengers off the shuttle and checking them in was the major hold up not the parking and loading shuttles. Please do something to improve this!  


More suggested improvements:

- The AV booth really needs to get headsets or be enclosed. They need to find a way to communicate without shouting at each other which is seriously distracting during the show. Not only are you having to sit in the rafters you have to listen to them shouting at one another and it completely ruins the performance. I approached the booth at the end of the show to inform them of the problem and the young man said that is just the way it is. I said maybe get headsets. He said they have them and they are just doing their jobs. Now, being that you are an AV technology person - don't you think you can figure out SOMETHING to resolve this issue. Someone in the world has, because you don't go to broadway shows and have this problem - heck my church doesn't even have this problem. 


Second, my time dining. We would get there as soon as it opened at 5:45 and most of the time would still miss the 7:30 shows. This is a schedule issue for sure. 


Serenity area needs an face lift. We didn't get to sit here because it was packed, but once. And the mats were nasty. 


BTW, despite all of this it would still be worth it just for a few hours on Half Moon Cay. The most glorious place on my planet so far. Fun times and memories made on my carnival cruise for sure!

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Carnival Ecstasy

Carnival Ecstasy

We had a much better cruise when we stayed on deck 7 and not on lower decks. You spend far less time running around and it is easy to get back to your room. Worth the upgrade.

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