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Anthem of the Seas

December 2016 - 7 Night Bahamas (Cape Liberty Roundtrip) Cruise on Anthem of the Seas

We loved it the first time and came back for more

Half Bathroom #2 Sirloin from Chops Grille Junior Family Mini Suite Junior Family Mini Suite Sides from Chops Grille

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We were on the Anthem of the Seas in 3/2016 and we loved it so much that we returned on 12/2016. My previous review sums up our experiences on this cruise but there are some new highlights.


Stayed in Junior Family Mini Suite – The room is larger and has two bathrooms (one full and the other half without shower). Overall, the room was great.  We also had a wonderful room attendant, Carole Riley. She was very attentive to our needs.


Costal Kitchen – Staying in the Junior Family Suite allowed us access to the restaurant but only for dinner. It is located on deck 14th, right outside of the Windjammer café.  The night we visited, they were serving lobster and it was delicious! It was one of the better meals I had on the ship.


Windjammer – Typical buffet style food.  On certain days (you have to find it), the food options were great. I love when they make fresh donuts. On my 03/2016, they had them on Day 1 and on my 12/2016 cruise, they had it on the last night. It is a must try. 


Wonderland  - The food was unexpectedly good.  We were a party of six and they served almost everything on the menu for us to try. It was fun on the first try but nothing served that wants me to come back again. For example, Oasis and Allure of the Seas both have the best Lasagna served by Giovanni's Table.  Every time I cruise on either ship, I must eat at Giovanni's Table.


Chops Grill – The food option seems limited to the filet and strip. Both come in different sizes. But on Norwegian, there were more options of cuts. I was spoiled by this and can’t find anything positive about the menu. The food and service are good but it is not something I must have.


Self-served Ice Cream - I love this feature and it is near the outdoor pool bar. A must try option at least once, if you like soft ice cream.


Parking - We drove to the port and the parking structure is next to the terminal. Drop off the bags and passengers at the terminal first, then go park the car. The cost for 7 days is $140.00 and you pay upon your return.  On the return, we got off the ship around 8am and the lot was already a quarter empty, there was no hassle to get to the car. Have the family wait on level 1 and drive down to pick them and the bags up. Left the lot in 10 minutes. 


Overall, we had a great time on the cruise and would definitely sail again with Royal Caribbean.


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Norwegian Getaway

July 2016 - 7 Night Western Caribbean (Miami Roundtrip) Cruise on Norwegian Getaway

Our experience in The Haven H3 Suite, Goff's Caye, Westbay Beach, & Costa Maya Chan Beach Resort

Courtyard Living room Signage 2nd bedroom in the suite Living room with the sofa bed opened

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This is a second time on the NCL Getaway with a Western Caribbean itinerary.  There were two sea days four port stops.  The ports were Roatan Honduras, Belize City Belize, Cozumel Mexico, and Costa Maya Mexico.



We flew into Ft. Lauderdale airport and rented a car from Hertz at the airport with a drop off at Hertz downtown Miami.  Hertz has a free shuttle to drop passengers off at the cruise port.  The shuttle process was seamless and we were at the port within 15 minutes.


On this cruise, we stayed at the Haven CAT H3 two bed room suite.  NCL has two check-in areas for Haven guests in Terminal B or C.  Check your boarding papers for location (Honestly, I don’t think NCL will care if you go into the wrong terminal). The Haven check-in is different than the general check-in area.   Keep an eye out for the Haven sign.  NCL allowed the Haven guests to board first before the rest of the guests.  Once we boarded, we were guided to an elevator that took us directly to deck 16.  We were asked to sit in the Haven Lounge while John the concierge provided details about the amenities and rules of the Haven. 


We are not allowed to bring guests into the Haven public space such as the courtyard, the pool, and the sundeck.  We are allowed to bring guests to our rooms and invite then to the Haven restaurant.  There is a fee for the guests to eat in the restaurant but they can be denied entry if the restaurant is busy.

Our CAT H3 room 15116 fits 4-6 guests.  There are two rooms in the suite with two full bathrooms. The small room is a bunk bed that sleeps 2, the living room has a sofa bed that can sleep 2, and the master bedroom sleeps 2.  Each room has its own temperature control system which is great.  When we were staying in a Balcony room, there was only one temperature control and we were all fighting because it was too cold or too hot.  The two bathrooms also makes it easier to get everyone ready.  The living room is large and makes it easy to invite friends to lounge.  There are three tvs in each room and all movies are complimentary.   The room also assigns a butler. They bring food/fruit/snacks in the afternoon.


IMO, the Haven suite was worth the extra ($$$$) money as it was truly a place where we can relax and not feel rushed to stake out beach chairs, depart the ship, and etc.  I would do it again if I can afford it the next time.   Keep in mind that the gratuities can be double as the butler and the concierge are not included in the daily gratuity fee.


Excursions/Port Stops

Our first stop was at Roatan Honduras.  We took a guided tour of the island with a prearranged tour group. It was about $25 per person and the tour took us to the Paradise Beach at Westbay  This is a resort beach and the entry fee includes the use of their beach chairs, fresh water pool, and facilities.  The Bananarama Beach and Drive Resort is next door and there is no pool.  I would recommend Paradise Beach.  On the beach, there are water activities that you can rent (jet skis, parasailing, and etc.) 


Our second stop was at Belize City, Belize.  We went to Goff’s Caye which is a small island about 30 minutes away from the cruise ship port.  The tour included a guided snorkel tour.  Did I say the island was small? Check out the video -


Our third stop was at Cozumel Mexico.  We have been here almost 10 times so we just visited the Starbucks at 


Our fourth stop was at Costa Maya Mexico.  We went to an all-inclusive day resort named Maya Chan Beach.  The resort included beach chairs, food, and drinks.  It included kayaks and paddle board.  The staff was very attentive and were always asking us if we wanted drinks.  They served soft tacos with chicken, beef, pork and fish. It was delicious! I would highly recommend this place if you want to get away from everyone.


Overall, we had a great experience on the Getaway. The crew was great and there was nothing to complain about.  Our cruise was the last one prior to Getaway making her way down to the Brazil for the Rio Olympics.  The crew was very excited about the trip down to Rio.

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Anthem of the Seas

March 2016 - 8 Night Bahamas (Cape Liberty Roundtrip) Cruise on Anthem of the Seas

First time on the Anthem of the Seas

Facing the balcony Single sink and shower bathroom From the balcony view into the room

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Anthem of the Seas – Feels good to be back with Royal Caribbean. As a Royal Caribbean’s CA - Diamond member and the competitor’s Latitudes - Platinum member, my comments are solely based on my experiences from the past sailings.


Registration – The ability to upload your own pictures and input your credit card info for onboard expenses in advance is great.  I have not seen this process on past RCL and the competitor’s sailings. 


Drop off – For some reason, it was a painful experience to be dropped off at the port. There are two lanes leading to pier but it took about 20-30 minutes sitting in traffic to get to the pier.  If I was in a taxi with a meter running, it can lead to a bigger bill.  There are also two lanes on Pier 88 in Manhattan as the drop off process was very easy and efficient than at Cape Liberty.


Check-in – Dropping off the bags with the porter at the pier was very easy. They issue a bar code receipt that you can use to track your bags.  Similar technology used by the airlines. BTW – My bags were delivered before I arrived to the cabin.  Upon entering, the terminal, you have to go through a formal check-in even if you had done advanced check-in online.  RCL need to better explain the process (I may have missed it) for guests going into the terminal. We were told that I needed to stand “over there” but over there was just a bunch of people standing around. It was a little chaotic and it seemed disorganized. But once we found a RCL staff, he scanned our boarding passes and confirmed that everything was in order. Going through the X-Ray and boarding the ship took about 15 minutes after that.


Cruise Food – The food was fine at the Windjammer but the food served at the free dinning venues left a lot to be desired.  Chicken Marsala at Chic, was too salty and too much dark brown gravy.  I had the American Icon Grill’s specialty, the hamburger (medium), it came out dry. At Silk, for appetizer, I had the salmon sashimi. It was served without wasabi and soy sauce.  But I had the duck and it was good.  Café @270 has one of my favorite sandwiches, the beef on salted bread. It was delicious!  Solarium Bistro was one of the only free dinning venues where the meals were great. I would highly recommend it for everyone.  I had also dined at Jamie Oliver, the food was good as expected from specialty restaurants.


Crew  - The crew was great and very friendly. The stand-out was with Raja Senthurpandi (waiter) and the team at the Solarium Bistro were very attentive.   


Décor – The overall décor on the ship is a modern and minimize design. All of the admin stations: Loyalty desk, NextCruise, photo studio, and Excursions desk have tablets in which the guests can use.  The 270 is a beautiful place to sit and relax. The free dinning venues all have its unique theme.  The decorations all meet its primary theme such as Silk is an Asian restaurant and it contained Asian décor. The Chic is an American cuisine with a white layout and chairs with beads.


Shows – We saw “We Will Rock You” and “Spectra’s Cabaret.  Both were good shows. We missed the “Gift” and will be planning to see it when we return to the Anthem.


Sportsplex – The complex is indoors and it allows activities such as bumper cars, roller skating, trapeze, basketball, dodge ball, and etc. to be enjoyed without fear of weather. On the second deck of the Sportsplex is ping pong tables, an XBOX room and fuss ball tables.


Elevators - Special mention on elevators as it was double the size of a typical one found on cruise ships. Love it!


Pools – There is an indoor and outdoor pools. The indoor pool and pool in the Solarium (Adults only) are perfect for the winter weathers.


Additional Activities -  Wall climbing with auto belay machines and RCL provides climbing shoes. Ripcord by iFly is flying without a parachute. A large wind tunnels keeps you aloft in an enclosure. RCL provides jump suit, helmet and goggles. Flowrider, a signature ride on RCL for at least ten years is a wave ride with water boards. There is only one on Anthem. North Star, is an observatory that brings the guests 300 feet into the sky. All of the activities were great and are free. Make sure you make reservations in advance.


Departure – It was easy and we were the fifth group to depart the ship. No issues.


Overall, we had a great time on the ship and are planning to return again.


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Enchantment of the Seas

August 2007 - 5 Night Western Caribbean (Ft. Lauderdale roundtrip) Cruise on Enchantment of the Seas

Navigator of the Seas

September 2006 - 7 Night Western Caribbean (Miami roundtrip) Cruise on Navigator of the Seas

CruisingAnytime's Tips

Anthem of the Seas Anthem of the Seas - Book the Northstar and iFly activities in advance. Hard to obtain reservations after boarding the ship.
Port Canaveral, Florida - The time at port allowed us to do multiple things in Orlando. Keep in mind that if you are there during peak time, there will be a lot of people doing the same. We went during the child's spring break and we visited Universal Studios. We were only able to attend three rides. There were so many people at this park.
Cococay (Cruiseline's Private Island) - I have done jet ski excursions before with the other cruise line and it was also on their private island. This tour with RCL on Coco Cay is better organized and better managed. The training video includes a personal review by the tour lead. He assigned numbers from experience to newcomers. They provided “love handles” to allow the guest to hold onto the side of the driver’s life vest. I felt secured and confidence on this tour. We have done jet ski tours four times prior to this one.
Anthem of the Seas Anthem of the Seas - Try to book all activities especially iFly, North Star and Flow rider before you board the ship.

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received a helpful vote on their Anthem of the Seas cruise review - First time on the Anthem of the Seas

received a helpful vote on their Norwegian Getaway cruise review - Our experience in The Haven H3 Suite, Goff's Caye, Westbay Beach, & Costa Maya Chan Beach Resort

received a helpful vote on their Norwegian Getaway cruise review - Our experience in The Haven H3 Suite, Goff's Caye, Westbay Beach, & Costa Maya Chan Beach Resort

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