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July 2016 - Carnival Inspiration to Mexico

My Carnival Cruise Experience!

My overall impression of our Cruise was good.  It was a special occasion and a complete surprise to me.  We were celebrating my 60th Birthday and my daughters and daughters-in-law took me on this cruise.  They know me well and know Cruising is about my most favorite thing to do!! I have been on more than a dozen cruises in the last maybe 10 years.  I have been on several Royal Caribbean, some Carnival and a couple of Princes Cruises.  Some have been fabulous...this one I'm only rating good because of the following 1. When we first boarded the Inspiration the whole main Atrium area had an awful smell, it was nauseating...smelled like an outhouse! 2. Upon entering our stateroom it too smelled really bad..especially the bathroom. It literally smelled like it had been hosed down with urine!  We couldn't even use it and had to seek facilities elsewhere on the ship.  We did immediately reported this to guest services and in all fairness they did attempt to take care of it.  We did however have to keep using air fresheners throughout the cruise...the order never ever did completely go away.  But kudos to our stateroom attendant for making a great effort to keep it as fresh as possible.  3.  We have always been able to carry water bottles on board on any other cruise I have been on including Carnival....It was a bummer not to be able to do that this time.  4. The entertainment...especially the evening shows were just mediocre and it was disappointing because I look so forward to that part of a cruise.  5. While the meals were fabulous overall I didn't appreciate having to pay an extra $20 to enjoy a lobster when usually on formal night it has always been a regular part of the menu in the past. 6. The restrooms on the pool deck were always pretty gross and dirty...I walked in and walked right out again.. Sorry but I have a thing about dirty bathrooms!!  I find it very unacceptable! 7. The good part here 1st...We were given a free bottle of wine at dinner on the 2nd night as a way of apologizing for the smell in out stateroom when we arrived.  Only 2 people in our party were wine drinkers so we had 1/2 the bottle left after dinner and the waiter had us take it with us to our stateroom. We took it back to dinner with us the next night and while waiting for our pager to go off to be admitted to the dining room my daughter simply asked the dining room attendant at the door if we may have a couple of wine glasses so they could enjoy the wine while we waited.  The attendant rather rudely said must go find a bar to get that.'s not like there weren't several available right there.  It just seemed as if they could have been a bit more accommodating.  8.  This may seem petty but we thought it was ridiculous...charging 14 cents for each soda purchased on an already paid for soda card while the ship was in port.  That was definitely a first and I hope a last....Really  you cant give a guest 14 cents?? Come on now!! 9. Room service absolutely sucked!!  Nothing ever came in a timely manner and most times the phone was hung up before we were even finished talking.  And getting ice in the room...impossible!!  We just went up to the Lido deck and brought down our much faster than waiting for room service which may or may not ever show up!! 10.  I know for safety reasons that Muster drills are very important but this was by far the absolute longest, confusing and unorganized Muster drill I have ever experienced!   While it may sound like so much was wrong there was also a lot that was very good.  The dining room waiters were almost all very very good and friendly.  Our stateroom attendant was nothing short of fabulous...and he never forgot to wish me a Happy Birthday each and every day!  We enjoyed the ships activities and did enjoy our short cruise vacation.  You ask for feedback and I believe that being honest is the only ay you will know where improvements are needed!

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Carnival Inspiration Carnival Inspiration - When you fist board the ship and go to the Lido deck to have lunch be aware that the taco bar and hamburger place on the pool deck are also open and have several other delicious options available to you!

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