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Regal Princess

April 2016 - Regal Princess to Caribbean - Western

Service,Service,Great Service!!

This was our 3rd time on Princess and was worried as first time around on the Royal we had horrible service and poor food! Well folks they have turned it around on the Regal ! Very up to date ship ,much older crowd but that's fine with me! Room was spacious for a interior room.We always stay mid area and rooms above us and below us! Was quiet the whole trip.Our waiters at night made our trip as we had a set time dining as I'm becoming more and more of a fan of a set time as we like having that relationship with our waiters!They offered o e side of the menu every night which meant I could have grilled mahi mahi every night and lobster night my waiter let me have as many lobster tails I wanted!Ports of call were nice did Cozumel,Costa Maya Private island and Grand Cayman!Did all tours on our own and didn't spend lots of money !Would do Princess again in a heartbeat!Love the service and if no kids then it's perfect !

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Norwegian Escape

November 2015 - Norwegian Escape to Caribbean - Bahamas

Bigger and bolder

It was my 4th trip on NCL cruise lines!The breakaway plus type of ship had some really neat features and a brewery room with countless beers on tap,new jacuzzis and water slides and also a margaritaville on board .It was very similar to the Breakaway and Getaway ships but I do enjoy these bigger ships more than I do the small ships !Just a lot more of everything plus some.Highly recommend doing a few nights specialty restarants as the free sit down dinner is OK but can't complain when it's free :) Staff was very friendly and will do NCL many more times !! 

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Norwegian Pearl

December 2014 - Norwegian Pearl to Caribbean

Cruise like a Norweigan

This was my second trip on NCL ,first was the Beakaway.This ship is much smaller but not in a bad way,The ship never felt "full" .Bars empty always which was great,no lines anywhere really.Getting on and off was easy.Staff was very friendly.Happy Happy Washy Washy every day spraying your hands with sanitation spray.Singing songs in the buffett and tons of personality.NCL freestyle dining rooms I wasn't impressed with but they have lots of options either buffett or pay for restaurants.Would highly recommend this ship !!Shows were good and plenty to do onboard!Jacuzzis stayed open til late !

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Quantum of the Seas

November 2014 - Quantum of the Seas to Cruise to Nowhere


Went on the 2 night Quantum and WOW next level ship as your walking around your mouth is to the floor.TOP NOTCH.With any new ship,there is some changes and will take time to work the kinks out.The Dynamic dining you NEED to PREBOOK.Many people went up and were rejected due to no reservations.Do not wait til onboard or a week before to book shows and dining or it might not be the best experence.Service was ok and needed a lil touch up but its a new ship and things are ran a lil different than other ships.Overall very great shows and next level ship.Had a great time and would recommend to anyone!!


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Carnival Liberty

November 2014 - Carnival Liberty to Caribbean - Bahamas

Carnival Changes

2nd time on Carnival and glad to see alot of new changes.First this was a new updated 2.0 FunShip that has Guys Burger outside the pool and a Burrito Bar aswell,which was a big improvement because i don't think i ate in the Buffett once for lunch,Only for breakfast.The Sitdown dining we had 815 and our wait staff was unreal,best ive had on any cruisebrand.They would see myself and my gf in the Buffett in the morning and ask if we were going to see him that night and they changed the dining menu which was a GOOD improvement from my last Carnival ship.Saw the best comedy show on a cruise ship BY FAR ....Plenty of bars and casual feel but Carnival still attracts that normal cruiser with set dining times ,Formal nights etc .Not a party feel everywhere and plenty of pools spread all over.Some Adult only pools if you don't care to be near kids on your vacation.

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Caribbean Princess

October 2014 - Caribbean Princess to Caribbean

Service Service Service

If you like Service than Princess is the Cruise for you.My 2nd time on Princess and this ship was huge,Great service all over.Even in the buffett areas,they will come around right when you sit down and get you a drink during anytime of the day which was very easy  to get used too.Asked if everything was ok and was great.Only complaint i have for Princess is salad dressings as they have a European taste to Ranch and Ceasar almost a sour taste .The Pools werent filled with kids as Princess attracts a quiet older crowd which i love.Had some of the best service in the Crown Grill steak house.Told me that if i didnt see it on the menu to ask and they will make any combination for me.Had Lobster and steak and a table full of sides.Went out of my way to shake the main waiter hand as service was best in 10 years plus!


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Carnival Valor

April 2014 - Carnival Valor to Caribbean

Ports Ports Ports

Leaving out of San Juan was a breeze,15 ride in cab to cruise port.Took a nap,walked around the ship .Wasnt Impressed with Carnivals Food in the Buffett at sit down dinners but we were never hungry .Plenty of choices at the night Buffett and found almost same desserts and salads that you get at the main sit down dinner.The good part of this trip was the Ports,one sea day and then 5 ports of call in a row.We had perfect weather and took a cab to the best beachs at each location and brought our own snorkel gear.St Thomas we went to Secret Harbor Beach and snorkeled w Turtles and tons of fish.St Martin we caught a cab to Orient Beach.Barbados we went to Carlyle Bay by cab and there were boats there that offered us to take us to see Turtles and Shipwreck.In St Lucia we did a Island Tour w Spencer Ambrose,highly recommend.A lot of travelers expressed that Carnival offered the best bang for their buck.I think It was a great trip for the money,don't expect Celebrity service and crowd but for the value it's GREAT!!! 

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Norwegian Breakaway

December 2013 - Norwegian Breakaway to Caribbean - Bahamas

Views leaving NYC are amazing !!

This was my first time on NCL and was ready to try the Freestyle dining as I heard so many mixed reviews.I found the quality of food in the free dining room was just OK and we tried 4 different specialty and it made the experience much better.I would highly recommend the Ultimate Dining Package where you can go ever night to the nicer restaraunts.Leaving from NYC it was snowing the first week of Dec,Im from Florida so I was excited.The views of the Statue of Liberty and The Freedom towers are amazing sights to see.The ship it's self is amazing ,water park for kids,ropes course.Even a plank to walk out on hanging off the ship.NCL puts a lot of money into shows and entertainment.NCL is a great value for your money as they aren't as expensive as other cruiselines and offer tons of stuff onboard.Service was ok and even got a Merry Christmas from a bartender from Indonesia which NO other cruiseline has had that personal touch.Very casual at night as some people dress up,some don't.Will do many more NCL in the future as I like their concept!

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Royal Princess

October 2013 - Royal Princess to Cruise to Nowhere

First time on Princess

First ship I've done on Princess and def nice inside and was great to watch movies under the stars and they bring you popcorn and such.One complaint was the regular balconys be up to a ba cat have a walk in closet but NO sitting area.Kinda of strange,the Deluxe Balconys have the couch and walk in closet.Service in a whole was good,had a few hiccups but nothing major .The ship layout is a bit confusing as they have no elevators rear and you have to walk dripping through the Buffett to get to the elevators.Also stair cases that lead to a blank door.Have heard many of the same complaints but it didn't effect my experience .Overall would do Princess many more times..

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Celebrity Reflection

November 2012 - Celebrity Reflection to Cruise to Nowhere

Great and Classy

First experience on Celebrity Cruises and they were very nice and classy.Good foods in the Buffett and even have a pasta bar to have them make fresh pasta and pick out toppings.Service was very hands on and nice while on vacation.The women seemed to dress up a lot more on Celebrity but not suit and ties for this cruise.During the day it's very casual ,not a ton of entertainment as it's more for a older crowd but plenty of nice bars and things to keep you busy.Celebrity has a very strong fan base and I see why.Treat you like a Celebrity! 

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Oasis of the Seas

December 2010 - Oasis of the Seas to Cruise to Nowhere

1st and best cruise

Well I started on this cruiseship which I think now is totally cheating because this ship is like NO OTHER,well except the Allure it's sister ship.Its two ships combined into one and right when you walk on to the ship your mouth is to the ground.They have a rising tide bar that lowers and rises ,it's more novelty but insane.Every level you get off is like another cruise.The Pool deck to this day is still the biggest pool deck I've ever been on,Huge jacuzzis that hang over the side of the ship.Nightly entertainment was as good as NYC shows.They have a Central Park cafe that I ate lunch almost every day.Royal has the nice class to its ship and things that are free don't come off cheap.I compare Royal Caribbean to a Nice Marriott or Hilton.Food at night was very good and menu changes every night.Service was great.Cant find a thing to complain about ,getting off and on takes a lil bit and elevator rides are longer waits but overall would do it again   .Oasis is the real deal!!

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CaptainCook01's Tips

Regal Princess Regal Princess - Go slow it's a older crowd but much quieter than most crowds!Enjoy it!!
Carnival Valor Carnival Valor - Bring your own snorkel gear and catch a cab make sure you watch your time and be smart!
Carnival Valor Carnival Valor - Do the set dining as you will have the same waiter and good service as they will see you daily....
Nassau, Bahamas - Jerk Chicken from this place next to the straw market and Atlantis

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