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Independence of the Seas

February 2016 - Independence of the Seas to Caribbean - Western

New Adventures same great cruise

We knew this would be a great cruise as we was getting married on board.  After completing the check in process we learned with our wedding coordinator that boarding was going to be delayed.  The prior cruise was a charter for heavy metal group. There was 2 guests who staff was looking for to remove so we could board. 


Finally, we got on board.  Our wedding coordinator was great in making sure we got on board right away. 


The wedding went off without a hitch.  Our photographer was amazing and took lots of photos of our special day.  


Back to the cruise.  At this point it now felt like the vacation has started.  The mustard drill is about to happen.  So you think the cruise is about to truly happen, or will it?


A short time after we was suppose to set sail the captain said there would be a delay in setting sail due to removal of equipment of the prior cruise.  Hours came and gone.  We was hoping to see ship leaving Fort Lauderdale from our cabin before we had to get ready for dinner.  We selected my time dinning and pre set 8:00 pm dinning times.


Now it's time to get ready for dinner and still haven't moved.  As we left our room we could feel the ship move.  By the time we got to our table you could see that we have moved.  The captain assured us that we will speed up and make it to Labadee without any delays. 


Now onto day 2.  It's a ful day at sea.  We enjoyed a pre breakfast in our Junior Suite then woke up the kids for breakfast.  We took part in rock climbing wall.   Shortly after we went to Johnny Rocket's.  This is something everyone truly enjoyed..


We also enjoyed the ice skating show which is always amazing.  This is something we always makes sure to attend.  You will never be disappointed.  


Before dinner we even got onto the ice for some free skating.  OMG my feet was killing me after 15 mins!


Now onto day 3.  We arrived into Labadee, Hati.  We rented a beach bed that will accomadiate 5 people.  This is a great investment and would do it again!  The weather wasn't great as it rained off and on all day.  But if your getting into the water does it really matter if you get wet from the weather or the ocean?


We decided to go back shortly after lunch (which is provided on Labadee by RCL at no additional cost)  From there was just wanted to get into dry clothes and to just relax on board.  We found ourselves taking an unscheduled nap.  By the time we woke back up we was under way and headed to Falmouth. 


Onto day 4 we arrived in Falmouth.  Of all of our cruises I think this is one of my least favorite ports of call.  Just not allot going on while in port (unless you purchase an excursion.   I think we was able to walk thru all of the shops in an hour or so.  


After we finished we went back to the ship.  It was raining on us almost all day.  We again found ourselves having an unscheduled nap. 


We did try as a family for the first time the flow rider.  It was an amazing time and do recommend you just try it.  


On Day 5 it's a sea day.  This was a day we just wanted to relax and get a few last min activities in.  It's also the day where you have to pack.  


While on board we did book 2 more RCL cruises if that tells you anything.  

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