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December 2013 - Caribbean Princess to Caribbean - Western

A cruise company run like the airline industry. As a bonus, the worst food that I have ever had anywhere on earth!

I hesitate to write this negative of a review. I am not one of those people to go somewhere and complain about everything. I have been on several wonderful cruises (not Princess) and experienced over 35 countries, all with positive reviews. However, I feel it is important that passengers are informed of what their experience may be with this Cruise.


It seems that the corporate culture on board a Princess Cruise ship is to squeeze as much money out of the customer as possible, much like the airline industry, even at the cost of customer service. Oh, you want to drink soft drinks while on board? Your $3500 doesn't cover that, you must buy a $35 "cup". Oh, you want a decent meal? You need to go to our premium dining rooms and pay an extra $25.00 per person per meal!


The two buffet style diners on board this ship serve the worst food that I have ever had, anywhere on earth. From runny egg omlets in the morning, to Italian Gnocchi that is the consistency of mashed potatoes covered in tomato sauce. The buffets would not even be comparable to the lowest end buffet style places in your home town.  Every passenger that I spoke to had very negative reviews of the food in these cafeterias. The dining rooms were not much better. For example, I ordered the Chicken pasta that was literally, pasta covered in tomato sauce with a spoon full of chicken-in-a-can placed on top. We ended up eating pizza for 4 nights (along with hundreds of other passengers) because it was the only decent food available. 

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