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June 2016 - 19 Night Fairy Tales & Folklore (London To Stockholm) Cruise on Marina

Beware of on-board tours!

The Marina was a beautiful ship and our room was spacious and comfortable. We loved having both a bathtub and a seperate shower. There was plenty of storage in our room to unpack our 4 suitcases since we were to be gone 3 weeks. We loved our Veranda especially cruising through the fjords in Norway.  The food was better than other cruise lines we've been on and enjoyed the specialty restaurants.  It was an added bonus to have bottled water and sodas always stocked and available in our refrigerator at no charge.

Unfortuately when we boarded we were told our room would be available in 10 minutes, 21/2 hours later we were able to get into our room. I would not recommend signing up and spending any money out of pocket for tours through Oceania. They same tour was not consistent on the three buses used. We did "Paris on our own" through Oceania. Our bus driver neglected to gas up the bus the night before so we had to stop (which took 30 minutes), then she got lost once we were in Paris so we wasted time driving around in circles for almost 30 minutes, the guide jumped off the bus & ran to another bus to ask where they were supposed to park and drop us off. Our guide never spoke to us about the country or the history of Paris. All the other tours gave us history where we were going. The drive was supposed to take 2 hrs & it took us 4.15 hrs to get to Paris. We were only to have 4 hrs once there but because of getting gas, the driver getting lost and traffic we only had 2.15 hrs in Paris. We were dropped off at a different location so we allowed an extra 15 minutes to find where we needed to get to since we were unsure. Another tour in Kristisnsand by land & sea was a partial waste as well. There were 4 buses for the tour. 2 went directly to Lilisand to explore, shop/or eat first before the boat ride and then 2 buses went and took the boat ride first before going to Lilisand. We were on a bus that took us to the boat first ( boat ride was nice) before going to Lilisand. By the time we arrived in Lilisand it was 4:45 PM. Our guide neglected to share with us that all stores closed at 5 PM. So by the time we went the bathroom and walked to the stores to browse they were closing.  When speaking to Oceania about the Paris fiasco & a complete waste of money and our time. We asked for a refund since we spent 8 hrs driving for 2.30 minutes in the city not what was advertised & they denied it.  We could have enjoyed the ship then could have cared much better to book tours on your own. This is a good ship if you just want it to be your place to sleep and eat. Not much else on board. I would think twice before spending the money for an Oceania cruise except that it went everywhere we wanted to go.

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